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  1. Triadne

    Question At random times, HDR fails to activate in games ?

    Hello, this is a rather infuriating problem as the only way I've found to fix this is to just restart my pc which is unfortunately not a very fast process and I just want to play my game. I don't know why or how, but I open my game, it is HDR and I play with HDR and for the most part it does...
  2. JellyBurger676

    Question Hovering mouse over tabs in browser and clicking on links makes screen lag - after new GPU upgrade when HDR enabled

    So I've recently upgraded my graphics card from a sapphire RX 580 to a sapphire RX 6600XT, because I got a new 165hz 1440p Monitor. After (multiple times) uninstalling the 580 drivers through DDU, and then installing the rx 6600xt drivers, I have an issue that seems to affect me only when HDR is...
  3. E

    Question BenQ PD2700U HDR mode?

    Picked up a PD2700U. https://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/benq-pd2700u-4k-hdr-monitor,5975.html So far loving the colors since have only used 1440P SDR monitor in the past. Confused about how to properly set up HDR. Should it be done using the monitor controls in the bottom right of the screen...
  4. E

    Question 27" HDR monitor recommendation

    Can someone explain what 'VESA certified' HDR is? Was contemplating the Dell 27inch U2723QE as an entry level HDR monitor. Would this be totally useless for any HDR editing?
  5. J

    Question Is this the 4K DVD Player I need ?

    Hey lads, just need help clarifying that this is what I want. Link to the DVD player here...
  6. Dragonetes

    Question Problem with enabling G-SYNC and HDR at the same time on Odyssey Ark monitor ?

    Hi everyone, I am having a problem with my Samsung Odyssey Ark display and want to know if someone can tell me what to check. When I activate G-SYNC (in the NVIDIA control panel), and then activate HDR (in Windows) I see everything foggy (not sure if this is the correct word). I did a photo...
  7. Takeshino

    Question On Nvidia control panel, with Displayport, I'm only able to select 10-bpc with YCbCr422. HDR is available either way.

    So I have a Philips 326M6V, a 4K 60hz HDR monitor listed as having proper 10-bit support. Connected with the DP cable that came with it. If I turn on HDR with the RGB Colour Format, this is what I see. On the Nvidia control panel, I can only choose 8 bpc. Same thing for YCbCr444. However, if I...
  8. PsychoPsyops

    [SOLVED] HDR turns off automatically after sleep mode ?

    Hello all, I have an issue where after every time I wake my pc from sleep mode, I find that HDR has been disabled in Windows 11. My previous pc running Windows 10 did not have this issue. I am using the same gpu, hdmi 2.1 cable, and display with all the same display settings as well. Does...
  9. L

    [SOLVED] Running a 1440p 144hz monitor with HDR & G-sync using DisplayPort Cable over a long distance of 20 Meter (65 feet) possible ?

    So due to reasons that i have 12 rescued dogs that i have adopted over time that i cant keep my PC in my room unless i want to find it chewed up when i'm not there and them playing with my PC instead of me playing games on it, So i have to keep it downstairs in the hall on a cabinet next to the...
  10. Thomas61199

    [SOLVED] Potential HDR issue

    Hello, I am currently running Windows 11 Pro and my HDR seems to be acting strange. Is this normal? If not, is there any way I can fix this problem and if so how would I go about resolving this issue?
  11. Nuwan Fernando

    Question HDR on Lenovo Legion 5 15ith6h

    Hi all, I got my Lenovo Legion 5 without prebuilt OS. So, I installed Windows 10 and installed all the drivers from lenovo support page. Installed Lenovo Vantage too. My screen is a 165Hz 1080p panel which says it supports HDR. But I can't setup HDR on games. Is this normal? Also i don't get...
  12. owsie

    [SOLVED] HDR monitor appearing "Blown out" at random intervals

    Oi oi. Recently got a new monitor with HDR Vesa support. (LG UltraGear 27GP850 Quad HD) When I use ANY internet browser on that particular monitor, it appears very blown out, as shown in the screenshot. I'm surprised I can even get a screengrab of it at all. It does this at random intervals...
  13. ptminerva

    [SOLVED] Win10 Cannot disable "Use HDR"

    View: https://imgur.com/a/qFmru1R Picture says most of it. I cannot disable HDR settings, my monitor is the LG 27GL83A-B . Any ideas? Am I just missing something silly here?
  14. S

    [SOLVED] Just Got AW2721D Monitor - Need Advice on Testing It

    Hi I just got an AW2721, and I want to evaluate it to make sure it's right for me. I last bought a monitor in 2010, so although I read a few articles just before buying the AW2721, I'm inexperienced with contemporary monitor tech. Bad Pixels: How do I test for this? Are there test patterns or...
  15. T

    [SOLVED] Best 4K 144Hz Gaming Monitor.

