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  1. Endre555

    Question Razer Electra V2 (non-USB) or Audio-Technica ATH-M20x ?

    I've got a really tight budget for headphones, and I've narrowed down my options to these two ones. The Audio-Technica ATH-M20x or the Razer Electra V2, the 3.5mm jack verison. Considering comfortability, sound quality and just overall quality, and NOT considering the Razer having a microphone...
  2. E

    [SOLVED] Beyerdynamic DT 880 or DT990?

    Hello, i want to buy a new pair of headphones but i don't really know which one to buy from Beyerdynamic , DT 880 Or DT 990, i play games, listen to music just want the best sound quality while listening to music and gaming, i know that the dt990 has more treble and more bass, but i don't care...
  3. O

    Question Best closed back, no mic headphones in 150-200$ range

    I am having a lot of trouble with finding the best closed back, no mic, good sound quality with good bass headphones for 150-200$. Been all over the internet and my top pick is, currently, the m50x (...
  4. E

    [SOLVED] Do i need a sound card to use the DT770 Pro with full performance?

    Hello, here is my specs RTX 2080TI FE i7-8700K 32gb ram H100I Cpu Cooler Z390 Aorus Pro Motherboard I'm willing to buy the DT770 Pro headphones, but my question is do I need a separate sound card or a mixer or something, like a sound blaster to use the headphones with all performance? or my...
  5. S

    Question Best Wireless Gaming Headset?

    Hi, I was currently looking to reduce the amount of wires going around my desk and the first step to that was my headset. I love my headset to pieces but overtime its started degrading and its time for a change. I currently have a HyperX Cloud 2 gaming headset (gun metal grey) I was looking...
  6. X

    Question Logitech G433 VS G Pro (Request)

    I would be getting the G433 but it sounds like the mic is a lot worse (and I might be streaming.) My top 3 priorities for headphones (in order, Most important-least) are: Mic, Sound, Durability.
  7. P

    Question Looking for Nice Gaming Headphone for $150

    I'm looking for a new pair of headphone due to my current hyperx cloud alpha right ear cup going bad, I have my eyes on a couple pairs. I just want someone else opinion and knowledge to help me find a new pair here are some that I have my eye on Audio-technica ATH-m50x...
  8. Question B350M Mortar AUDIO PORTS

    Hi Guys, Just wanna ask a question about my motherboards AUDIO ports I'm having problems dealing with the components of mine. I currently have HYPER X Cloud II with mic attached using the 7.1 Surround USB on the USB port of the motherboard. And Logitech Z121 External Speaker attached on the...
  9. S

    Question Realtek audio glitch after changing motherboard

    I used to have an Asus m5a97 plus motherboard and when I went into the realtek hd audio manager and plugged my headphones in it always asked me what I plugged in. There were two options: one was speakers and one was headphones, and now I changed my motherboard to an ASRock b450m pro4 and I...
  10. T

    Question Need help on choosing Gaming headset

    Hello, I need some help to choose a good gaming headset. I'm looking for something close to 100€, even a little more if it really worth it. I now headphones are better but I prefer to have an all in one system instead of a separate mic; suggestion are open but I will probably go for the headset...
  11. V

    Question Headphone for under 150 euros

    Hi guys! I'm looking to get better headphones to replace my Corsair Void Pro Wireless headset. I was thinking about getting the Beyerndynamic DT770 PRo's but I wonder if there are any better or wireless options? I'm pretty new to pc peripherals so I've usually just taken what fit into my budget...
  12. J

    Question What is the best waterproof earphone?

    Hello Folks, Recently I bought a new Mpow Flame Bluetooth Headphones. It is not working for iPhone. Just need some good earphones with supports Iphone-X. Please help! Thanks & Regards JonhRobet
  13. byler47

    Question Headset vs Headphones?

    ATTENTION ALL AUDIOPHILES! I NEED YOUR ASSISTANCE! Okay, now that I have your focus, here is my conglomeration of my proclamation of questions/statements. Also this is gonna be kinda long... I have a Razer Kraken 7.1 v2 Chroma headset, and it has served me well. It's comfortable, it sounds...
  14. I

    Question Teammates Hear Game Sound With Headset

    When I play a game and have Discord up, I use headphones. Every time I play, anybody on my team picks up my voice as well as ALL my game sound. Is there a simple fix for this? I've tried to change/reset Discord voice settings, and nothing. I looked online, nothing. I checked Windows (10) sound...
  15. Max_Pare

    Question Best gaming headset for 50 euros?

    Hello, yesterday i received a new logitech g430 headset that i ordered from amazon, and now less than 24 hours later, it's already faulty: the right channel is louder than the left one, and there is no setting tweaking to fix it, the actual headset is malfunctioning after not even a whole day...
  16. remixislandmusic

    Question Best sub $40 Bluetooth headphones + Bluetooth headphones wont charge and USB port is loose. How to fix?

    Hello, I have 2 questions. I have some Bluetooth headphones, about 2-2.5 years old. https://www.ebay.com/i/292726577228?chn=ps I used to have a different pair, but the height adjustment broke, so the company sent me out an updated model. The replacements worked fine, actually sounding decent...
  17. T

    Question Can't use headphones and built in mic simultaneously??

    Hello, I built a PC for gaming but I can't seem to use any headset I try with it's built in microphone simultaneously. I have a microphone jack along with a headphone jack on the front of my case, but my Turtle Beach headphones only has the 1 male jack. Due to that I may chose to use either the...
  18. G

    Info Durable headsets/headphones page

    I made this thread for anybody to recommend durable headsets or headphones. For a headset or headphone to be worth a good recommendation here, it must be able to take a lot of knocks or physical damage and still be able to produce good sound quality. It's fine to mention headsets or headphones...
  19. S

    Question USB headphones - will mic work ?

    Hi, I have a pc which I built myself and I am going to buy a gaming headset with USB instead of aux. The headset has a mic but my computer doesn't have an in built one. Only headphones with 2 aux cables(one for mic, one for sound) have worked on my pc. So will USB headphones work?
  20. A

    malware back after wipe

    I wiped my computer to remove a malware. When i ran a virus scan after the wipe it still found malware. How can the malware still remain after a wipe of the computer?