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  1. J

    Question Hyper 212 LED fan broke

    Hello, everyone. My contact points of my Hyper 212 LED fan just broke. Therefore I can't attach it to the heatsink anymore. I was looking at Coolermaster's website. And I could only see fans for the Hyper 212 Black or EVO. Are those fans worse or basically the same? And can I use them with my...
  2. O

    Building my own compact CPU heatsink

    Hello, I'm building my own compact CPU heatsink with a copper plate for the CPU and heat pipes attached to an aluminum heatsink. I intend to put it together with thermal glue. I'm looking for a copper plate or block. Is there an optimal thickness? How about this...
  3. ethan206

    [SOLVED] Laptop to Desktop Cooling Solution

    I have an old laptop that I have no use for anymore and want to turn it into a mini-DIY desktop but I was curious as to how I could upgrade the cooling solution. I also want to upgrade the CPU from an i7-2760QM to an i7-2960XM (45W to 55W). Are there any particular parts (laptop-tailored that...
  4. M

    Question Best motherboard for preventing overheating (and computer shutdown)

    After experiencing computer shutdowns (either complete power outage or sudden bluescreen errors), which I partly suspect overheating as the cause, I am thinking perhaps I need to get a motherboard which prevents overheating. But I am a complete novice. I will buy i9-13900K. So the motherboard...
  5. thegame21

    Question M.2 sticker - should i remove the stickers?

    Hi TH, I am quite confused, should I remove the stickers? Or just the green one only? Mobo : z490f image: https://ibb.co/W2NDcNq https://ibb.co/bvqs7f
  6. D

    Question Heatsink replacement on ASUS TUF GTX 1660 GAMING OC

    Here I am again with a question, as I am unable to find an answer. So few days ago I got a GTX 1660 Asus TUF Gaming OC and the card is doing phenomenal for my 1080p gaming on high needs. What bothers me are the temperatures. This card is HOT. And when I say hot I mean 85-90 degrees when...
  7. shubhamcr7

    Question Anyone knows what this is? and what might be the cause??

    Hey, i opened my laptop first time for cleaning it and saw oil/greese type of leak on it not able to wipe it off what may be the cause of this and what is this is it harmful for my laptop in long run?
  8. P

    Question VRM Motherboard Heatsink

    Hello everyone, I was leaning towards pairing an i9-11900k with the Gigabyte Z590 Aorus Pro AX (rev. 1.0). However, I realized that part of the VRM of the motherboard is not covered by the heatsink, as seen in the picture attached( image ). Will it be a problem when it comes to temperatures...
  9. AnnoyingGPUnoise

    Question Seagate FireCuda 530 NVMe SSD on an Asus Prime A320M-K motherboard ?

    I have a Asus Prime A320M-K motherboard and I was thinking of buying a Seagate FireCuda 530 NVMe SSD with heatsink, but from what i'm seeing the NVMe slot is literally right behind the graphic card and i'm afraid it won't fit. Does anyone have this problem or surely it will fit ? The dimensions...
  10. mcan226

    [SOLVED] Do I have to remove the sticker from the nvme socket if I'm not using one?

    Hello, everyone. I hope you are fine. I've bought an MSI b660m Mortar Wifi for a 12400. I don't have an m2 ssd, but a regular sata ssd, the brick one. In the video below, at 4:00, the op removes a sticker that is under the 1st m2's heatsink. Do I have to remove it as well if i ain't using one...
  11. [SOLVED] Removing one heatsink because CPU COOLER AIO not fitting

    Hello guys, I just want to ask if it is okay to remove one heatsink (the one with MAG in it) from the motherboard because my CPU Cooler Arctic Liquid Freezer II 280 A-RGB couldn't fit on the case , I tried putting it back on after finishing putting the cooler but I couldn't so I just let it that...
  12. [SOLVED] Stock Ryzen 3 3100 cooler on a 5800X?

    I have a Ryzen 3 3100 CPU with stock fan/heatsink. I just ordered a 5800X which comes w/o a cooler. Can I reuse my old cooler on the new CPU or do I need something more powerful? TIA.
  13. M

    [SOLVED] Recommended heatsink for M.2 SSD ?

    Hi...I just got my Samsung 980 500GB m2 NVME ssd (not pro) and Im very skeptical on the heatsink to buy for it . Ive heard its crucial for the rising temperatures . Any recommendations ? Note:The width can't exceed 0.87 inch as my motherboard wont allow it .
  14. K

    [SOLVED] GTX970 temps SOARING

    I have a Zotac GTX970 that I have had either since '13 or '14. I can't remember which year it was released, I purchased it brand new around the time of the cards debut. Anyway, I have started to notice the card is getting STUPIDLY hot playing some of the most minimally demanding games, such as...
  15. S

    Replacement heatsink screws for laptop?

