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  1. BPTeam

    Question My internet kicks me off every 3 minutes when online gaming ?

    Hello, as the title says I need someone's help with my unusual case. When I am trying to play any online video game everything seems ok, but then suddenly after maybe 2/3 minutes I am getting kicked off because of "No internet connection.". At least this is what most of them say. It all...
  2. khouloud

    Question Is this laptop good

    Good Morning, iv been using my dad's Laptop which he had for years ,i recently got into digital painting and 3D sclupting been saving for abit to buy a new laptop but idk what to pick (my budget is 800$) Can u recommend me a good laptop on this price range? EDIT...
  3. Futsak

    Question 5900X poor performance low time spy scores

    9 5900x 3060ti lhr 2x8gb 3200 aorus b550 elite v2 750Wv2 corsair I wanted to play some cs so i booted it up and got around 180-200 fps on low settings, it was extremly bad so i installed a fresh windows and updated my bios, i installed chipset drivers and it didnt change anything except for...
  4. ejvoin

    Question Will my PSU fry my components?

    So i’ve order new motherboard, cpu and ram for my PC. After my last motherboard stopped working. I have a Corsair VX550W psu and my question is that i don’t know if my last motherboard fried because it shows signal of power intake but wont turn on, i’m concerned that my new motherboard and...
  5. ejvoin

    Question Motherboard wont turn on but gets power

    I’ve built a pc like 2 weeks ago, bought a new cooler and everything worked. Put it away for a week and now it doesnt turn on, the motherboard shows that it gets power but i can’t turn it on. I have tried jumping the mb with a screwdriver, and the cable for the front panel power switch doesnt...
  6. Greatwallxx

    Question Please help -- I want to upgrade but don't know how ?

    Hello Everyone, I recently bought a computer off my friend. He got a new pc so he sold me his old one since i didnt have one. I have a NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN X and a I7-8700k 3.70GHz on a Z390 Designare motherboard. I want to upgrade this pc since it is an older system but am unsure what...
  7. M

    Question Computer lag whilst loading games

    Hello! For some weird reason my computer will perform really slow whilst loading games, the mouse seems to skip around the screen and if I have a video playing on youtube for example on my other monitor the FPS of the video drops, if I click on the window where the video is playing it returns...
  8. P

    Question NVME with windows isn't visible unless 2nd NVME is present in the PC

    Basically, as the title says, my main NVME, Samsung 980 pro 2TB which has my windows on it, doesn't boot windows up unless my 2nd NVME, Samsung 970 plus 1TB is also in and working because it thinks the windows is on the 970. Whenever I take 1 of them out or put a new NVME in it just can't boot...
  9. Spdah

    Question What is the best GTX 1650 without 6 or 8 pin

    What version of GTX 1650 without 6 or 8 pin is the best
  10. S

    Question My pc is Bottlenecked. PLS HELP!

    My pc is bottlenecked and i can't figure out why. Here is my userbenchmark. https://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/57486824 In games like LOL, DOTA 2 and Fortnite i can not get more than 56fps. I have PSU LC power 600h-12 v2.31 Windows 11 BIOS Version/Date American Megatrends...
  11. Pyri

    Question PCI slots are read,device manager says GPU is there but monitors have no signal.

    Hey all just built https://pcpartpicker.com/list/n4KT78 Speccy reads my GPU, Device manager reads my gpu. Everything boots up fine but monitors read nothing. All hdmi ports on monitors and all DP and hmdi on GPU. Reads integrated just fine. Changed refresh rate on monitors too just in case, but...
  12. nibbajaja

    Question GTX 980 G1 Thermalpads

    Hello. I want to refresh my card and i dont know which thickness of pads to use. Anyone knows?
  13. brencicmiodrag82

    Question Audio drivers

    Hello guys I want to ask if I am able to download SRS Premium Sound HP drivers on my new pc. I got used to it, really liked equalizer and deep bass edit. My new pc has ASUS motherboard and I tried SRS for ASUS but it is a little bit different application and doesn't have all functions neither...
  14. U

    Question Did I just fry my mobo and cpu after activating XMP?

