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heaven benchmark

Forum discussion tagged with heaven benchmark.
  1. Mq39

    Question Heaven Benchmark Stops 1080 ti strix

    I recently got a second hand 1080ti strix gaming oc. Built a new system with the only used part being the said gpu, 600w TT 80+ gold ryzen 5 3600 16 gb 3200mhz 250ssd 2tb hdd I run heaven benchmark , the gpu starts running kinda hot after a minute or two , the fans start spinning as...
  2. J

    Question Worse Results after Overclocking GPU?

    hello, i have overclocked my AMD Radeon RX 590 GPU with MSI Afterburner. I have done the tests with Heaven Benchmark. The results were very interesting! When i was using the default Afterburner settings (or rather when not changing anything with Afterburner) i got much better results within...
  3. B

    Question Getting lower Haven benchmark scores and much higher stable memory overclocks on gpu.

    I recently built my first computer and decided to overclock it using MSI afterburner. after a couple of messing around, I was getting a stable overclock of +160 to the core clock and + 650 to the memory with a voltage increase of 23%. I was using heaven benchmark set to extreme at 1440p...
  4. D

    choose ryzen 5 1600x > intel 8600k > or wait for ryzen 2 ?

    I'm looking forward to build my second pc mainly just for gaming (csgo, pubg, and rpg games) but with increased prices on pc components should i choose : 1. ryzen 5 system which is cost about 1100$ 2. intel i5 8600k system which is cost roughly more or less 1500$ 3. or even wait for ryzen 2...
  5. O

    Motherboard for overclocking i5-4690K

    Hey, I'm going to buy an i5-4690K and going to OC it to around 4ghz or so along with a new cooler, hyper 212 EVO (also open to suggestions when it comes to cooling) and I'd need a new motherboard that would allow me to do this. As for price, I'm willing to pay max around 150€. Don't know if...
  6. rhym1n

    CompTIA A+ Practice Exams

    Hello, I have only found limited practice exams online for the CompTIA A+ Exams, and some of them are not current with the 801/802 exams. Does anyone know of a good site for free practice questions or exams that are accurate? Any help at all would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.