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  1. M

    Question USB headset

    So I am quite confused and would appreciate your help! I ordered a USB headset yesterday, and am wondering how it will work, will mic and audio work when I plug it in? And its fine If I plug the usb into usb 3 right? I'm willing to provide a link of the product too, because it says it...
  2. KaiiEatsCake

    Question Gaming Headset or Studio Headphones for gaming?

    Hi! I'll make this quick: I have a good microphone And a bad headset (it was 15 bux on amazon) I'm getting the Rift S I edit videos I play competitive games (R6, CSGO etc...) My budget: 70 dollars (would prefer 60 tho) Pls help I've been searching for days and can't decide. I have my eyes on...