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  1. M

    Question Need help finding the bad component (causing computer to freeze)

    Hello, I'm having random complete freezes on my Windows PC. My screen freezes(with image), everything on the motherboard keeps running(fans running, audio lights on, gpu lights on, internet connection blinking) but after some seconds the keyboard and mice turns off. It seems to happens in...
  2. Matt732

    [SOLVED] BSOD heap corruption randomly while running X-Plane 11 from day one

    Hi, I recently built a new system with these specs: intel for i7 6700non k Gigabyte GTX 2060 6gb (heavily overclocked but stable) Gigabyte B-250M mortar 16 gb Corsair 3000 (the motherboard only uses 2500) Kingston 250gb SSD (C:) So I built this as a flight simulation system to run x plane. I...