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  1. Trenty

    Question No audio from any headphones.

    Audio from speakers are fine and outputs seem fine. Any pair of headphones will not output any audio. My computer will recognize it by showing the realtek window and letting me select what type of device I plugged in. It guessed headphones. I click ok. Normally, It'd cut the sound from the...
  2. S

    Question Headphones L/R Balance Mutes The Audio?

    Hi! I have two pairs of headphones (Sony MDR-1A which I'm currently using and also Sony MDR-10R). I plug them into my computer's headphone jack at the front of my computer case. I'm using the latest version of Windows 10. I recently noticed that after around 30 minutes of using the headphones...
  3. F

    Question Fresh windows 10 install, monitor's speakers work but headphones dont.

    My computer booted to a black screen and i couldn't fix it, so i loaded a fresh install of windows 10. Everything was going smoothly except my headphones aren't working. However, my monitor's speakers are working and the headphones worked before the fresh install. I have tried multiple types of...
  4. H

    [SOLVED] how to fix no audio on aun dlp mini projector x3?

    built in speakers and external speakers dont work on aun dlp mini projector x3
  5. Isaacslaughing

    Question Win10 comp not recognizing headphones - have checked other threads

    I was listening through my headphones a couple hours ago just fine. I unplugged them when I tried to go to sleep. Couldn't sleep so I plugged them back in to listen to videos, and my computer played the audio through the speakers. I ran the Win10 audio troubleshooter and it said the problem was...
  6. D

    Question Headphones randomly stop working for time to time.

    I have Corsair Void Pro RGB USB headphones and sometimes (happens only when I play games) they just stop outputting sound (they still glow) and the mic stops working too until I plug the usb again but when I do that in certain games they crash. This is my first forum post so please tell me if I...
  7. A

    i7-6700 and RX 480 on H110M board?

    Hi, im using i7-6700 on H110M motherboard right now. I just want to ask if there will be no issue to put a high end processor to a low end motherboard, i also want to buy RX 480 soon. Is it fine to put too much power on a low end motherboard? Thank you in advance.