    I just ordered the Gigabyte Aorus FV43U which is a "43 4K 144Hz QLED Monitor with a VA panel Looking at other monitors I saw that the considered best 4K 144Hz is the LG 27GN950-B which is a "27 4K 144Hz (Overclockable to 160Hz) Nano IPS Monitor I know that they are a bit different so I'd like...
  16. TheOtherOne

    Question Shades and flares of black in dark scenes with HDR on Philips 436M6VBPAB ?

    I have Philips 436M6VBPAB 43inch 4K UHD LED Monitor that is HDR1000 Display Certified. I am having this problem when watching videos with HDR where in dark scenes black shades/flares appear and kind of flail on the screen. It gets almost impossible to see what's going on during dark / night...
  17. goonsquad36

    [SOLVED] HDR not working in game Predator X35

    So this is all pretty self explanatory, I've followed pretty much everyone's troubleshooting steps, but while trying to play games such as battlefield 5 and chernobylite, the hdr implementation is dog water. It's super grey and washed out, this seems to persist throughout all games I play. As...
  18. Karan Yelve

    [SOLVED] HDR looks bad all over. Except when running games & watching HDR content

    Hi there, I recently enabled HDR on Windows 11 beta to try it out. It works flawlessly in games and HDR made content but when I use it normally to traverse my desktop it looks terrible. The explorer, desktop background. It seems to have a yellow hue or greenish tint of sorts. I understand SDR...
  19. stanley88845

    [SOLVED] HDR Option Randomly gone

    I have a Samsung Odyssey G9 and windows has randomly decided that my monitor no longer supports HDR? I have changed nothing about my system and the other day when I went to turn on HDR, the setting was gone and Windows is saying that my monitor isn't applicable for HDR and is now saying my...
  20. TheOtherOne

    Question How to set up World of Warcraft for 4k HDR?

    World of Warcraft gives me washed up colors even when using Ultra or High settings with DX12. I have been through the settings many times but can't make it look good at all. Am I missing something or WoW doesn't really have HDR support? I have seen some videos on youtube claiming to be HDR...
  21. SublimeOrange

    Question COD: Modern Warfare/Warzone HDR (Display) Problem - too dark!

    Hi all, Recently after an update I opened my game to find that it was incredibly dark - like if your display brightness was on 1% and I have to get right up close to my monitor to see anything. I determined that the only fix was to switch off the HDR option in the game menu, and this returned...
  22. Lefteris Fousteris

    [SOLVED] Cant enable HDR and G-Sync on GTX 980

    I have an MSI Geforce GTX 980 Gaming 4G and MSI Optix MAG251RX monitor running latest Windows 10 Pro 64bit and latest Nvidia Geforce driver version. I can enable HDR when running on DP to HDMI (60hz) adapter cable (detected as running on HDMI) but not on DP 1.4 to DP 1.4 HBR3 (240hz) Cable (Yes...
  23. Pururaj

    [SOLVED] why HDR in windows 10 have washed out colors

    i tried a lot of tweaks but hdr in windows is just broken, it makes colors washed and games look much worse. Also i've seen ubisoft games(far cry 5 and division 2) have a much better hdr implementation than the other games i've tested in hdr like anthem, rdr2 , cyberpunk, anthem. To make the...
  24. F

    Question Trying to pick between 2 for a second monitor (4K) but slightly confused and need help/opinions

    After many hours of research (couple months) , I have concluded to IPS monitors because I want to see what the hype is about and I already have a c32hg70 which is a VA panel with HDR 600 and I want to see the viewing angles. (Prices and Monitors) I've picked out the Dell S2721QS...
  25. N

    Question Flickering with HDR enabled

    With HDR enabled on windows 10 the screen flickers slightly. It's hard to tell but it seems like a copy of the screen that flashes up for a micro second slightly off centre. Has anyone ever had this problem and found a fix please.
  26. X

    [SOLVED] Does hdmi 2.0 support 1440p, 144hz, and SMPTE 2084 or is my monitor lying to me.

    I'm pretty upset at myself right now. For background, I've run my Pixio 276h through a display port for its entire lifespan. I recently tried to enable hdr in windows display settings as I didn't have the option to enable hdr while in-game. I did a little research and came to the conclusion...
  27. NoLongerHuman

    [SOLVED] Are there any 4K, HDR, 21:9, g-sync, 144hz monitors anywhere?