    Hey everyone, this is my first time posting (and english isn't my first language) so bear with me. So, this was my config: -i7 7700 -Gigabyte GA-H110-H -Gigabyte GTX 1060 6Gb -Corsair Vengeance Lpx 2x8Gb 2400MHz -400w CoolerMaster PSU I had bought all these parts all the way back in March 2017...
  15. spacesaturnus

    [SOLVED] My storage got reset when everytime i turn on my PC

    okay hi! :) i need help. so my pc always reset new storage that i installed on my pc. curently my pc have 2 storage 256gb ssd nvme (main drive for windows) 2TB HDD SATA so when i installed new storage. the new storage maybe 1 -2 days working fine, but after that when i turn it off my pc and...
  16. A

    Question Tried to oc scan but problems happened

    So I tried to overclock my new nvidia gigabyte 3060 rtx on afterburner oc. I heard it was going to take a while so I was afk on my bed while the scan was going on. About 20 mins my monitor turned off so I thought it went to sleep mode. Upon further inspection, I noticed that the monitor wasn’t...
  17. W

    Question Strange decrease in monitor refresh rate ?

    Could anybody help me out with this? I was playing at 1920x1080@144Hz for the last 2 months and 2 days ago something happened that made it max out at 1920x1080@120Hz. My CPU is an i5-11400H with a UHD 630 iGPU. The iGPU set a limit at exactly 297MHz output and currently maxes out at 131Hz when...
  18. R

    Question Hi i have a huge problem!

    Hello! I dont know from where to start...... I noticed that with every single day my games are getting more laggy, even doe i have so much fps. I had gtx 1070 with r5 3600, 16gb ram 3200mhz. Games like Fortnite and more dynamic games at all, were laggy. Even league of legends was laggy ( when...
  19. Z

    Question How do i turn the rgb fans on for my pc model?

    I have a cyberpower pc and i have no idea how i can turn on the ;ed fan lights, can someone help me with this? I already tried pressing a button on the case that look slike a restart button but it doesn't do anything. Heres the link to my product...
  20. Z

    Question Circuit break when using pc

    So I got a new cyberpowerpc PC with Intel Core i7-12700KF/1TB SSD/16GB RAM/RTX 3070/Windows 11. The issue is that my PC made my circuit break twice, and I'm concerned about my psu. my PC was running a vr game for like an hour, but after a bit I started a different vr game and that's when the...
  21. muratt1989_

    Question This is My Second Built and I Feel Exhausted!

    Hey, Ive built my first PC with your help s during the pandemic. Ive started the build my second PC as my muti-functional office PC and Im in trouble and huge stress. Its been a month since Ive been trying to build this PC on and off and nothing seems to be working. Like I dont know what am I...
  22. R

    Question Health Status: Caution --- Will this HDD cause any problems ?

    Can this cause any problems with bad fps or game stutters or something at all?
  23. Lemmy37

    Question Why is my pc crashing after exiting a game?

    Ive been having an issue this past week where after exiting a game, my pc will generally crash if had the game open for over an hour. As soon as i exit to my desk top it seems to crash. When i check back in event manager it just says there was a kernal error which was non specific and wouldnt...
  24. R

    Question I have a problem with stutering display

    Ok so i have a 1070 from 3/4 years and i had no problems till i noticed lags and its like stuttering when i have 180fps lock and its not moving from it literally and i still have lag its like im on 30 fps idk why someone help i bought a brand new hdmi cabel cuz i thought that can be the problem...
  25. Wurden

    Question Schermo nero NO SIGNAL/

    Ciao ragazzi, sto riscontrando da poco un problema con il mio pc, dopo pochi minuti di gioco in full screen gli schermi diventano neri e appare scritto "No signal". Come posso risolvere? Grazie mille. Hi guys, I am recently having a problem with my pc, after a few minutes of playing in full...
  26. BunchOBurst

    Question Why isn't my my mic working?

    I have used my headphones for almost 2 months now on my laptop. When I switched to my PC, my mic doesn't even work anymore (only my laptop works). I have tried to reinstall Realtek HD Audio Manager. But in sound It just have a checkmark there, but it doesn't work.
  27. M

    Question Task manager weird readings of RAM

    My pc has 6gb of DDR3 ram, but suddently when i was watching twitch, it restarted on its own. I went to check what was wrong, and in the left corner of task manager only 2gb's of ram were displayed. I thought it was some software mistake so i turned off pc and switched ram sticks (i have 2 ram...
  28. huy756006

    [SOLVED] Can it run my system?

