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  1. airybike2

    Question Migrating windows from HDD to m.2 do i need to clone everything from the HDD to the m.2

    I built my pc last year and thought at the time I would be ok with not having a SSD or m.2 so I put one 3tb HDD and only that I downloaded windows off my old laptop and downloaded its still un activated it doesn't really bother me but it might be contributing to my slow boot time and slow run...
  2. K

    Question Questions about HDDs and SSDs

    So I recently got an SSD installed and the person who installed it set it to boot into the SSD rather than the HDD.I have very limited knowledge on computer things so I want to ask some questions about the HDD and SSDs. Will booting into the HDD as the operating system, and SDD being the...
  3. Godfreybanzon

    Question Windows digital license key when changing OS drive ?

    So I recently just built my pc only with hdd for the meantime cos Im out of budget, I also bought a windows digital license key for windows 10. And now I've bought me a new ssd and I'm planning to move the whole windows os from my hdd to ssd, will that void my windows key (is it one time use?)...
  4. Bunnii-Latte

    Question Windows 10 won't boot after cloning from sata HDD to m.2 SSD

    Got a Samsung 970 evo plus 500gb m.2 SSD to use as a boot drive for my OS and games, and keep my current 1t Toshiba sata HDD drive as storage for documents, music and such. I formatted the SSD using the windows disk manager, then I cleaned up my hdd so it's under 500 gb, in preparation for...
  5. Jason099

    Question What exactly happened to my HDD? (File or directory is corrupted and unreadable) (File record segment is unreadable)

    I have two storages, my 512 GB SSD (C: ) for my OS, and my 1TB HDD (D: )for games and anything else. My 1TB HDD is the issue here. I'm not entirely sure what exactly happened to my HDD or whether it is dying/ dead or if it is recoverable. I'll explain what happened moments before my issue. I...
  6. Question My SSD and HDD got damaged in 2 months interval

    I am listing the events happened with my PC synchronously: Two months ago, my desktop PC was taking long press of power button to boot. Posted about it here. And 4 days later, OS crashed and I found that extra cooling fan wasn't spinning. Switched the power cable of that fan and it started...
  7. Rudy_Z

    Question Old hdd issue after installing os on new ssd

    Today i got a new 128gb ssd for my os as my hdd one crashed on my laptop , had a fresh installation, os working perfectly fine but my hdd connected via caddy in my cd/dvd port whatever it is called which i want to use as a storage drive is very slow, when i access the files in any drive of the...
  8. Godfreybanzon

    Question SSD disappearing when plugging new hdd

    Im trying to have a dual storage setup ssd + hdd but my SSD that contains my windows OS disappears whenever I plug another drive(hdd). So far I've tried plugging in 3 different hard drives and I still get the same results. On boot it displays "Error: no boot disk detected" etc etc. And when I go...
  9. S

    Question If I have a new SSD and old HDD, would keeping the HDD to store games still cause stuttering?

    I have a refurbished laptop where the HDD is likely worn and faulty since it makes clicking sounds rarely. I occasionally stutter on games even that don't require too much CPU or GPU. I have gone through MANY solutions minor and extreme to fix this problem, no dice. If I got a NVMe SSD and...
  10. K

    Question Need help with cloning my OS ?

    My OS drive is a small 128 gb ssd and i want to upgrade to a bigger one.I am using this 128 gb drive for my OS. I am also using two 2TB hdds for storing games. If i clone the 128 gb OS drive to the new one will I lose my data on the other two drives once i boot from it ?
  11. Nikhilniks

    Question My HDD runs continuously and never sleeps. I run windows in SSD. How to enable sleep for HDD when not in use?

    My laptop has combo SSD+HDD. What i observed my HDD runs continious even i dont use it. My Boot drive is SSD. Also there is no page file set on HDD. Crystal Diskinfo too says my HDD runs more than SSD. These are images : https://ibb.co/0nRxWrB Link showing SSD power on hours...
  12. A

    Question Laptop HDD suddenly not initialized - what to do?

    Hi guys, I have an Acer Predator laptop that has a 500GB primary SSD and a secondary 1TB HDD. I recently upgraded my SSD from the stock 128GB to the 500GB one. Today, I remembered that there was a file that I forgot to backup from the old SSD so I opened my laptop and reinstalled the old SSD...
  13. U

    Question Is the Acer Helios 300 decent? Also is the HDD I've picked compatible with the laptop?

