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    [SOLVED] Please help i need to find a budget MoBo that can be compatible with i3 3220 and rx 560

    so basically I am on a budget and I need to get a motherboard that can support my new rx 560 4gb oc and the i3 3220... I realy need help and i need it fast, please help me find it....
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    Question Resetting and bsod problems

    I put my PC to sleep and when ever I tur it back on the screen is black then it restarts and a blue screen pops up then I restart it and sometimes more bsod and sometimes I can use it again so I tried resetting with keep my files and I left and after I came back it said resetting did not work...
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    Blue Screen of Death

    Hi, I have been receiving BSOD's for a while and I would like to get it fixed. The BSOD's usually occur when I watch YouTube videos on Chrome or play Skyrim but half the time happen randomly. It can take up to two hours of starting my computer. Here are the few latest minidumps...