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  1. Z

    Question Two case fans not working ?

    So I have one back exhaust fan and one intake at front, both came with the case I had, both not working. The 2 fans already connected with my case when it came (airflow 5000d) as shown in the picture labelled fan cable. The picture shows the chip having the right pin connected to > SATA cable >...
  2. Z

    Question Which direction should I plug in argb headings?

    Should I do left or right pic? The cable has 3 pins [.. .]
  3. Z

    Question Some cables came with black ink?

    Got a rmx 1000 . PSU came with a slight Chem smell up close, which Idk what to think, but Should I be worried ? Top left of cpu cable has some marker or ink, and the other pic..
  4. Z

    Question Should I add exhaust fan at the top like shown in pic?

    So I have 5 intake at the front, which I think is technically just 3.. btw, the fans that are attached to radiator, the 2 fans infront of radiator, and the top exhaust fan came with my prebuilt pc, as well as the motherboard. I'm essentially moving my parts to this new case, airflow 5000d, so I...
  5. Z

    Question best 4080 brand?

    looking to get 4080, what do you guys think the best brand for 4080 is? preferably one under $1700/1800 CAD, that's best in performance and cooling, and then maybe sound and energy efficiency
  6. Z

    Question tower pc case suggestions if i have 120 mm fans, 240mm radiator, and If i want 40cm GPU clearance for at least a 4080, and enough clrnce for RM1000x

    (i currently own a prebuilt, with some upgraded parts..., but i want to switch cases to fit a 4080 since my current case won't fit. my current case fits 3070) does anyone have any tower pc case suggestions with filters, if i have already have 2 front intake 120 mm fans (about 2.5 cm thick) with...
  7. Z

    Question what pc case should i buy if my mother board is Asus prime z690-p wifi ddr4 atx wi-fi 6 2.5gbe lan 4 pcie x16 1pcie x1 3x m.2 sata/pcie lga1700 cec ?

    what pc case should i buy if my mother board is Asus prime z690-p wifi ddr4 atx wi-fi 6 2.5gbe lan 4 pcie x16 1pcie x1 3x m.2 sata/pcie lga1700 cec ? i would prefer PC cases that have filters for the psu, front panel, and/or top. I just don't know much about tower sizes for PC cases and all that...
  8. Z

    Question will my GPU be bottlenecked?

    Heres my pc specs from my prebuilt : (parts that are full caps are from the prebuilt) CPU: OEM INTEL CORE PROCESSOR I7-12700KF 8P/16 + 4E 3.60GHZ 25MB CACHE [W/O GRAPHIC] 125W LGA1700 CPU cooler: CYBERPOWERPC DEEPCOOL CASTLE 240EX ARGB AIO LIQUID CPU COOLER W/ ANTI-LEAK TECHNOLOGY and DEEPCOOL...
  9. Z

    Question Removing Glass from front panel

    pictures of front panel I was wondering how I could possibly remove the glass from this front panel of my prebuilt PC. Im planning to add a mesh filter in place of the glass for better airflow. the specs in full caps came with the prebuilt, these r all the info I was provided with when I...
  10. R

    Discussion Dual Boot with Windows 11 Home and Windows 11 Pro on two separate internal SSDs!

    Hello everyone! I am trying to set up dual boot with Windows 11 Home and Windows 11 Pro on two separate internal SSDs! I want one SSD for work purposes (windows 11 pro) and I want the other SSD for home use and gaming (Windows 11 home). Currently my laptop is already pre installed with a...
  11. ismaodst

    Question PC not booting and stuck on POST after clean up

    So today I gave maintenance to my pc for tye first time, just changed the thermal paste on the cpu and some dusting on the components. I have a MSI B550M Pro-VDH wi-fi A Ryzen 5600G 2 DDR4 corsair Vengance 3600mhz 8gb 1 SSD XPG gamming s11pro A corsair cx550 psu An Nvidia rtx 2060 I was...
  12. Iamcb

    Question Hey guys, my moniter just died. I want to fix it. Service center won't help

    my moniter just died. I want to fix it. Service center won't help. I have a AUSU, MODEL VZ229H moniter. As usual I started moniter in the morning and it won't turn on, I tried everything. I even opened it but I don't know so much about the ic and transistor so I just check the wires and all the...
  13. radityo_kc

    Question 4070 Ti and Ryzen 7 5800x performing lower than expected

    So my pc spec is as followed : GPU : PNY Verto 4070 Ti CPU : Ryzen 7 5800x MOTHERBOARD : MSI B550M PRO PSU : 750W GOLD 80+ MONTECH RAM : KLEVV 3200MHZ 8 X 2 16GB with a 256 gig ssd and 1tb hdd CPU COOLER : DeepCool AK500 So my performance when playing rdr2 is considerably low only hitting 100...
  14. M

    Build Advice My PC is beeping while I'm using it ?