    Hello, wonderful people at Tom's Hardware, I've decided to buy a new laptop for work, and I found that the Acer Helios 300 serves my needs (spec-wise). I've had an Acer Nitro 5 for less than 2 years I believe, and it started acting up and I have a screen issue there so I feel a bit skeptical...
  14. D

    Question Problem making new SSD my boot drive!! Please help

    I’m trying to install Windows 10 onto an SSD to use as my primary boot drive, but would like to keep my current HDD for storage. I am unable to clone the HDD to the SSD as the data on the HDD is greater than the total storage on the SSD. So, I downloaded a windows media creation tool and set it...
  15. Z

    Question Is it possible that I killed my HDD?

    Yesterday I was defragmenting my HDD for the first time and after it was finished I decided to restart my PC. When it restarted a message during boot appeared that it was still defragmenting and after it finished my PC booted up but my HDD was nowhere to be found either on disk management or...
  16. R

    [SOLVED] Safe to use 2nd hdd without bracket ?

    It is safe to use an ssd on second laptop slot without a bracket ? From factory my laptop comes with a second sata slot for hdd but for some reason is not really designed well .... I can place the hdd but the cover can not be closed , I have cut the plastics that don't let me close it and now...
  17. N

    [SOLVED] HDD won't let computer boot up properly

    Hello, I have a BIOSTAR S120L SSD 480gb in my computer. Today i bought SEAGATE Barracuda Guardian ST1000DM010 1TB HDD and i installed it in my computer normally as every HDD, connected the SATA3 with the motherboard and Power Supply with the HDD. But when i boot up my computer i am stuck on the...
  18. Moth254KF

    Question What are the probability to a SSD die caused by a power outage?

    I got a SSD for my laptop and I was plannning later on use it for my desktop. But how is likely to get it kill by a power outage? I mean, I understand the danger of my IOS getting corrupt and maybe lose some data (Btw, I always backup my important data in USB and external storage). But my...
  19. FurriestFerret

    [SOLVED] Local Storage and Backup Solution to Avoid Data Corruption

    Hello, For years I have improvised my own backup "system" to protect my data. I would rather my car fall into a volcano than loose the 700ish GB of data on my main SSD. Can you answer my questions about how data works and give me some advice? For some background, I exclusively use a laptop and...
  20. RitSin

    [SOLVED] Can I create pool storage in windows 10

    I have a Dell XPS 14 l421x with 500 GB HDD and 32 GB SSD I was thinking that if I will install window 10 on SSD and then later create pool storage by attaching 500 GB into 32 GB is it possible if yes then is my laptop performance enhanced if no then is okay thanking you in advance
  21. Al-Ameen Adewunmi

    Question How do I install these HDDs?

    I've been trying to install these HDDs for hours now, but even after watching several tutorials, I still don't understand what I'm supposed to do. I've tried connecting them, but the cables either struggle to connect or just pop off because the wires aren't long enough. All I really know about...
  22. 6

    [SOLVED] 'not enough space available on the disk(s)'

    Hi everyone, Hope you're staying safe. Currently I have as SSD and a HDD, both being ~500-ish GB in size each. My old Windows OS was installed on the hard drive, and the new OS I'm using is on the SSD. HDD is partitioned into 2-3 Volumes, one with the OS, the other with data only and one named...
  23. X

    Question HDD Start-up failure

    every few days my HDD starts making a sartup sound over and over again the only temporary fix i found is that when i open my pc and and unplug the HDD and plug it back in it works normally for about a week and then it does it again i ran a health check and this is what i got : https://ibb.co/R6dHtLB
  24. mrm555

    Question My pc is Killing hard drives Please Help

    Hello I hope everyone is doing well, Im posting this because I have a very bad inconvenience with my PC, 2 years ago I decided to start and build my own PC these are the components of it and specs. 8GB RAM DDR4 CORSAIR Motherboard Sniper G1 B7 Graphics Nvidia 1050TI Power Supply Corsair VS600...
  25. MelonHusk

    [SOLVED] Real newbie question. Removing HDD.

    I have windows installed on SSD, and my HDD (internal) seems to have died. Will PC work just fine if I unplug the HDD from those cables? Wont OS get confused during boot and stuck in an infinte loop of searching for the missing D drive?
  26. C

    [SOLVED] Installed new SSD and switched my HDD in a caddy. HDD not working anymore

    (Sorry for the bad english, not my first language). I bought a new Crucial MX500 SSD and I replaced my TOSHIBA MQ01ABD100 with it. I then put the HDD in the optic reader slot, in a caddy. Premise: before this, my DVD reader didn't work. I installed the OS (Windows 10 64b) on the SSD via USB...
  27. GianMarco Douglas

    [SOLVED] MSI bios reverts boot priority (CLONED SSD back to old HDD)

    I just cloned my old WD BLUE 1TB hard drive to a Crucial MX500 500gb ssd using aomei backupper. That process was smooth. My SSD boots but only when I override it in the BIOS. My issue is when I try to prioritize my ssd over my old hdd in the BIOS. My first boot option is the UEFI Hard Disk...
  28. BeaN69

    [SOLVED] Hard drive and PSU ?

