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Forum discussion tagged with Helios.
  1. M

    Question Do I Need A Good Power Supply For My Graphics Card?

    I bought an old prebuilt HP Compact 6300 SFF and I want to upgrade it. I want to put a graphics card in it but I'm not sure if my PSU will be able to power the graphics card. I have been planning to install a low profile Zotac GTX 1650 that doesn't need external power. I'm not sure what will...
  2. Lord_beerus

    Question power limit throttling

    hey guys, I've been getting power limit and thermal throttling at the same time even after undervolting and the CPU temperature is well above 90C all the time. I did repasting too, but it did not help at all.
  3. E

    Question Acer predato helios 300 - shutting down at low gpu temp

    Hello my name is Erik and I have a problem with my laptop. It is shutting down at very low temp around 65 what is from what I know very low temperature under high load. It is always at max 67degrees in games like Verdun, Wow, Sekiro etc. Dont know what to try next becase it doesnt seem to be...
  4. D

    [SOLVED] Undervolt lowered my frame rate.

    I recently bought an Acer predator Helios 300 2019 and decided to undervolt it. I knew it was already undervolted, but I wanted to improve the performance even more. So I undervolted it to -0.165 mv in XTU. But after rebooting, i noticed that the undervolt is gone every time I restarted. But...
  5. baniDJ

    Which gaming laptop for this price?

    So, I was thinking of buying a gaming laptop under 1500 USD, and I don't know which one to pick so I need a third opinion to help me. I came across a Refurbished Acer Triton 500, with i7 8750H and RTX 2060, 16 GB RAM for 1499$ and also a brand new Acer Helios 300 with i7 9750H with 1660 Ti for...
  6. D

    Regarding graphic card

    I want best graphic card for my pentium g630 2.70ghz please help me to choose best graphic card
  7. R

    Will it fit ^^

    Sup :) I have the BitFenix Nova case just new, but I was wondering if the graphics card 'MSI GTX 960 gaming 4GB GDDR5' will fit in the case. Thanks :D
  8. A

    need help for setting up a long range wireless network

    Hi I need help setting up a long range 100 mbps link wireless network for my resort which is 14 km away and has a hill in the middle of the resort and the town which I can get Internet from please help me to implement this network and give some ideas on the equipment which is best suitable for...
  9. J

    Windows 7 Crashes while overclocking when there is power cut even after having UPS

    Hey all, I have Intel Dual Core 2.66Ghz and 2GB RAM. Intel D945GCL MotherBoard. No graphic Card in PCI E slot. 500 Watt PSU Late these days i've been converting some of my lectures using Sony Vegas Pro 10. It was working fine; but since Yesterday when there was power cut and my UPS kept system...
  10. E

    AMD fx 6300 overheating at 4.0 GHz

    I have just purchased and installed a new CPU cooler today with the intentions of overclocking the cooler is a coolermaster hyper tx3 evo with 2 fans (one intake and one exhaust). I did try for a 4.3GHz overclock but the temps got to 70 celcius when using prime 95 within a few seconds so i...
  11. TechFreak2516

    Which One Is A Good Gaming LAPTOP

    The hp pavilion HP Pavilion G6-2249wm - A series 2.7 GHz - 750 GB HDD for gta iv and those graphic games,or Hp Probook 6455b Gaming Laptop / 320gb Hdd / Amd Phenom Ii Dual What is a good gaming laptop for under $300. These laptops are under $250. And i don't need to run gta iv on all high and...
  12. E

    Unoperational usb ports & monitor port

    Hello, what i did to fix my problem was: make sure all usb devices are connected properly before turning the desktop or laptop on. Consider looking at ur devices to check and see if they are all updated and working properly under device manager. In my case, i had no way in checking anything...
  13. M

    CPU temp

    I have an AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4000+. These are temp readings I just did with Everest Ultimate: Temperatures: Motherboard 46 °C (115 °F) CPU 25 °C (77 °F) CPU #1 / Core #1...
  14. ericeagle92

    Lack of Power?

    Can a lack of power when running demanding programs like games cause just that program to shut down? Whenever I run a demanding game like WIC or Empire Total War after a random amount of time it stops working and closes. But it takes less time when I have the setting higher. And it takes even...
  15. R

    Making a new CPU

    I have a budget of Rs.13000/- for CPU only i.e i want only processor, MOBO, HDD, RAM, DVD writer & 5.1 channel speakers. I already have 15" monitor, Keyboard & mouse. The MOBO should be with onboard Graphic Card and should be such that it can be upgraded with putting a graphic card in future...
  16. TekSeven

    Sandy Bridge With Z77?

    I want to buy the Gigabyte G1.Sniper 3 but i'm not sure if it's compatible with my Intel i5 2500K.
  17. B

    Phillips double cassette cd players

    please where will i get a double cassette player? thanks
  18. G

    steam and cs

    Archived from groups: alt.games.half-life.counterstrike (More info?) Gday All I own 2 legal legitamite copies of counter strike. When i install steam and try to update them it comes up with cd keys(with both cd keys) already registered on steam.I have tried all the help ideas from...