    System specs i3 6098p Intel stock cooler 8gb ram adata 2133mhz Asus h110 motherboard No gpu 500 gb hdd ITS MY FIRST PC My pc is beeping as I use it. And I have checked the American express site also about beep codes and I think that my processor has some issues. It's a used product and the...
  15. Jufff

    Question Graphics card r7 240 changes to radeon 3000 graphics in manager after a crash

    I have a r7 240 gpu,everything was fine until yesterday,I tried playing some games like I usually do,but the computer went blank,with a sound in the headphones like it was a bsod i couldn't see,the pc restarts,the keyboard lights up,the screen won't,the pc starts like normal. In device manager(I...
  16. M

    Question Help with 5800x Ryzen Master

    Hello all, I just started my career in game programming and we have to use pretty heavy stuff like the Unreal Engine where we have to compile the source quite a lot. This took a very long time (sometimes upto 5/6 hours) with my Ryzen 7 2700x CPU and so I've just upgraded my PC with a Ryzen 7...
  17. J

    [SOLVED] HARDWARE UPGRADE MADE THINGS WORSE? I literally bought a brand new GPU, a new 144hz monitor and my games run WORSE than prior to the upgrade. What?

    So here goes my ignorant self asking for help with this problem that makes no logical sense whatsoever.. I was playing Apex Legends (lowest settings) and League of Legends (max settings w/o shadows) on 60+ fps, all the time, no frame drops even when a lot of effects are in place, never had a...
  18. Jellyous3

    Question How do I fix an issue around my hard drive (st2000dm008) being unable to download anything over 5 gb

    So I've gotten this pre-built pc around a year and a half ago, and suddenly I need to download something but my ssd has ran out of space, and remembered I had a 2 TB hard drive I haven't used yet. When I downloaded a few images it was okay but once I started downloading things that were bigger...
  19. TheShadBoi

    [SOLVED] Which Processor Works Best For This Build?

    Hello Everyone! I need your guy's help with a new PC I would like to build. Here are the links: I would like to upgrade from my old PC and I would like this new PC to last many generations (like GPUs and CPUs) and...
  20. N

    [SOLVED] weird change in cpu tems

    So I added some fans to my case and now my cpu has higher temps. Before that, I had 50-60 ºC in-game on my i5-9400F with stock (with games like Valorant and CSGO), but now i have 60-73 ºC. Also, i change from only 1 exhaust fan to 3 exhaust (2 on the top and 1 on the back) and 3 that throw air...
  21. Vasil9922

    [SOLVED] PC Upgrading question

    My Computer Specifications are : Motherboard - GeForce6100PM-M2 RAM - 4 GB DDR2 Processor - AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4600+(2 CPUs) ~2.4GHz Graphics - Geforce 9500 GT Hello, my pc is from 2008, and since I cant afford a new pc right now what exactly should I prioritize to...
  22. V

    Question Pc doesn't post until reset

    Built my first pc and having issues with post. Whenever the pc has been offline for a while the pc won't post nor i get any sound that indicates what the issue is, until i manually press reset on the case and it posts and boots without issue. Everything on the build is new but the psu ( was...
  23. C

    [SOLVED] What's better? SSD+HDD or SSD?

    Okay, so I am looking to get more storage space, my budget isn't overly great right at the moment so I'm wondering what's better? A 500gb WD Black Gaming M.2 SSD + a 4TB Seagate Barracuda Or A 1TB WD Black Gaming M.2 SSD I'm mainly planning to play games, I mainly play MMOs, open world RPGs...
  24. J

    [SOLVED] Overclocking my ram

    i am looking to overclock my pny anarchy ddr4 2133 MHz ram. i currently have XMP which is OCing it to 2400 MHz. can i boost that any more or is that maxed out? newby looking for some help thanks all. Specs z170 Progaming i7 6700k 4.8 ghz 1.4hz 4x8 pny anarchy 2400mhz 1.2hz geforce gtx 2080ti
  25. MarioDeppner

    [SOLVED] Can you tell me what they have and what can make the games work properly?

    Hi, I recently downloaded two games, they work well, but sometimes, after a few minutes, they work hard, after that they work well again and so on. The games are: Youtubers life and Kingdoms and Castles Warfare The components of my computer are: Processor: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU E3300 @ 2...
  26. Garen D

    [SOLVED] Geforce GT 710 in an A78M-E35 V2? PCIE x16

    Hey all, I'm new with the whole computer scene and have a series of questions. Will the GT 710 work in the A78M? What I mean is, it says that the GT 710 ( ) has "PCI Express 2.0 x16 (uses x8)" type interface(?) What does that...