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    [SOLVED] Upgrading win 7 to 10 questions

    So, here's the situation; -I got a brand new pc build ready to be installed on my desk. -I want to upgrade to win10 from an originally puırchased windows 7 that I've been using for 10 years now. (I still have the box and activation key written in it) -I want to holdon to my installed programs...
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    [SOLVED] Windows FROM HDD to SSD

    I recently Bought a Kingston A400 240GB SSD From Aliexpress To Upgrade The performance of MY PC I Do Have a HDD 320gb splited to 2 Partitions : One For windows called ( C : ) One For Installing games and Softwares Called ( E : ) i have been watching a youtube videos on how to transfer...
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    Question Should i upgrade my RAM or HDD->SSD?

    Model: Compaq Presario 21 n1f7ar Processor: Intel core i7 3537U RAM: 4gb gddr3 Video Card: Integrated with the CPU Hello, i don't have much money for both things/a newer laptop. So i wanted to upgrade my productivity by upgrading either my HDD to an SSD or buying an 8gb RAM module and replacing...
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    Question I am having problems booting with my new M.2 SSD and i need someone to help

    I ordered the Samsung 970 EVO PLUS SSD to put in my PC. I put it in my PC and it booted fine and i installed samsung magician. However I could not see it in my file manager until fiddle around with settings and basically identified a letter to it. I could then see it. I have a load of info my...
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    Windows 10 won't boot past bios splash screen

    Hello everyone. I'm having a bit of problem. I was in the middle of a H1Z1 game when my PC crashed. My computer booting consist of these screens. https://imgur.com/gallery/2B842 I can't boot into any of the safe modes. I also can not boot into my windows 10 USB drive. It's a USB drive from...