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  1. Question SSD health 98%

    Is this cause for concern? This SSD has 98% health since a few months (8-9 months atleast). It hasn't dropped further. There are no problems in usage of this drive. Working Flawlessly. Thing is I recently got a ADATA drive that was overheating and returned it. Right now I'm not in a place where...
  2. A

    Question Is this HDD causing low fps in fortnite ?

    PC Specs : i5 2500 GigaByte GTX 1060 6gb Aorus Xtreme Edition 8gb RAM 500gb HDD Antec 500w 1.Im getting low fps to what i should get and random stutters is this HDD the problem ? 2.Also what is the average fps i should get on all low settings on fortnite with these specs...
  3. U

    [SOLVED] i5-6600k vs i5-8400

    Hello guys, I currently own i5-6600k and i5-8400 CPUs on two computers. I am trying to use one as gaming and one as streaming. (I know both CPU isn't that great for gaming.) I checked a few CPU benchmark website, and it seems i5-8400 is slightly better than i5-6600k. I want to hear some opinions...
  4. malfun1307

    Question Windows 10 only shows 2 options

    I have a mecer tablet running windows 10,the problem is that i forgot the password and i never made a password reset disc/usb. The tablet has only one usb, so when i try to reinstall windows using a usb dvd-rom the keyboard doesnt appear, when i try to reset windows i only get two options namely...
  5. T

    Whats a good cooler for the fx 8350

    I have an fx 8350 with the stock cooler and it gets pretty loud/hot when gaming I wanna upgrade the cooler but I don't know what cooler I would get my moneys worth and I don't know which cpu coolers would fit my motherboard which is the ASUS M5A78L-M
  6. T

    [SOLVED] My Pc is performing way below expectations (20th percentile)

    Hello, I went to UserBenchmark to see why I was having so many FPS issues in ALL my games, and this is what I got: Please Help
  7. B

    [SOLVED] pc randomly restart while playing games

    hey guys need help please !!! so yesterday i played ring of elysium , while playing pc randomly restart, i tried shadow of the tomb raider , and still pc randomly restart by it self while playing after 10 min , cpu temp is 55-59, its really weird it happens 3 times, please guys whats wrong...
  8. C

    [SOLVED] american megatrends fan error & freeze

    Hi I got this american megatrends fan error screen for a long time but I can press f1 to continue booting my computer without any problem. The fan is still spinning normally. But today it seems to got worse. When i pressed f1 to continue, it brings me to a empty screen and showing 'reboot and...
  9. F

    [SOLVED] BIOS sometimes not recognizing SSD (both in boot priority and list of SATA connections) after restart

    I was having what I thought was problems with my old hard drive, so I decided to replace it and decided to get an SSD as well. I think I installed Windows 10 correctly on to the SSD (at least, in msconfig there is only entry for Windows 10 and it is lablled the default and current) and have it...
  10. U

    My new custom pc wont work

    Ok so i have finally built my pc but it isnt booting it is just showing yellow color on the motherboard and i dont know what to do. I have tried to reset my bios and mpre but npthing helps. Pls help me.
  11. S

    [SOLVED] Transferring Windows 10 from ruined HDD to SSD with Win7?

    Hello! My loyal old SSHD just failed on me, and is completely ruined. I get booted into the automatic repair menu whenever I try to boot from this disk (which contains my OS (Win10). None of the options in the repair menu lead anywhere (none work), so I have acquired a new SSD, and realized I...
  12. V

    Hard drive detection

    My laptop was not booting so I tried installing windows for which I formatted the windows drive...Than also windows did not install setup use to get stuck and fail...I removed the drive connected to a different system to recover data... It worked once and was able to copy 100gb of data...Then...
  13. X

    HD 7950 to RX 570 Worth?

    Hello! I have a Ryzen 1400 with the stock cooler, and 8 gigs of 3200 mghz ram at 2800 right now, and I have a 27 inch Samsung curved Freesync monitor I was just curious. Today I bought a used RX 570 4GB XFX graphics card on Ebay for $115. I asked the seller if he mined on it or games, he...
  14. C

    skyworth 32 smart tv 32e380i

    i cant connect my skyworth 32 smart tv 32e380i in a hiden ssid.. there is no option to add network (manual) olny allow me to connect to wifi auto i do not have option to add network for me to connect to a hidden ssid ..can someone help me how to connect manually here please please thankyou...
  15. P

    Intel 9-Series vs 8-series

    I'm looking into upgrading my system in the coming months, as my i7-2600k at 4.6 is finally starting to show its age with the GTX1080 I just picked up. This processor is still a beast, and I couldn't be more impressed with how its keeping up in late 2018, but for gaming at 1440p/144hz I'm...
  16. H

    Weird laptop sound coming from laptop after starting up

    Every time my HP Pavillion laptop has been inactive (either sleeping or switched off) and is activated again, it starts making a very loud noise as if the fan is broken. When I shake the laptop a bit, the sound eventually stops and does not return until the computer is activated again after...
  17. V

    Upgrade to Zen (Gaming PC)

    This is my actual Build : Intel Core i3-8100 1080 8Gb Gainward 2x4 DDR4 2400MHz Motherboard Z370 A-Pro I found myself quite well with this build, I managed to run many games in 2k stable or even in 4k with some renouncement on graphic effects. But now I have the budget to make an upgrade and...
  18. T

    Looking for a cheap gaming pc case

    I'm looking for a cheap Gaming pc case, there are a lot of cheap cases i've found already but I don't want my pc to look like an office computer… my budget is about $45.
  19. S

    Need advice on building a 800$ budget gaming PC

    Approximate Purchase Date: 20 August 2018 Budget Range: 800-850$ System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming>daw>video editing Parts Not Required: SSD, cooler Preferred Website(s) for Parts: None Country: Bangladesh Parts Preferences: 1. CPU: Intel core i5 8400 2. GPU: Gtx 1060...
  20. H

    Will it work?

    Hi, i was wondering if my dell optiplex 390, mini tower can support the gtx 1050.