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  1. C

    Question Bluetooth paired but not connected - Possible fixes please

    Hi there. So I haven't used bluetooth in a long time and don't know exactly when this issue might have occurred. My bluetooth audio devices connect to my laptop, but within a couple seconds, they go into paired mode (Connected > Paired). I've tried to isolate the issue and it comes down to...
  2. B

    Question PC/PS5 audio to one headset ?

    I did not want to ask this, but I can not see the solution I am looking for help. In short is there a way to have PC/PS5 audio (best possible quality) with working headset mic for both. I have a Sennheiser GSP 600 and GSX 1200 pro. I use an astro mix amp (old model) for the PS5 with but I have...
  3. S

    Question Headphones L/R Balance Mutes The Audio?

    Hi! I have two pairs of headphones (Sony MDR-1A which I'm currently using and also Sony MDR-10R). I plug them into my computer's headphone jack at the front of my computer case. I'm using the latest version of Windows 10. I recently noticed that after around 30 minutes of using the headphones...
  4. M

    Question Do you recommend Dolby Atmos app?

    I was wondering If I should buy the full 15$ app or not and I wanted to hear your thoughts...Is it worth it ? I'm using a 7.1 virtual surround USB headphones . I tried the free trial during one of my games (Monster Hunter World) and I read that only a handful specific list of games support Dolby...
  5. OrdJk

    Question I recently bought the DT 770 pro *80 ohm* and am having an issue with it

    I also own a UMC22 and decided to use the headphone port on there to power the DT 770 , So far It had no issues except for when I tried to use my microphone that is also plugged into the UMC22. Basically the issue is that I cannot use both the microphone and headphones because they both use...
  6. OrdJk

    Question Can the UMC22 power the DT 770 pro 80 ohm edition ?

    Since I already own the UMC22 I would like to save a bit of money by knowing if the DT 770 pro headphones can run off that AMP as well ? If anyone knows or has some kind of experience in this field please do reply to this thread , it would be much appreciated. I will try to reply to as many...
  7. amco_krkic

    Question My friends can hear my PC's audio output ?

    So i bought this headset (PowerA Fusion Headphones) which work with PC but before i used beats headsets but they didnt really work great as a gaming headset because of how small the ear cups were so i got these new ones and it has a detachchable microphone and is plugged in to a splitter cable...
  8. dmff_007

    Question Budget Wireless Headphones Recommendation

    Hey! Can someone recommend me a good budget (47$ max) wireless headphones? I've been searching and came up with the JBL Tune500BT, but idk if it would be a good fit cause of the fragility and discomfort after some hours of use.
  9. H

    Question How can i get the best out of my headphone's audio quality ?

    Hi guys, So few months back i bought Razer Kraken gaming headset but i'm not satisfied with the quality of sound it gives. Like it's not bad but it's not great either considering the price of it. I had Asus headset before and i feel that it doesn't give the sound as it should. I tried to...
  10. somedude601

    Question Top front panel audio jack stopped working

    So today my headphone wire ended up getting caught INSIDE the wheel of my chair (still no idea how it happened, but long story short this resulted in the headphones being suddenly and quickly ripped out of the jack. Since then, the recognition on the headphones being plugged in is... extremely...
  11. ek_e123

    Question The microphone on my earphones stopped working just on my PC (works on PS4 and Mobile).

    I use my 3.5 mm JBL earphones on my PC with a splitter (one female to two males). While playing Warzone, my microphone just stopped working. More precisely, it started producing such a low sound that it couldn't be picked up by my teammates, I say that because I increased the bass level in the...
  12. M

    Question Electronic Interference in Headphones!

    I bought myself some EKSA E900 Pro headphones. They use analog for the microphone input and the audio. However, they can't do 7.1 Surround Sound without an additional USB plugged in. My issue is, when I plug the USB in as well, I get this buzz over my headphones. In OBS, it appears in both...
  13. F

    Question Looking for a new headset

    I'm looking for a new wireless headset and someone is selling the HyperX Cloud Flight S and SteelSeries Arctis 9 Wireless in my area on Facebook marketplace at a pretty decent price (brand new of course). Which one is better? Also, I'm probably going to buy a separate mic anyway so if anyone...
  14. QsEfThUkO;08

    Question Sennheiser HDR 175 Headphones have suddenly stopped working.