    I have the Acer Nitro 5 AN515-53. View: https://imgur.com/a/qdex3iv The laptop I got had overtightened screws, I had no choice but to yank it out because there was just no other way. Where would I find replacement screws for my model? Does anyone know where I can buy them cheap? I'm looking...
  16. Iver Hicarte

    Question Custom Loop vs. AIO, is there a real world difference?

    To people who had experiences with custom loops and using AIO's...is a custom loop worth it? Does it make a big difference compared to AIO's? Care to share some of your experiences and thoughts about this subject...I really would like to know if it gives a big benefit in the real world...
  17. Iver Hicarte

    [SOLVED] M.2 integrated heatsink vs. motherboard m.2 heatsink? Is there a big and noticeable real world difference?

    Title says it all, is it worth it to pay extra for m.2 drives that come with a heatsink model? Is the integrated heatsink far better than just the m.2 heatsink included in some motherboards? And is there a big temperature improvement overall? Especially in the real world....
  18. S

    [SOLVED] Thermal paste - Does it dry out faster with higher CPU temperatures?

    I'm planning to re-paste my laptop with arctic silver 5 soon, it seems it needs to be replaced every 9 months for my case. What I'm wondering is do higher sustained temperatures cause the paste to dry faster/become less efficient quicker? Is it ok to run games that cause high CPU temperatures...
  19. bosourd

    [SOLVED] CPU speed drops while gaming, but temperature is normal

    I'm pretty new on PC hardware stuff so I'm at a loss here. Pardon if I look like an idiot. My CPU drops while in-game recently (I think, I don't really check on task manager while gaming so I'm not sure when this start to happen, I figured this out by accident) from 3.00 GHz to as low as 1.00...
  20. tuckertheguy12

    Question Missing PCB heatsinks ROG MAXIMUS X APEX

    Hello everyone, I recently came into ownership of an ROG Maximus Apex X Z370 motherboard. The owner before the last owner clearly used it for LN2 overclocking as all of the boards heatsinks are missing and the back of the board is sticky in all the right spots. Anyway, the board is missing the...
  21. J

    [SOLVED] Heatsink won't fit on ASUS ROG Strix B450-F Gaming II AMD AM4

    So I just bought the ASUS ROG Strix B450-F Gaming II AMD AM4 motherboard and an AMD Ryzen 5 5600x cpu. The cpu came with a stock heatsink and fan that I had planned to use. When I went to install said heatsink, I found I couldn't because a line of transistors (I think that's what they're called)...
  22. I

    Question No signal on both my displays. Motherboard damaged?

    My PC Specs: MSI Z370 Gaming Plus Motherboard Intel i5-8600K CPU CoolerMaster Hyper 212 EVO Heatsink Palit Nvidia GTX 1050Ti GPU FSP Raider II 750W PSU G-Skill Aegis DDR4 2400 8GB x 2 RAM Hi. First time posting here so forgive me if there was a better place to ask this. Okay, so I've had this...
  23. A

    [SOLVED] Can I replace my heasink fan with a 3 pin?

    Basically, I know you can connect 3 pin fans to 4 pin headers in the Mobo, but if I buy a replacement fan for my CPU heatsink (old one is rattling and is a cheapo so I can't open it to fix the issue), will it be able to regulate it's speed by itself and not let my CPU overheat?
  24. I

    [SOLVED] samsung 970 evo plus nvme running hot

    Samsung 970 evo plus nvme when computer is idle temperatures are 47 to 54-degree celsius i dont have any heatsink please help me what to do thanks in advance
  25. _dawn_chorus_

    [SOLVED] Where can I get this foam tape for RAM?

    I am changing the heatsinks on my G,Skill Ripjaws ram and one side of the stick has no chips on it, just foam tape to fill the gap and I assume separate sensitive parts from the metal heatsink. Where can I buy this and what is it called? Does it have any specific function like heat dissipation...
  26. N

    [SOLVED] Rattling Sound, CPU?

    https://streamable.com/n6fa43 That is the sound right there, the sound is very inconsistent and just started up again this morning. I had thought it was the PSU, since I had loosened the screws that hold it. (The first rattling occurrence was close to when I loosened screws) But the recording...
  27. J

    [SOLVED] Thermal paste turning liquid and CPU running slow after a month or so

    I repasted my Lenovo E480 for the first time earlier on this year using "Cooler Master Mastergel Pro V2 " paste. I could immediately see a huge speed increase, which was unbelievable. A couple of months later though, my PC started running slow again and I had to crack my laptop open again! When...
  28. _dawn_chorus_

    [SOLVED] CPU cooler Fan pressing against RAM heatsink and side panel. Ok?

