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  1. Billfish01

    Question Headphone + Amp Recommendations (Bass heavy music listening)

    I'm on day one of research for a headphone and amp combo and feeling a little overwhelmed between all the technical jargon and a lack of a way to hear the difference in person. Just looking for some insight and recommendations. It would be much appreciated. Budget: ~$300 (Combined total for...
  2. I

    Question Will my Roland Rubix 22 support 250ohm headphones?

    So the issue is, i have no clue how this whole ohm thing works, i‘ve heard that it may work on some audio interfaces and on some it may require a separat amp, issue is, i literally don‘t know how to check if my audio interface can output to 250ohms or not Audio interface: Roland Rubix 22...
  3. N

    Question Dac/Amp

    Hey guys, cant decide what DAC/AMP to get, so Far I been looking at a couple. Fiio K3 Schiit Fulla 3 Fiio E10k Schiit Fulla 2 Schiit Stack I have a pair of Meze 99 Neos and a Samson G Track Pro, I use my set up a lot for Discord, gaming and listening to music (Punk rock, pop, RNB, Rap). What do...
  4. Jdambrose

    Question Amp/DAC

    Hi all, Have a pair of Audiotechnica ATH m50xs that I have trouble getting loud enough on my computer. Used for R6 siege and listening to music lately. Was wondering if an AMP/DAC combo like the Fiio E10k would help?
  5. V

    Which 2 x 8 pin should I plug into on AORUS X299 gaming 7 pro?

    Hi, newer to building here. I have a Rosewill 750 gold PSU that has two 2x4 CPU connectors. One of the connectors is a one piece. But on the same cable as the one piece it branches off to a two piece connector. My motherboard is a AORUS X299 gaming 7 pro. It has two 2 x 4 plugs for the CPU...
  6. D

    Is there a way to run new games on an old graphic driver?

    So i bought a laptop and it has good specifications : i7-skylake 6700 gtx 950m 8 gb ram When i install the nvidia driver and try to run ac unity for example it says that my graphic driver is too old, but i tried to intall a newer one from nvidia site but my computer freezes and i have to do a...
  7. J

    How do i change my IP address

    Hey i was IP Banned from something how could i change my IP to bypass the ban thanks
  8. EpIckFa1LJoN

    Dedicated Case Stand?

    So my wife and I are finally buying our first house and I get a dedicated office!! Up until recently I have been crammed into our spare bedroom in our apartment and because of my multi monitor setup (Acer Predator X34 Ultrawide 34" and a Acer G257HU 25") my desk space is taken up and my...
  9. G

    After cancel the clone hard drive process

    After I click cancel the clone hard drive process. Now my laptop cannot recognise my new ssd and I can't do the cloning process again. Any solution can solve this kind of problems. The reason that i cancel the clone hard drive process is because the estimate time to finish is keep on...
  10. B

    Will the Gtx 960 Fit in my Motherboard ?

    Asus B85M-G Motherboard and i currently have a Gtx 750Ti running Pci Express. but i don't know if the Gtx 960 will be able to ?