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  1. A

    [SOLVED] External Hard Drive (USB) broken what can I do?

    So earlier today my (external) hard drive wouldn't go into the USB port on my computer. I tried one last time (I was angry so i pushed with force) and pushed the USB into the port and now its dented.. ( View: pretty bad..). What can I do? Is there a specialist for...
  2. H

    Question PS4 FIFA 19 STUTERING

    Hello, I bought Fifa 19 about 2 weeks ago and I have serious problem. I´m having such a huge lags and the game isn´t that playable, as the ps4 pro promised. I tried to change some power settings, screen settings etc. Then I changed various monitors ant TV´s and the result is still the same. The...
  3. dommer_

    Question Getting Various BSOD's

    Hello People of Tom's, Since Saturday April 6th I have been getting blue screen of deaths including "system Service Exception", "Memory Management", "Critical Structure Corruption" and "Kernel Security Check Failure". These BSOD don't just happen when I turn my PC on but while I'm gaming. While...
  4. P

    Question PC crashes and automatically reboots randomly HELP!

    This has been going on for months now. Usually after I use my computer for a few hours, it crashes and automatically restarts itself, no windows restarting message, no nothing (sometimes distorting the current sound that's playing). At times there would random sudden sound distortion of what's...
  5. Z

    Question Blue screen when playing some games

    I’ve been getting blue screens everytime I play games like Rust, BF V , GTA V and stuff but when I play games like LoL and Rainbow six siege everything seems to work fine. I’ve tried using msi afterburner and lower the graphic settings in Rust and find that I am able to play longer but will...
  6. R

    Question My PC frooze and wouldn't turn off from holding down reset button any ideas?

    What do you guys think the problem is? Whole PC froze, mouse wouldnt move, couldn't bring up task manager, i then held down PC reset button and power didn't go off. This might be related that 1 of 2 monitors wasn't coming on but it had power and when i checked display settings on my other...
  7. S

    Question Brand New PC HELP!!!

    I just built a brand new pc yesterday and when I went to turn it on it would stay on for a few seconds then shut down and quickly turn back on again. I noticed the CPU error light was on after it turned back on. I have tried reseating my RAM / CPU / GPU / PSU / all SSD and HHD. Here are the...
  8. D

    Question Monitor for Adobe & YouTube

    Hey! I'm a novice, I am between eitehr the sony a6400 and the a7iii. I'm leaning a6400 for price. It shoots 1080 at 120p. Do I need a monitor that has a 120p refresh rate to take advantage of this? Does the monitor need to be 4k to edit 4k video? Any monitor suggestions? I'll be using adobe...
  9. R

    Question New PC Build no image.

    Hello guys I just joined the forums because today i finally got all the parts I needed for my very first PC build, I currently use a Mac but want a solid gaming PC. Unluckily I couldn't get it to post and went through some trouble shoot. System is: Ryzen 5 2600 Aorus B450 Pro Wifi 500w Gigabyte...
  10. J

    Question Black screen and no signal to keyboard and mouse when turning computer on

    So I tried turning on my computer a couple of days ago after it was working fine the day before but just got a no signal message and seemingly no power to my keyboard and mouse despite the lights and fans in my computer working and the monitor receiving power. I have tried using a different...
  11. C

    Question Can I get some guidance on how to connect RGB fans?

    Hey there, so I'm very confused on how the RGB fans work. I'm used to the regular 4 pin case fan. So I know there's two cables, 3pin for RGB and the 4 pin for powering the fans. This is where I'm confused: where do I plug both 3 pin and 4 pin on the board? My case does have RGB button to change...
  12. C

    Question I'm not sure if my cpu has a fan?

    I'm not sure if I have a fan on my cpu. Can the cooler be any type of cooler? Also not sure how to upload photos. This is my first time posting in any forum ever.
  13. UmairRiamu

    Question Mouse having Issues

    I have a Bloody A9A which worked the best for me but recently it is causing some issues. Whenever I try to connect it to any Laptop or PC the windows gives the USB POWER SURGE error basically telling me that my mouse needs more than the USB port can supply. I searched online and found out that I...
  14. Ghosthill64

    Question Gpu 570 8gb pc won't start

    Specs: Intel i7-2600 3.2ghz 10gb ddr3 ram Motherboard: foxconn h67m-v Gpu: gigabyte rx 570 8gb Problem: I just bought my new gpu first time plugged the pc starts no signal on screen for a long time but when I press from the power button to turn it off I only press it once and it instantly turns...
  15. M

    Question Hi I have a proven with the 2 GPU and an M.2 expansion card

    Ok long story short my motherboard is a meg godlike with a i9k in it and 2 GPUs in the first pcie slot is a 2080 and in the second is a M.2 expansion card and the 3 is a nother 2080 I have a 4 way installed in it but my 2 GPU is reg as a M.2 expansion card manger how do I fix/Cheng's it ps when...
  16. Awgummon

    Question Asus strix 1070 not working HELP!!

    My mate recently gave his asus strix 1070 to me and it’s not working. Ive plugged theb8 pin in and the white light turns on but I have no connection. Already tried uninstalling my old 1060 driver still nothing anyone know the issue?
  17. J

    Question Fallout 4 can't find hardware and defaults to Low settings. Help Needed

    CPU: Ryzen 2200G GPU: GTX 1660 TI Ram: 8GB (4x2 2666) Essentially I am unable to choose my settings for resolution and to have the game in full screen due to the game being unable to identify my hardware and defaulting to Low settings and not having a 1080p res option or full screen. I have...
  18. W

    Question New PC Build Not Displaying Video

    Just bought new PC parts for a gaming build. I put it all together, and I turned it on but I'm getting no display. There are no postcode beeps. I have lights on my MoBo, lights on my RAM, my water cooler fans are spinning, my case lights are on. My graphics card however does not have lights or...
  19. S

    Question Computer only boots bios

    Hello. I have been having trouble with my computer all day I just wanted to clean it out but that was a mistake I guess anyways after cleaning it I could not boot it at all it would just keep turning on and off I think its because I didn't have the ram/gpu in correctly So I worked for an...
  20. E

    Question Amd Cpu capping for no reason

    I have a A10-7800 APU, gt 1030 2gb, 16gb ddr3. Couple months ago my cpu started to cap at 2.98 ghz and under for no reason. I renewed the thermal paste and nothing changed. I have the power setting on ultimate performance. When I put stress on the cpu like playing fortnite etc, it starts to...