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  1. nickbc26

    Question please help, my hdd wont show up

    heres the full story, i built my pc with no ssd in it, and only a hdd, and i recnetly bought the mp600 gen4 pcie corsair ssd, when i put it in my motherboard i redownloaded windows withe the windows media creation tool, i had to re download everything which was ok, but when i went to see how...
  2. Erwindudud

    Question PC doesn't boot

    Recently I've added a new HDD in my pc and it got corrupted not long after, I still kept it plugged in and now my pc doesn't boot at all. I took out the faulty hard drive and it still won't boot. I tried choosing the SSD or the other HDD I had and still fails to boot, I can get into the BIOS but...
  3. T

    Question Keep getting BSODs when playing games.

    I built my PC about a year ago. But in the past month, I've had an increasing amount of BSODs (1 or 2 at least, every play session), the most recent and repetitive one being PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA So I started to troubleshoot. I have reinstalled my display drivers using DDU, and I have run...
  4. Navorski

    [SOLVED] Can you use CD-ROM caddy to boot windows?

    Hello there. I recently bought a 9.5 mm HDD caddy and 120GB SSD for my laptop to make it a bit faster. I screwed the SSD into the caddy and put it in the laptop. Then I installed Windows 10 on it. So now i had 2 operating systems (1 on each drive). I tried to wipe the HDD after backing up some...
  5. ashfaq-theLord

    Question Why my HDD is shown as USB drive?

    My primary Drive is SSD and I have installed a second Drive which is HDD. But my second HDD is shown as USB device. When I sleep my laptop that drive is ejected automatically which is an issue. I want it permanent like my primary SSD drive. Windows shows it like this: View...
  6. S

    Question Need a new hard drive HDD or SSD

    Hi guys, I couldn't get my PC to work and removed the hard drive as error suggest that this was the problem, I bought a USB to SATA adapter cable and plugged it into my MacBook. Nothing appeared so I assume that this drive is dead... Anyway I think I think a new drive and don't want to spend...


    HI i just want to ask why my pc is super slow when booting up you can also say its stuck at the booting process First thing first i have a ssd which is 120gb i installed the os in there i also have the second drive which is the 250gb hdd seagate brand when im not reformating it its good but...
  8. beethebee

    Question Toshiba HDD + SSD Combo Issues

    I'm new to building PCs, but I built one this week (here's the part list in case that is useful: https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/yq7bt8). I installed Windows 10 65Bit onto the SSD, and now I can't access the 3TB Toshiba p300 HDD while the computer is running. It's really confusing me. I know...
  9. A

    Question HDD/SSD'S Game saved files.

    Hi, Since first building my PC, I've had two storage devices, a WD 1tb HDD and a Samsung SSD. Over the years I've installed/uninstalled games on both the HDD and SSD, sometimes the same game on both at one stage or another, for instance at one stage The Witcher 3 was on the SSD, I then...
  10. D

    Question HDD disappears when its being used

    Hello. I recently bought a SSD: Kingston SA400S37/240G (C: ) and I'm using it along with a Toshiba DT01ACA100 that has two partitions (D: and G: ). Before the SSD i only had that Toshiba and had no problems. Since i have both, the HDD disappears when its being used. I have Windows + 1 game on...
  11. AmarBiH

    Question WD Red 8TB for normal PC use?

    Hello, I bought WD80EFEX hard disc. I know it is NAS drive, but can you use it for personal use? I have a SSD as boot drive and I would use HDD for masive storage because I need it to run 24h a day. My question is should it work with i9 9900 and B365 motherboard?
  12. apollouno288

    Question None of My Drives are Showing in Bios

    Hello everyone this is my first post on toms. I went to sleep last night as well as put my pc to sleep. From what I know there were no power flashes or power outages as i slept. When I woke up this morning my pc was in the bios and none of my 2 SSD or my one HD are showing up anymore. I've tried...
  13. B

    [SOLVED] HDD makes a sound as if its first time booting up when my pc has been turned on for a long time

    I have an SSD and HDD. My HDD is now around 5 years old. My HDD makes a boot up sound as if its first time turning on and this happens randomly, it doesn't matter whether I'm playing games, idle, surfing the internet or anything. The hdd always makes a boot up sound even though my PC has...
  14. T

    Question Insufficient HDD power? Limits to PSU SATA supply.

    I am having issues with connecting a HDD up. To get some background stuff out of the way: 1.) The disk has already been initialised previously on the same system and is functioning properly, at least currently and previously I have a 4tb WD Black HDD that I am trying to connect to my computer...
  15. PCSN1

    Question Asus BIOS won't load when working bulk drive attached.

    So I just upgraded from an i5-8400 to a Ryzen 5 3600x as my CPU or mobo went bust and i was waiting to swap to AMD anyways, I got an ASUS B450M-A motherboard and all was working fine, I can boot into windows and access the BIOS when I only have my boot m.2 (970 Evo 500GB), however I tried to...
  16. CeroCry

    Question Ssd + hdd combo, how does it work?

    I've aways had a PC that was only on HDD. Now I am going to buy a laptop for university that's gonna have 124GB NVMe SSD with 1TB HDD. Can I like have my university stuff like visual studio, Blender, Photoshop, Engines and Windows, Chrome on my SSD to be fast and the rest on the HDD? I am pretty...
  17. RajTheGeek

    Question Cannot attach HDD or SSD on k501L case

    Hi there, I can't seem to find a way to attach my hdd and ssd onto my cooler master k501L case(https://www.coolermaster.com/catalog/cases/mid-tower/masterbox-k501l/) https://www.amazon.in/gp/product/B00CY8RTHS/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o06_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 When I unboxed my case I can't...
  18. J

    Question Stuttering after a couple games

    STILL NO SOLUTION I recently upgraded my mobo and cpu from ROG b350f & ryzen 5 2600 to Aorus b550 pro & ryzen 7 3700x. I did a clean install of windows on my SSD. My games are on my HDD and i just carried that straight over from last build could this be the problem? Also my cpu temps when...
  19. Frodj

    Question Add or Remove Program and Steam Not Recognizing HDD

    Recently my SSD with windows died, so I reinstalled on a fresh SSD. I reinstalled steam, but it says none of my games are installed (most of them are installed on the HDD, not the SSD). I then went to the "Add or Remove Programs" feature in windows, selected my HDD, and got prompted "We...
  20. LukasUnix

    Question Two HDDs, two OSs, one SSD?

    I want to use one hard drive for Windows, one ssd for linux, which I would replug depending on what OS I want to use. Now can I constantly have one hard drive plugged as shared memory? Thank you in advance, LukasUnix