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  1. swaite22

    Question Why is my graphics card starting fast and then slow during startup?

    View: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bzy87lLn1UK/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link theres a video of it. Please help. It also has a gray screen and is continuing to do it.
  2. MasonCowan19

    Question Is my computer running how it is supposed too? If not then what is wrong with it?

    I feel like my computer should be running games much better but am constantly having fps dips, I can't even run minecraft with my setup without horrible stuttering Specs: Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-7100 CPU @ 3.90GHz, 3900 Mhz, 2 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s) GPU; GTX 1070 8gb DDR4...
  3. I

    Question PCI-E Cable Doesn't Fit GPU

    I've been gaming with my 2400g inegrated graphics for a few months, I recently bought the https://pcpartpicker.com/product/xH448d/msi-radeon-rx-580-8gb-armor-mk2-oc-video-card-rx-580-armor-mk2-8g-oc and when I go to put my pci-e cable into it, it just outright wont fit. I tried for about half...
  4. C

    Question Is 16gb(8*2) 2400mhz enough?

    Hi guys! So I'm willing to build a pc which can run games at 1080p smoothly. My components: Motherboard:- MSI B360M bazooka CPU:- i5 9400f GPU:- MSI 570 Armor 8gb OC so with the above components is 2*8gb of 2400mhz enough? or should I go for 2666 or above?
  5. ocayitscailyn

    Question Help me find a really old game!

    So I made my account just for this. There’s this game I played when I was younger and I had a blast. I played it on the iPhone 4. The main character’s name is Duncan and it was a Pixelated Game. Duncan was a knight but he could also use magic. You spawn in a castle and I think your first quest...
  6. T

    Question GTX 1050TI hitting high temps

    So, while I was monitoring my FPS in the game Borderlands 2 I saw some high temps, about 63°C, but that was worse in skyrim and Fallout 4 with 75°C. Highest ive seen was about 78°C and not more than that, Idle tems are 45°. It's summer and where I live the tempratures are like 32°C so how much...
  7. M

    Question Framerate stuttering

    So I'm fairly new to PC gaming so I'm not to sure what to do about this and sorry if this is a bit unclear or missing any info. Basically I am getting crappy framerate in most games I try and play, nvidia experience tries to recomend the best settings which are usually low and I will generally...
  8. K

    Question GPU Clock Speed Issue

    When I play a game ,for example Fortnite, I get from 1354mhz to 1700mhz but sometimes under heavy load it drops down to 139mhz and that causes freezing. MSI Afterburner shows GPU1 lost every 3 seconds while I am using only desktop, in games it doesn't say that my GPU1 is lost. I have tried...
  9. G

    Question System started lagging out of nowhere.

    My pc recently started lagging and gives the code 00 - 99 on my MSI Z170a Gaming M5 Motherboard. Which checks the temperature of the CPU after a boot, but this code comes up when I put some load on the system like starting a game. When you have the code 99 there should be a faulty motherboard...
  10. A

    Question I want to upgrade my RAM from 16GB to 32GB but I'm not sure I can, please help.

    Hello, I have a very simple question. I have 16GB RAM, 2 modules. My exact RAM specs are : 2 x HyperX Fury 8GB DDR4-2666MHz (HX426C15FB/8). So I have a very simple question, do I have to buy exactly the same RAM or I can upgrade to something similar? I'm asking because I cannot find the exact...
  11. B

    Question What Hardware in My PC is Outdated?

    I honestly think that the problem is my graphics card because I'm not able to run Fortnite well on my computer, especially with good graphics. Someone please help me figure this out! MY PC'S SPECS: Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3930K CPU @ 3.20GHz 3.60 GHz Installed RAM: 32.0 GB System type...
  12. Rayhan Jerome

    Question Should i apply pressure on cpu cooler? (AIGO DARKFLASH SHADOW)

    okay so this is my first pc build, and i was installing cpu. it went okay until i put on the cpu cooler. Its AIGO DARKFLASH SHADOW CPU Cooler. i tried to mount it but it seems it wont mounted well, i had to apply pressure (it was firm) to mount it. the screw wasn't all the way down because i...
  13. P

    Question i9-9900K & Gskill TridentZ RGB 4266 (F4-4266C17Q-32GTZR)

    Hello! First of all, thanks for the time you took to read this message. My name is Peter, I live in Kazakhstan, Almaty (probably you've heard the Borat stuff by Sasha Baron Cohen lol ) I'm kinda new to PC building & was saving money for over a year to build my ultimate gaming rig lol... BUT...
  14. Z

    [SOLVED] Windows randomly created an account i cant delete - HELP

    i was updating my software security and it asked me to restart my computer. after restarting it booted into bios then later continued to windows. i was suddenly confronted with a message saying "the username or password was incorrect. Try again". this was strange for me because i had disabled my...
  15. U

    Question My phone is stuck on fastboot screen with no OS and no bootloader, then how can I install a new OS into my phone?

    I wiped out my OS and somehow I also deleted my bootloader so now I don't know how can I install an OS into my device. It is just stuck in Fastboot screen with no change after pressing hardware buttons.
  16. M

    Question Vive Controller Connected But Stuck On Searching.

    This controller never gave me any issues before. I used it yesterday and it was working fine. Woke up today feeling like playing Pavlov and my controller refuses to work. Controller glows green and SteamVR flashes one of my controllers green. I'd be damned if I have to pay $105 to repair a...
  17. RonBs

    Question i7 8750H + 1050Ti + 16ram 2600mhz

    Every game I played I had nice frames, but when I play minecraft my fps is under 50 fps, on fortnite high settings im getting better frames. I did every thing on nvidia contorl panel, the game runs on my GPU and I gave to the game 8 Ram. Even, when I set my pc to best performance (my CPU gets to...
  18. Question Problems Running Grand Theft Auto V

    I Have A HP Pavilion Laptop With a 940MX , i7-7500u and 4GB DDR4 RAM And I have problems running Grand Theft Auto v . Content creators on Youtube has made videos of them playing GTA V with the same rig i have and they have 30+ fps with ultra settings . I have all my settings are set at the...
  19. A

    Question It will support or not

    So I have 1050ti and wanted to know if it is compatible with motherboard- A88gmv And yes CPU - athlon ii x2 and 270 I know it will bottleneck but wanted to know if 1050 or 1050ti will work with motherboard And yes my PSU is 500 watt Enter e500r Which does not have any 6-pin PCI-E power connectors.
  20. Thatoneguy2500

    Question Gpu not running as strong before driver update

    Hi I’m looking for some help. I have recently gotten a pc with the specs I7-6700k EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 sc 16gb ram As rock Z170m pro4s I was playing Farcry New Dawn and it ran at around 60fps on 3840x2160 and after my play sesh I decided to check for a driver update for my gpu which there was...