    So I built my first pc about 3 weeks ago, I got a 600w PSU and that was more than enough, but I didn't have a hard drive yet, just a 970 nvme m.2 500gb ssd. But because I needed more storage space I ordered a Seagate Barracuda 2TB 3,5 HDD, and after installing it I realized that my pc wouldn't...
  29. Lagiacrus

    [SOLVED] What to do with things on Hard Drive after Complete Windows Reinstall and diagnosis of original failure?

    I had to reinstall windows on my computer due to an unescapable error, and am looking for help on how to deal with my secondary hard drive that had the majority of my files on it. Some background: For who knows how long, I've occasionally gotten the bsod faulty hardware corrupt page. Not...
  30. chumpy_

    [SOLVED] Moving Boot hdd from old pc into new PC

    So im going to be getting a new PC soon and i was wondering what i have to do before taking the boot hdd from my old pc out (its the only hdd that is in the system) and putting it into a pc that already has a boot ssd.
  31. TempTop

    [SOLVED] Do you have to reset a Game Drive if you reinitialize Windows 10, or create a new Boot Drive?

    If I have an SSD boot drive, and I reset Windows on that boot drive (completely erase everything), does that affect any additional drives such as an HDD? After resetting Windows/setting up a new boot drive: Do you need to partition the drive once more? Can you partition a drive more than once...
  32. U

    Question Extremely Slow Speed when transfer from SSD to HDD, 10MB/s - 20 MB/s

    I get it that HDD's can bottleneck SSD's but 10 MB is too low, I tried copying to my external HDD too and it was slow too. But copying between internal HDD and external HDD is very fast, 150MB/s. When copying whole PC slows down, everything get's choppy and I can barely open chrome or even a...
  33. nickbc26

    [SOLVED] please help, my hdd wont show up

    heres the full story, i built my pc with no ssd in it, and only a hdd, and i recnetly bought the mp600 gen4 pcie corsair ssd, when i put it in my motherboard i redownloaded windows withe the windows media creation tool, i had to re download everything which was ok, but when i went to see how...
  34. Erwindudud

    [SOLVED] PC doesn't boot

    Recently I've added a new HDD in my pc and it got corrupted not long after, I still kept it plugged in and now my pc doesn't boot at all. I took out the faulty hard drive and it still won't boot. I tried choosing the SSD or the other HDD I had and still fails to boot, I can get into the BIOS but...
  35. T

    [SOLVED] Keep getting BSODs when playing games.

    I built my PC about a year ago. But in the past month, I've had an increasing amount of BSODs (1 or 2 at least, every play session), the most recent and repetitive one being PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA So I started to troubleshoot. I have reinstalled my display drivers using DDU, and I have run...
  36. Navorski

    [SOLVED] Can you use CD-ROM caddy to boot windows?

    Hello there. I recently bought a 9.5 mm HDD caddy and 120GB SSD for my laptop to make it a bit faster. I screwed the SSD into the caddy and put it in the laptop. Then I installed Windows 10 on it. So now i had 2 operating systems (1 on each drive). I tried to wipe the HDD after backing up some...
  37. ashfaq-theLord

    [SOLVED] Why my HDD is shown as USB drive?

    My primary Drive is SSD and I have installed a second Drive which is HDD. But my second HDD is shown as USB device. When I sleep my laptop that drive is ejected automatically which is an issue. I want it permanent like my primary SSD drive. Windows shows it like this: View...
  38. S

    [SOLVED] Need a new hard drive HDD or SSD

    Hi guys, I couldn't get my PC to work and removed the hard drive as error suggest that this was the problem, I bought a USB to SATA adapter cable and plugged it into my MacBook. Nothing appeared so I assume that this drive is dead... Anyway I think I think a new drive and don't want to spend...


    HI i just want to ask why my pc is super slow when booting up you can also say its stuck at the booting process First thing first i have a ssd which is 120gb i installed the os in there i also have the second drive which is the 250gb hdd seagate brand when im not reformating it its good but...
  40. beethebee

    [SOLVED] Toshiba HDD + SSD Combo Issues

    I'm new to building PCs, but I built one this week (here's the part list in case that is useful: https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/yq7bt8). I installed Windows 10 65Bit onto the SSD, and now I can't access the 3TB Toshiba p300 HDD while the computer is running. It's really confusing me. I know...