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  1. SweetFountain178

    [SOLVED] Is this hard drive noise normal?

    https://kapwi.ng/c/yuiRZ8UNmy Is it normal 'cause I'm kinda worried.
  2. S

    [SOLVED] New HDD strange noise on shutdown

    I just installed a new 6tb WD blue HDD in my desktop, and it’s making more noise on boot/shutdown than I would have expected. The boot up noise just sounds like platters spinning up, but is much louder than the 2tb Seagate I already had installed. What’s worrying me is that the noise it makes on...
  3. J

    [SOLVED] HDD failing or bad ram/ram slot or bad motherboard?

    SPECS: Gigabyte s1151 ga-h110m-s2h i5 6500 gtx 1050 2gb hyperx 2x4 ddr4 1tb seagate barracuda st1000dm010, samsung ssd 120gb (I have windows on this) So I was about play Sea of Thieves with a friend but i had to update the game and in order to do that you have to have windows updates...