    Hello, I've been normally using my headphones and today they stopped playing sound, after a charge. I haven't done anything to them, but they're just not working. I have noticed the dock takes a while to respond after turning on this factor. I have also confirmed that it isn't the computer I am...
  15. xAstraLight

    Question Audio Appears to Play Yet Does Not

    I had recently discovered this issue when trying to use some headphones and speakers with my PC. My PC has the AMD B450 AORUS Elite V2 Motherboard. I was planning to pair my speakers with an AUX cable to my PC's motherboard audio jacks. My PC seems to recognize the speakers and I can orient them...
  16. R

    Question Headphones broken?

    Hi. I need some help with my Razer kraken tournament edition headphones. I have had them for about 6-7 months and yesterday when i was playing the sound suddenly shiften and became very queit on my right ear. I Balanced out the difference but now i am stuck with all my programs being very quiet...
  17. M

    Question I can't change the sample rate and bit depth of my headphones

    My headphnoes are stuck in 16 bit 48000 Hz and i cant increase them...how can I make the setting not grayed out ?? my headphones are recognized as speakers ..dont ask me why View: https://imgur.com/a/U36J6Sm
  18. A

    Question Headphones with active noise cancelling ?

    Hi, i dont really know about this topic and i wanted to ask you what are a good headphones with active noise cancelation cancelling ? Since i supose that the prices are really different between models i would like to know a couple of options. Budget is under 300€. Thanks a lot for your time...
  19. T

    Question My microphone echos when I do not have it plugged in

    Hi, My microphone "echos" without being plugged in. If I am on a discord call and watching a video with my microphone unplugged, my microphone will echo the video that I am watching. It only echos the loud parts of the videos eg. if someone screams or talks loudly in the video, the people in my...
  20. L

    Question Airpods Pro or Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2

    Hello my friends, i need your help! I want to buy new earbuds and i decided to go for a true wireless set. So i am between Airpods Pro and Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 and i can't decide. They will be paired with an Iphone and i already tried the Airpods Pro but i found them a bit quiet...
  21. M

    Question No 7.1 virtual surround option available for my new 7.1 surround headphones ??

    How can i enable the 7.1 on headphones exactly ? Windows recognizes it strictly as a stereo device which is just false, also no option for 7.1 under spatial sound menu Note - the headset is named "USB Audio device" : View: https://imgur.com/a/6AuMhFs
  22. Tornik

    Question Headphones audio off after PC returns from sleep

    The "Headphones" entry in my audio devices' list is no longer there once my PC boots back up after sleep mode, leading to me having to restart to have the headphone entry reappear. I'm guessing there's an option in power settings, registry or system services that prevents the device from waking...
  23. J

    [SOLVED] Front Headphone Jack Suddenly Low Volume

    I am on Windows 10, and I suddenly am getting low volume from my case's front headphone jack. The audio doesn't sound distorted and is present, but I just can't raise the volume to its normal level. I tested the headphones I normally use there on another device, and they worked perfectly, so I...
  24. S

    [SOLVED] MOBO 3.5mm jack extender vs Front panel 3.5mm jack

    I play games, mostly CSGO. I currently play with in-ear headphones(to be exact the Sony STH32) and I am curious about something. Is the MOBO 3.5mm jack with a 3.5mm jack extender, better than just plugging the headset on the front panel 3.5mm jack of the case? By "better" I mean, how will I get...
  25. H

    Question Sound card running too much current into my headphones. What should I do?

    My headphones are extremely loud. Currently I have them at 25% volume or so on the headphones themselves and my Windows volume is 32. Apps like Chrome have to be set even lower. In addition to the loud volume, my mic is pretty much dead. I ran through 3 headphones, all of which had the same...
  26. Nuke7777

    Question How can I reconfigure my bluetooth headphone manually ?

    I have Mi Super bass wireless headphone but this is the issue with most wireless headphones. The problem is with power ON/OFF button. We have to hold the power button for about 3-5 seconds at least. (This is bad software/driver design), then it power ON. After that it starts pairing. More 3-5...
  27. K

    [SOLVED] Would my motherboard support 80ohm and 250 ohm?

