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  1. ardearde

    Question No boot from waking up and turning on (read)

    My pc doesn't boot when I open it and when I'm walking It up from sleep, also I'm experiencing occasional lag/freeze. I do find the solution by unplugging and plugging my 6 pin power from my GPU while freezing, I need to restart my pc to work on it again. Any tips and recommendations on how...
  2. N

    [SOLVED] My question is if single core is enough for games like fivem

    I had two 8gb ram sticks my motherboard ram slot isn’t working so now I can only use one I can’t play games like fivem anymore I’m trying to figure out if buying a single 16gb ram stick for now would work until I can make a new build im fine with some performance loss I’m just wondering game...
  3. Z

    Question Are these parts compatible together? if not what is the best mix ?

    hello, I'm new here and i'm total noob, worse than a noob to be honest. I'm trying to build my first pure gaming PC. Here are the components I have selected, please feel free to provide me with your opinion and what parts would fit better together, also could you please suggest for me a good...