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  1. K

    Question Weird Boot Priority

    I have a HDD in my computer, but I got a new M.2 SSD. I did a clean install of Windows 10, (didn't format my HDD yet) but now in BIOS I have 2 of the same drive in the boot priority settings. As in: Windows Boot Manager ( KINGSTON SA2000M8500G) KINGSTON SA2000M8500G If I disable the first one...
  2. Kavin Pandian

    Question My Laptop Hard disk hangs a lot after connecting it to Caddy HDD bay.

    My Laptop came with 1 Tb Hdd, Now I had replaced it with 256 Gb SSD and also migrated the OS from hdd to ssd. Now my 1 Tb Hdd is mounted in 2nd Hdd bay. My SSD works fine but my Hdd doesn't. The problem starts, When i try to open a folder or copy a file from Hdd, The windows explorer hangs for...
  3. D

    Question Transferring data to SSD from former Hdd boot device?

    Hello, So I just finished my first build and got an SSD to install Win10 on it. Now I was wondering how I could transfer most of my data from my HDD that still has windows 10 installed to my SSD? I was thinking about simply unplugging the HDD and then installing Win10 on my SSD and once it's...
  4. Lil’bertz

    Question Will splitting the SATA power connector affect the performance oqf SSDs and HDDs?

    Im planning to split my sata power from my psu cus it only came with two sata power cables what i am worrying is that it may have low power that affects its performance (low power = slow performance?)
  5. Kiana123

    Question Ssd and hard drive problems

    So I recently bought a new ssd for my computer. I have a SATA hard drive from before. When I boot up my computer on the hard drive without the ssd everything's fine, when I plug inn the ssd my hard drive no longer shows up in the boot menu on bios.
  6. A

    what upgrades should i consider for my laptop in low budget?

    i have an acer laptop with intel pentium 4417u and 4gigs of RAM along with toshiba 5400rpm HDD. i don't run any heavy applications on my laptop just browsing and multitasking , considering a low budget what should i firsrt upgrade on my laptop ? -> swapping my HDD with a 250gbSSD or putting in...
  7. A

    whether my laptop has a support for M.2 port to put in a SSD?

    so hey peers! i recently bought a new laptop it is a budget segment laptop Acer aspire3 (a315-53-p4my) it is powered by an intel 4417u processor and 4gb ram. So as you know the specs arent great and so i decided to put in a 120gb ssd to boot my OS but i am not able to confirm whether it has M.2...
  8. austin199

    Question Moved my OS to an SSD, now files on HDD are not showing when I search for them. Please help!

    After booting off my new SSD, I no longer can find files in my HDD. It’s like they no longer exist. When I click on windows and search for applications and files that I have on my HDD they do not show up but hey are still there. I can still find the HDD applications that I have on it but when I...
  9. T

    [SOLVED] PC sometime starts, sometimes don't

    Hello long story short, PC makes 1 beep sound once in a while since I played Diablo 3 on my HDD. Got Freezes, long loadingscreen ( Only in Diablo 3) while my Task Manager said everything is alright and I even do other stuff in the meantime. Swapped Diablo 3 to my SSD and it works totally...
  10. E

    Question Accidentally copied my entire hdd to my new ssd when trying to move the os

    Hello, Recently I got and installed a new ssd into my computer. My goal with this new ssd was for it to store the OS and other frequently used apps. Following some online tutorials, I used AOEMI partition assistant’s “migrate OS to SSD” tool. After finishing, the computer began booting from the...
  11. Shlacky

    Question Good graphics card underperforming

    I have a long story with ruining my life, I have a Dell G7 gaming laptop (i7-8th gen, 8 gb ram, gtx 1060(6gb) 256 gb ssd(and 1tb toshiba hard drive which i bought and got installed from somewhere)Windows 10 pro). And it is fairly new, it is less than 6 months old. So the first issue that started...
  12. C

    Question How do I disable UEFI Windows Boot Manager on a Storage Hard Drive?

    I have 2 OS Windows 7 and Windows 10 I recently got banned from a game that I like of no apparent reason, so I bought and installed a new SSD and a new HDD, but I don't have a USB so I just added the windows 10 installation on the HDD and made it a partition then installed it to my SSD and it...
  13. M

    Question HDD not recognized in Disk Management + Bonus Boot Issues.

    Hello, MSI Z97 1 250Gb Crucial SSD, 2 WD HDD @ 1Tb and 3Tb, GTX 970, I5 4960k, ASUS disk drive Last night I ran windows update. Today I was unable to boot my computer. It was stuck on the BIOS screen with a loading icon spinning indefinitely. I then did some troubleshooting. Unplugged both...
  14. Mystos

    [SOLVED] 2 SSD +1HDD vs 1SSD 2HDD vs 2SSD 2HDD?

    My locality is prone to outages or something is being worked on. In any case, the reason for this setup: I have backups of my work programs on one SSD and files on a HDD so should the SSD for the work programs fail, I can always have a backed up copy with program folders intact, but if the OS...
  15. E

    Question SDD & HDD How do i manage space?

    My wife bought me as a gift an ASUS FX504GM-E4060T wich has a SSD of 256 GB and an HDD of 1T, currently is charging and i have serious doubt: I know that SDD are supposed to be faster than an HDD, but how do i manage to make it that way? Do you think Win10 will be installed in the SDD...
  16. S

    Question Using an SSD and HDD together

    Hello, I'm planning to buy an SSD from my computer and I wanna use it together with my old HDD. Would I need to switch between the two drivers or can I just start Windows from the SSD and access the files I wanna keep on the HDD from there?
  17. Z

    [SOLVED] Need help: Hard drive is slowing everything down

    So I had a 1TB hard drive that I used to use as my main C drive but it was so freaking slow and would usually hit around 100% and I tried a lot of things and nothing worked to stop it from always hitting 100% at like 5mbps (bc of this Fortnite and other games literally would stutter and freeze...
  18. viktorrko

    [SOLVED] SSD/HDD Setup

    Hello, I create all sorts of visuals as a hobby. A week ago I bought this SSD. My current laptop setup is 2x WD Black HDD [both 500gb]. HDD 1 containts OS, all the software, documents and personal files. HDD 2 contains all of my games + I store every project that I currently work on, this...
  19. M

    Question Can I trasnfur a drive partition to a new drive?

    I want to upgrade my PC to have an SSD, butI already have several Terabytes of data stored on an HDD. Is it possible to create a partition with Winows and a few programs on that I can then transfur to an SSD to use as my boot device? This would save me alot of time as I would not have to backup...
  20. J

    Question HELP! Can't reset PC! Too many partition after reinstalling windows 10 on ssd without removing files!

    Around 6 months ago I used Macrium reflect to transfer my boot drive into an SSD. It was agony, but it eventually worked. Now I want to reset my pc, start fresh, and I can't, I get an error using the default factory reset tool. I think it's because of my terrible partition job... Any Help?