    Are there any 4K, HDR, 21:9, g-sync, 144hz monitors anywhere? Idk why I can’t find one with all of this in it it’s pretty much my dream gaming monitor but maybe I’m overlooking something?
  28. JDaniel_

    [SOLVED] 4k@120hz + HDR in Nvidia 2060 Super

    Hi!, As you probably know, all of the Nvidia Graphic Card mount currently mount a 2.0b hdmi output. That's is not enough to get 4k@120hz + HDR4k@120hz + HDR in my LG CX but I have seen some solutions linked to the chroma subsampling, reducing the 4:4:4 to 4:2:2 or 4:2:0. I would test it by...
  29. Servs

    [SOLVED] Should i upgrade my video editing monitor? And what is a good choice?

    I am thinking about swapping out my Untrawide for dual 27in or 32in monitors but im not sure if its worth it. I do 1080p video editing, 2D/3D animation, and 3D terrain modeling. Basically all of my videos are 1080p so 4K isnt necessary. I currently have an Acer Predator X34 pbmiphzx Newegg...
  30. Pijmzhchus


    I have Q70R 55inch TV. I want to know how does the HDR compares to an LG OLED. I watched some HDR videos on built-in YouTube app and saw small changes, but nothing dramatic. Also played couple of HDR games and same story. Anyone here who saw both QLED and OLED HDR? Am I missing out on much...
  31. T

    [SOLVED] Acer KG281K ---- HDR not showing in settings on Windows 10

    So recently purchased an Acer KG281K via HDMI Cable windows shows HDR settings and the monitor allows me to put it into an HDR mode. When connected via Displayport HDR disappears and the HDR setting in the monitors OSD becomes Greyed out and stuck on OFF. I understand it could be an issue with...
  32. Zaporro

    [SOLVED] Lenovo Legion Y540-15 (GTX1660ti or RTX2060 variant) does it support external HDR displays.

    Hello, have anyone been able to hook up external HDR display to Lenovo Legion Y540 15" (GTX1660ti variant, i7 specifically) either using the Display Port or HDMI connector and have it work in HDR mode? (https://www.windowscentral.com/how-enable-hdr-settings-windows-10) Can't find any information...
  33. P

    [SOLVED] Are dark areas of games too dark a monitor's fault or games themselves?

    My monitor is the Acer Nitro XV273K which has an IPS panel and it's paired with an RTX 2080 Ti My monitor's brightness, contrast and all settings are by default and the settings in the NVIDIA Control Panel too. I have no HDR enabled For surfing the web, watching videos and everything it's all...
  34. M

    Question VA+HDR or IPS

    While the common thought is IPS panels are superior than VA and TN panels at producing color and overall image quality with the exception of contrast compared to VA, how would a VA panel with HDR compare to an IPS panel without?
  35. PsychoPsyops

    Question LG OLED TV - HDR Effect Issue

    Hello all. I have both my Windows 10 PC and my PS4 hooked up to my LG OLED TV via certified HDMI. When viewing my PS4, my TV picture setting uses ‘HDR Effect’ mode, which is the correct mode. However, when I’m viewing my PC input, it shows it as ‘Standard’ mode without ‘HDR Effect’ mode being...
  36. PsychoPsyops

    Question HDR disable for desktop only?

    Hello, I am wondering if there is a way in Windows 10 to enable HDR for games only and have it disabled for the desktop only. I am asking because I have my PC hooked up to my tv and would like to prolong the life a bit by doing this as I do not need HDR for internet browsing or work. Thank you.
  37. L

    Question Need nerd help with monitor issues

    I have a Toshiba 55SK8000PUA as my main monitor and a Samsung S32D850 as my secondary. The Toshiba is HDR and the Samsung is not. I have HDR enabled on the Toshiba (also enabled via windows) and it works fine. However, there are occasional problems. For example, when I have HDR enable on my...
  38. sargentchimera

    [SOLVED] HDR issues / Constant Black Flickering while PC gaming

    I have an LG E8 TV and it is great, no issues streaming in HDR, but HDR PC gaming is a mess. With HDR on every few seconds the screen flickers black. I have noticed that when it does flicker, the TV shows it is switching between HDR and SDR, and this flickering can last 5-30 seconds with as...
  39. Z

    Question HDR causing explorer.exe to have high CPU usage

    So I recently bought a 2k, 144hz, HDR monitor to have as my main monitor, and it seems that whenever i have HDR enabled, after a period of time, maybe 5 minutes, explorer.exe goes from usual CPU usage around 1% to having 20% give or take some. After disabling HDR after around 5 minutes...
  40. Dazinek

    [SOLVED] Nvidia and 4k HDR TV

    Hey all, Want to understand this fully and get this figured out.. I am wanting the best possible picture out of my 4k tv (Samsung 55in MU8000), Supports up to 10bit and has HDR. In nvidia settings when I am at the color settings what exactly do I set everything at? RGB then full output...