    I just installed a Noctua NH-D15 cooler and it is pressing on my ram heatsinks when I put the side pane on. Does this matter? I did see a similar question on here and the solution suggested that the fan vibration would slowly damage the ram, but didn't explain why. Can anyone second that or is...
  29. R

    [SOLVED] Heatsink suggestion for lga 1155

    Hello all, I never follow any update about pc anymore, so i really need suggestion I have pc (build from 2011): i7 3770 3,4ghz (lga 1155) with stock cooler 1050ti (upgraded from 750ti) corsair 12gb ram (ddr 3 1600mhz) Motherboard: Gigabyte B75M-HD3 room ambience (idk) casing: 455x180x420mm...
  30. O

    [SOLVED] GPU only left fan was spinning, on 0% fan speed

    Yesterday I had to leave on a rush and right before I left, my computer was running and electricity went out. I thought it was gonna stay off but as I exited the house it came back instantly which caused the computer to boot up again (I didn't have enough time to shut it down so I just left)...
  31. F

    [SOLVED] AMD 2700X Stuck to Stock Heatsink

    Hi, A friend asked me to install an AIO for his 2700X as he's used the stock cooler for 2 years and wants something different, so I went to take the cooler off and the CPU came with it. I spent a good 15 minutes applying isopropyl alcohol around the CPU but nothing has changed. I tried to get...
  32. [SOLVED] CPU Heating and Thermal Throttling

    Hello everyone, Recently I have started to face a very strange behavior from my CPU. My Intel 4790K shows spikes in clock speed and CPU usage every few secs. I can see that most of the background process sits at 0% usage but still my usage changes from 3-6-12-14-19 and keeps repeating this...
  33. c0nr

    [SOLVED] 4pin CPU cooler won't work but 3pin does

    So I recently got a new mobo (Gigabyte Auros B450I wifi pro), heatsink (Noctua NH-L12S), fans and case but I ran into a problem of my Noctua A12x15 PWM fan that came with the heatsink will not spin past POST. I did some tweaking to fix: Reseat the connector Reset BIOS swapped fans used UEFI fan...
  34. [SOLVED] is it safe to use Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut Flüssigmetall-Wärmeleitpaste on hyper 212x?

    hi, my cpu cooler - hyper 212x , my cpu - i5 4670k, i want to use "Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut Flüssigmetall-Wärmeleitpaste " liquid metal thermal compund between my cpu and cpu cooler heatsink, is it safe? is there any aluminum in that portion of heatsink which directly contact cpu and where...
  35. ⠀⠀⠀

    [SOLVED] Heatsink Soldering

    I decimated a screw holding my laptop heatsink down and need to cut off a small steel joint between the heatsink and stripped screw to remove the heatsink. It is held down by 3 other similar screws. Would it be safe to leave the cut-off screw disconnected from the heatsink? If I tried to solder...
  36. B

    [SOLVED] Laptop keep overheating

    Hi, I have a laptop that has been functioning fine for aa long as i got it. However recently It has started to shutdown constantley when doing heavy tasks. I downloaded some software and noticed that CPU is hitting temperatures on avergae 90 - 100 celcius before shuting down. I gave it in to...
  37. L


    Hi People! I have gotten help here before many times by reading other questions. I cant seem to find any answer to my question though. So, i need a heatsink for my nvme ssd. It is getting very hot 80+ degrees. but my motherboard already has something underneath the ssd and i cant seem to...
  38. C

    [SOLVED] Passively Cooling RAM and VRMs on a modern graphics card?

    I'm finally in a position where I can build a desktop, and was lucky enough to snag a 3070. I want to liquid cool my build primarily for aesthetic/fun project reasons with a secondary focus on performance and noise reduction. Therefore I'm going to build a primarily Barrow and alphacool loop...
  39. R

    [SOLVED] How much weight can a motherboard support?

    Hi guys, im looking to change my old stock cooler and i was wondering how much weight can my motherboard take. I am currently looking at some coolers with net weight 440 grams. MB: AsRock hm61-vg3 (https://www.asrock.com/mb/Intel/H61M-VG3/index.asp ) CPU: i5-3350p (no overclocking) Case...
  40. V

    Question Question about Noctua's NH-U12A installation

    Hello everyone, I hope you're doing fine. I'm writing this post because I've noticed in many different videos and pictures that the Noctua NH-12UA heatsink was always installed having a specific direction in mind. What so happens is that I installed my cooler in the exact opposite way, compared...