    I Have 450w psu (acbel) and it doesn't have 80 plus.i calculated its power to be around 335w.Can it run my system? Gig h61 ds2 rev4.0 8gb ddr3 single channel Msi Gtx 960 128gb ssd 500gb hdd I5 3570 Help :D
  29. H

    [SOLVED] gpu upgrade guid

    Hi guys, I plan to upgrade my Gpu, I am not a rich guy I can upgrade my pc once in 5 years, current rig: cpu: i9 9900k ram: 32 gb 3200mhz cl16 gpu: gtx 1080 ti FE mainboard: msi z390 tomahawk psu: 7 years old 1200 watt psu has (3 8-pin connectors) if I want to upgrade now I will go with...
  30. jerielzzz

    Question When fps set above 60, Ping goes crazy. Help!

    I've been having this issue for months now and idk what to do in order to fix it. When I cap my fps to 60 in let's say Valorant, I get 29 - 60 ping. When I start capping it to 120 or turning off the fps limitation, ping starts to go wild, a lot of teleporting back and forth, unstable ping...
  31. Geekonthestreet

    Question Integrated gpu

    Hi my primary display is set on IGD in bios but my Intel gpu doesnt work i have dedicated gpu in but cant Enter bios Beacuse its booting on broken intel hd graphics can i change primary gpu somehow?
  32. Camden.H

    [SOLVED] the low gpu usage that no one has been able to solve for a year... can you?

    [Moderator edit to break up one solid paragraph of text without sentences and other punctuation.] Ok idk if this is how i ask people on here for help but hopefully it is but on I have been getting low fps and gpu usage is around 30% at all times EXEPT when im running any benchmarks if i run a...
  33. H

    Question Fifa 22 (Steam) on PC is using 99% CPU ?

    I get 99% CPU usage while playing fifa 22 only and my temps are high too. My pc really gets hot after 1 game (6 mins length game). I dont know what's wrong but i get 99% cpu usage and my temps high only while playing fifa 22 only other games like warzone and other triple A titles my pc handles...
  34. C

    Question Warzone Crashing HELP

    Hello all, Recently I upgraded my CPU from a Ryzen 7 5800x to a Ryzen 9 5950x, On the same day I also upgraded my ram from 3200mhz up to 3600mhz. I loaded into warzone as normal ran a few games without issue. Later in the night I was getting "Fatal error" every single game roughly half or...
  35. huy756006

    [SOLVED] Help Me Pls

    My computer got an annoying error: Svchost - Entry Point Not Found and it says The procedure entry point clReleasesDevice could not be located in the dynamic link library C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe I am using windows 10 version 21h2 and I tried deleting and reinstalling Microsoft C++ 2015...
  36. R

    Question Help with ram

    Hi, I bought 8gbx2 ram, for the first two months everything was fine and showed 1600mhz but after somewhere 2-3 months left only 665mhz. During the BIOS I tried to watch does not allow anything to be adjusted. Why did this happen? How is it possible to fix this? Motherboard Intel Corporation...
  37. M

    [SOLVED] Fan placement help

    Hello THW community, I just newly installed an rtx 2060, and was getting concerned with it being a bit toasty (rises to 60c idle) As of right now, my computer only uses two system fans, on on rear and one on top, none in front (case is nzxt h210) I was wondering if both fans should be exhaust...
  38. T

    [SOLVED] PC restarts during GPU stress test ?

    Hey guys ! So my specs are: Motherboard: Asus, Asus PRIME B550M-A (WI-FI) CPU: AMD AM4 Ryzen 7 3700X Wraith Prism Ram: Patriot DIMM 64 GB DDR4-3600 Kit GPU: Inno3D, INNO3D GeForce RTX 3070 iChill X3 8GB GDDR6 256-bit 3xDP+HDMI PSU: Master Cooler V750 3 x air cooler be quiet! So my...
  39. ealxele

    [SOLVED] MSI GeForce RTX 3070 Ti 8 GB GAMING X TRIO Video Card Fan Not On

    Hey guys, Finished my PC build for about a couple of months now...but noticed the fans on the bottom of the GPU (all) are not turned on spinning. I never realized because the GPU was lit up so I assumed it was working lol. Looking for some advice on how to troubleshoot and figure out what's...
  40. Hylex

    [SOLVED] Does my motherboard support Colorful Geforce GTX 1650 NB 4GD6-V ?

    I was wondering if the Gigabyte 970-DS3P supports Colorful Geforce GTX 1650 NB 4GD6-V because I'm considering upgrading my existing GPU ? Spec CPU:AMD FX(tm)-8350 Eight-Core Processor 4.00 GHz GPU:GT 710 RAM: DDR3 8GB Power supply: 500w but i couldn't see what brand Windows 64bit