    Asus rog Strix B550-F gaming will it work on Beyer dynamic 990 pro or do I need a DAC for it?
  28. Jake Harper

    Question Headphones crackle on PC, work fine on phone?

    For starters, my headphones are the Razer Kraken Pro V2 Analog and my motherboard is the Gigabyte H110M-H. The thing is, on my PC, my headphones keep crackling at high volumes. I've had Windows' Loudness Equalization turned on (without it there's barely any sound) and I'm also using PEACE APO...
  29. Mosteeze

    [SOLVED] Solving an Audio Interface Puzzle

    I currently have a set of studio monitors and a pair of headphones hooked up to a Focusrite Scarlett Solo (2nd Gen) audio interface. (PC > Interface > speakers+headphones) The issue here is, sound comes out of both the headphones and speakers simultaneously. I have to unplug the speakers' RCA...
  30. OrdJk

    Audio Technica m40x

    I just purchased these for £44 , is that worth it ?
  31. D.Lazar

    Question Beats EP - Microphone not working on Windows 10 PC

    Hello all, I'm not sure if this is the right thread to post this question but i'm miserable at the moment. I have Beats EP Headphones and they work fine, the mic works fine on Mac Laptop on iPhone and on the USB Sound Card. It has 4-pin TRRS connector and i bought the Y Splitter for audio...
  32. J

    Question Wireless Headset Conundrum

    So I'm gonna buy some headphones for gaming and also listening to music outside via my Android phone. Two candidates I'm torn between are Steelseries Arctis 1 Wireless and Arctis 3 Bluetooth. They're almost the same price and I assume use the same drivers although there are some differences in...
  33. G

    [SOLVED] Audio Mixing Imbalance

    So this is a peculiar turn on the usual "one ear not working" issue many have dealt with, and google search has not led me anywhere, so here we go. I currently use my DualShock 4 controller's headphone jack as a speaker output (paired with DS4Windows V2) because the wireless dongle I use for...
  34. B

    [SOLVED] Can My Motherboard Run 250 Ohm Headphones??

    Hello, I'm debating buying a new pair of headphones but want something a bit more high end. My price point is about £105. I've looked and found the beyerdynamic dt 990's and 880's. I have also found a few other ones but all seem to be 250 Ohms. I don't have enough money to buy the headphones and...
  35. I

    [SOLVED] Recently bought some USB headphones, but they keep on disconnecting

    As the title says, a few days ago I ordered a pair of Edifier G2 II headphones, and they use USB instead of a 3.5mm jack. Today they arrived, and when I was testing them I noticed that they would disconnect every few seconds. Here's a list of things I've tried doing: I've tried disabling USB...
  36. TTVBTW

    [SOLVED] Razer Nari only works with usb dongle and charging cable plugged in. HELP.

    Hello, I have a Razer Nari and it only works when the usb wireless dongle and the charging cable is plugged in. I don't why this is happening but I would really like it to work wirelessly. It has been like this the whole time iv'e had it. I have tried to use the Razer pairing tool and it didn't...
  37. ParaPotatoes

    [SOLVED] small buzzing noise coming from headphones when plugged into "line in"

    ever since i made my new PC and upgraded to windows 10 I've had only one issue, when my headphones are plugged into the "line in" port on the back IO and set to headphones there is a loud noise that never stops. it is not as loud when i set it to speakers. and it doesn't change depending on the...
  38. ParaPotatoes

    [SOLVED] small buzzing noise coming from headphones when plugged into "line in"

    ever since i made my new PC and upgraded to windows 10 I've had only one issue, when my headphones are plugged into the "line in" port on the back IO and set to headphones there is a loud noise that never stops. it is not as loud when i set it to speakers. and it doesn't change depending on the...
  39. V

    Question How can I fix the problem of no sound with headphones?

    I now have no sound when I try to use headphones. The sound works without headphones, just not with them. It was working yesterday but not today. I use headphones a lot daily and it's driving me crazy not being able to use them. Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks.
  40. G

    [SOLVED] Switching from a Gaming Headset to an XLR Mic and Headphones, advice requested :)

    As the title says I would like to move from using just a gaming headset (Corsair Void Pro Wireless) over to a "proper" setup, I have chosen what I think would be sufficient however as I have not done this before I wouldn't mind a couple of other people taking a look just to make sure I haven't...