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  1. O

    Question Cyclops on motherboard

    I found my first computer (Compaq Presario 425) in my parent's basement the other day and noticed this cool cyclops guy on the motherboard. Is this some kind of logo or some random circuit board graffiti? Sorry for the poor image quality, I was in a dark basement and the inside of the...
  2. S

    Question PC blackscreens when watching Netflix

    When I start watching Netflix or HBO, my pc randomly turns black for some seconds, then normal, and then black after some minutes. If I keep watching, these blackscreens occur more often, and it is really annoying. When watching YouTube, it is perfectly fine. These blackscreens started appearing...
  3. X

    Question Toshiba stuck at boot screen

    Hello, this is my problem; My laptop is stuck at the first screen "in touch with tomorrow Toshiba" and it doesn't come pass that. That is the screen where one would access BIOS or Boot menu, but when I click F2 or F8 it just says on the top bottom "Wait...". I have tried changing the RAM for...
  4. edgars.roga

    [SOLVED] Need help, replacing fans on a video card...

    So one of the fans started making wierd noise, i took apart the card to see if there was something rubbing or not inplace etc. Cleaned it, and it still made that noise, so it must be bearings on the fan going out. THE CARD: XLRE 1060 6gb, from PNY. I do know how to replace a gpu fan, have done...
  5. Z

    Question Upgrading the PSU on an old system, need help deciding on a model.

    I have this old rig that I want to upgrade, and I'm planning on getting an RX 570 4GB for it. I read in the requirements for the GPU that it needed a power supply with a minimum wattage of 450w. Now I've also read that the amperage on the 12V line matters most, so all that considered, what would...
  6. F

    Question Which NVME is better? WESTERN DIGITAL BLACK NVME 250GB VS Adata SX6000 Lite

    Just want to know which NVME is better between the Western digital black 250GB or ADATA SX6000 lite 256GB? Now this is mostly for Gaming and SOME video editing. My concern is like games like GTA 5 or Witcher 3 i want the maps/levels to load faster and of course have smoother and higher FPS...
  7. P

    Question i5 8400 really underperforming

    Hello, I have a serious problem. My i5 8400 is underperforming. I was having really low fps in games than I had before, so I reinstalled my Windows and benchmarked my PC. Results: View: https://imgur.com/m0gkHj0 It's even worse, I have no idea what's going on. I bought this CPU like a month...
  8. Kiwi86

    Question Call of duty Blackout 4

    Hi guys, I had 1070 asus strix and had around 70-100 fps and game was runing smoothly. I bought 2080 amp Zotiac and reinstalled entire pc. I have 75-145 fps on ultra settings but only on this game screen randomly freezes for 1 second like every minute or two. I got 32gb of ram 2800hz, cpu i7...
  9. S

    Question Graphics card turns on, no display.

    specs CPU:: I7 3770 3.40 GHz Motherboard: Aspire MC605 Ram: Normal 6GB SSD/HDD: 1 TB GPU (the one that I have the problem with) GTX 570 GPU (the old one) GT 620 PSU: INSIGNIA 525 watts (BRAND NEW) Chassis: Aspire TC OS: Windows 10 Memory Technology DDR3 SDRAM Problem: GPU turns on...
  10. C

    [SOLVED] Motherboard is OCing CPU

    MY CPU is being boosted and I don't know if it's really affecting it's life span, but I rather it be turned off it is. I don't know how to turn it off and the same goes for my gpu. The CPU is running at a constant 3.8GHz It's and i5 8400. Motherboard: MSI - MPG Z390 Gaming Plus Cpu: i5 8400...
  11. MarshTheBacca

    Question How can I Create a Shortcut to a Specific Page in the Control Panel?

    I find myself going into control panel to get to 'Allow an app or feature through Windows Defender Firewall' quite often, and I think it'd save me some time to just create a shortcut on my desktop that I can just double click to instantly get to that window. I've tried manually creating a...
  12. M

    Question Nvidia GTX 1060 Image Disorder

    Herkese merhaba. Kötü ingilizcem için özür dilerim Çevir'i kullanarak yazarım. I did not do any update (BIOS-Video Card-Windows10), but I could not solve the problem in a moment I could not find the source. I'm having trouble playing games and applications (Original) GTA 5 - Forza Horizon 4 -...
  13. JetSteam

    [SOLVED] Is the Corsair vx500w good ?

    so i found this psu by luck with only 25$ with a bit dust on it , so i clean it tested it and it worked perfectly with my gtx 960 and i wanna know if this Corsair Vx550w is a reliable psu Thanks
  14. thomas4204

    Question I3 vs amd phenom

    So i need some help. i built a gaming pc here da specs. Cooler master silencio 652. 8gb g skill ram dual channel gigabyte gtx 760 windforce amd phenom ii x4 and a asus mobo for am3 i got a free dell vostro 270 and it has a i3 3220 i think at 3.30 ghz Is the i3 better than amd phenom? if so...
  15. 9

    Question What GPU fits?

    Looking to see what gpus will fit my PC. I just bought Metro Exodus and I'm loving the game but every once in a while there is FPS drop and lag which takes away from the experience. Hoping to get a better graphics card to fix this problem with this and many other games. My exact PC ---...
  16. V

    Question dell optiplex 3010 tower

    Do you guys know what size the motherboard is on these pcs? its not the small form factor. Im assuming its an matx but im not sure. im getting one and getting a new case for it.
  17. Iqbalrafi

    Question Can i upgrade to gtx 1050ti

    Hey, my mobo is H61M-A My specs Gt 1030 4GB Ram I7-2700K I want to upgrade my graphic card it support or not?
  18. lemonlunch

    Question Ryzen 3 2200U Laptop + 16GB RAM + SSD

    Will it be worth it? I have this Acer oven toaster as my supposedly temporary laptop. I planned to buy a gaming laptop this year, but RTX came in and the Legion Y740 deal is hard to pass on. I have tight budget for now and would like to save up for that one. Hence, upgrading this potato was the...
  19. Y

    Question In game everything becomes laggy (except the game it self)

    I bought a new i9-9900k and since then whenever I am in game and use steam in game web browser or twitch, youtube or anything everything ON that browser is extremely laggy. (also laggy on my second monitor, and primary monitor) I fixed it by first using Vsync which fixed it for Anthem and steam...
  20. A

    Question Old psu for rx580 8gb

    I have an old great wall psu like this one http://img.danawa.com/prod_img/500000/139/609/img/1609139_1.jpg and i'm gonna get a rx 580 8gb , will it be enough or do i need to buy a new one note that it has only a 6 pin connector and if i'm gonna use it i'll get a converter i just don't want my...