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    Question New headset have sharp sound when the letter S is heard

    Hello, so I recently bought HyperX Cloud II, and when I'm listening to music, whenever letter S is being heard in a song headphones make a very sharp sound that hurts my ears. They are currently connected with USB but it's the same thing when I connect them on the phone. I've read this is called...
  2. Endre555

    Question Razer Electra V2 (non-USB) or Audio-Technica ATH-M20x ?

    I've got a really tight budget for headphones, and I've narrowed down my options to these two ones. The Audio-Technica ATH-M20x or the Razer Electra V2, the 3.5mm jack verison. Considering comfortability, sound quality and just overall quality, and NOT considering the Razer having a microphone...
  3. E

    [SOLVED] Beyerdynamic DT 880 or DT990?

    Hello, i want to buy a new pair of headphones but i don't really know which one to buy from Beyerdynamic , DT 880 Or DT 990, i play games, listen to music just want the best sound quality while listening to music and gaming, i know that the dt990 has more treble and more bass, but i don't care...
  4. C

    Question How to compare headphones?

    I'm looking to buy a new pair of headphones, primarily for games and I want them to have a decent built in mic. However, I still value the sound quality above the mic, and don't want to get anything less than what I've already got, which is a Sennheiser 280 Pro that I've had for a few years. I...
  5. JellyTrigger

    Question [Question] SteelSeries Arctis 5 Suddenly Stopped Working

    I didn't install any drivers that I remember, however Windows 10 updated last night and now my headset unrecognized itself once I plug it in. When the adapter is plugged into my PC it shows everything like normal, both Game and Chat under sounds. Then right when I plug my headphones into the...
  6. A

    Question Headphones popping randomly

    My headphones occasionally have periods where random popping sounds with varying volume are heard every 5 seconds or so. The unusual thing is this only seems to happen when I'm on call to my friend. The audio setup is as follows: Laptop which is calling friend has audio out go into a microphone...
  7. E

    Question Headphones causing OS and/or system reboot

    Hello. I recently built my first PC. I built it mostly for gaming. I will put my specs at the bottom, after I describe my issue. Today, about 3 hours into my gaming session (which had run smoothly up to this point), the PC resets. A few seconds of black screen. My monitor gets confused and...
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    [SOLVED] Do i need a sound card to use the DT770 Pro with full performance?

    Hello, here is my specs RTX 2080TI FE i7-8700K 32gb ram H100I Cpu Cooler Z390 Aorus Pro Motherboard I'm willing to buy the DT770 Pro headphones, but my question is do I need a separate sound card or a mixer or something, like a sound blaster to use the headphones with all performance? or my...
  9. X

    Question Logitech G433 VS G Pro (Request)

    I would be getting the G433 but it sounds like the mic is a lot worse (and I might be streaming.) My top 3 priorities for headphones (in order, Most important-least) are: Mic, Sound, Durability.
  10. A

    Question Looking for a new pair of headphones

    Hey so my headphones broke the other day and I'm needing a new pair. On my PC I play games, listen to music, and watch youtube. I need a good pair of headphones that sound good, have a good mic quality, and are comfortable. I've been looking at a few pairs but I dont really know which is better...
  11. P

    Question What headphones for gaming?

    I’ve been thinking about getting a pair of headphones recently as the only source of sound on my pc are the speakers in my monitor. On my pc I mainly game, watch youtube and listen to music. I would like the headphones to be an around ear design as I wound find that more comfortable. I got...
  12. MauriciusRex

    Question Wireless headphones for gaming/music and then some

    Hey guys, I've been looking into some wireless headphones to replace my aging Astro A50. Nice headset, but flimsy construction, and has become really uncomfortable to wear. I bought the Steelseries Arctis 7 wireless, and while it was incredibly comfortable, the sound quality was not what I'm...
  13. E

    Question When using the USB plugin device for the Hyper X Revolver S headphones I can hear white noise?

    I recently bought these headphones and all I can hear when I use the USB adapter is white noise. It gets worse when trying to use the 7.1 Dolby button. I was wondering is it something wrong with the headphones or if its something up with the way I have the sound set up on the headphones? When I...
  14. S

    Question Hyperx Cloud II Mic problems

    Hi. Im having an issue with my mic where after about 5-10 seconds of being plugged in it makes a buzz noise then just stops working altogether. Ive tried- Setting to default sound and communication Device. Restarting my computer Deleting the device in the device list and letting it reinstall...
  15. F

    Question What are the top headsets around £100-£150?

    I'm looking into buying a headset with mic attached for convenience since i don't like the extra cabling of modmic etc. My budget is between £100-£150. I'm looking for a closed back headset with good sound quality and comfort, with sound being number 1 priority. I've been looking at the...
  16. A

    Question Headphones - Sound Problems

    I couldn't find any category for music/sound so i posted this in components, Hi , when i listen to music in my android phone i feel the power of my headphones and their extra bass boost settings i can hear deep bass up to 5hz and the sound is loud but when i plug the same headphones in pc the...
  17. D

    Question Bluetooth headset is too quiet

    (TLDR at end) So my wired earbuds broke and I had to temporarily resort to a low quality headset I happened to find until I could get a bluetooth adapter to use for my bluetooth headphones. I recently bought an ASUS USB-BT400 for this purpose and it installed well and is able to pair with my...
  18. G

    Question Need some bluetooth over-ear headphone suggestions

    Hello, I am trying to find some wireless bluetooth over-ear headphones, but with a very specific feature. I would like them to have auto pause and play, basically where if you take them off, they will pause your music, and then if you put them back on, they will continue playing. Anyone have...
  19. Influx91

    Question Headphone cable replacment

    Hey, I have a pair of razor headphones that use an aux cable. The cable is damaged and no longer works, I'm looking to replace the entirety of the cable but instead of 3.5mm aux I want it to connect via USB. Is this possible? Would need to be able to have functionality of headphones and...
  20. D

    Question Arctis 3 2019 vs arctis 5 old edition

    So i cant decide between these two headsets. Both are at the same price where i live, which is about 90 dollars. Any tips, advice and experience using either.