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  1. T

    [SOLVED] Xbox series x no optical port

    Hi I use a optical cable to get sound from my xbox one to my head set but have just seen that the new xbox series x doesn't have a optical port and was wondering if a hdmi to audio converter would work. Thanks
  2. B

    Question Which headphones for gaming

    Hi, I'm currently building a gaming computer and I have found everything I need and peripherals except for the headset. I have found two that were recommend to me so I would like to know which one would be better or if someone can recommend a different one, Thanks in advance here are the...
  3. Wayfall

    Question Looking for Headset with mic that has no static.

    Hi I want to get back into my youtube recording but i need a better mic as i get lots of static. I hear USB doesn't have as much static compared to the two wired male and female ones whatever they're called, i forget. My budgets is £50-100 really. Thanks!
  4. N

    [SOLVED] Cloud 2's for around 23 bucks?

    So, I have a pair of Sennheiser Hd598's. (I got them for free) They're good, they are working. But I'm kind of bored of them (yeah really stupid reason) and they look old, so I found this pair of used HyperX Cloud 2's for around 23$. I have tried them on before and I quite like them. I know...
  5. yash.veer.yv26

    [SOLVED] 3.5mm to USB? Help pls

    Hey,so I bought this 3.5 mm headset and i want it use it on my desktop PC but I can't since it has separated channels so i live in a pretty bad country so I couldn't find a Y splitter anywhere Would a 3.5mm to USB work?
  6. Intel Fanboy 772

    Question Looking for budget headphones with exchangeable cord.

    Hello all, more than 4 years back I did one of best headphone purchases in my life - I took original Razer Electra. And it still works, I replaced cushions, cord also customized headband and reused leather from old leather jacket. It survived falls, water, you name it. Sadly it does have few...
  7. S

    Question Best Wireless Gaming Headset?

    Hi, I was currently looking to reduce the amount of wires going around my desk and the first step to that was my headset. I love my headset to pieces but overtime its started degrading and its time for a change. I currently have a HyperX Cloud 2 gaming headset (gun metal grey) I was looking...
  8. I

    Question comp will not recognize headset through anything but usb

    After i changed motherboards in my comp, about a week or so later nothing will be recognized in any 3.5 port, front and back. It shows that there just isn't anything plugged in to begin with. I know that the front panel has power at least because the usb's work. I ended up getting a 3.5 to usb...
  9. Potato825

    [SOLVED] Looking for Nice Gaming Headphone for $150

    I'm looking for a new pair of headphone due to my current hyperx cloud alpha right ear cup going bad, I have my eyes on a couple pairs. I just want someone else opinion and knowledge to help me find a new pair here are some that I have my eye on Audio-technica ATH-m50x...
  10. F

    Question What are the top headsets around £100-£150?

    I'm looking into buying a headset with mic attached for convenience since i don't like the extra cabling of modmic etc. My budget is between £100-£150. I'm looking for a closed back headset with good sound quality and comfort, with sound being number 1 priority. I've been looking at the...
  11. J

    Question Headphones and Realtek not working

    I recently got a Kotion Each G2000 Headset. The mic works for my phone and PS4 but not my PC. After some searching it seemed like I had to update my Realtek driver. That was when I realized I did not have Realtek listed under my device manager. A few videos said to go to mobo site (MSI) and get...
  12. H

    Question Looking for headsets comparible to the Turtle Beach Ear Force P11

    The Earforce P11 has dual volume controls. I can have voice calls for one dial, and music/games/other things for the other dial. If music is overpowering the person I'm in a call with, I can just lower one volume dial and/or turn up the other volume dial. This is a feature I've grown very...