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  1. N1njaDestr0yer

    Question PC Confusion

    As mentioned in the title, I am confused as to figure out which parts I want to use.... Originally I was thinking of going with a 13700k and a RTX 3090 (maybe 3090 Ti EVGA) but now I changed my mind and wanted a RTX 4090 but I don't want to pay +$2,000 for a 4090.... The RTX 3090 seemed to be...
  2. Josevmaa

    Question just installed my new rx 6700xt, and i have been having problems like pc rebooting

    My PC keeps rebooting whenever I do a heavy task. I just installed my new graphics card. I also know I have enough wattage on the PSU. Why does it do this? can yall help me?? CPU:Ryzen 5 5600g CPU COOLER: AURAFLOW X ID COOLING LIQUID COOLER 240MM MOTHERBOARD: B550M PRO-VDH WIFI BIOS AGE: 8...
  3. Gerardo Ramos

    Question PC case

    https://ibb.co/6bv0yDs i need help finding out what pc case this is ! please help
  4. Audacious_Sniper

    Question Camera micro stutters (appears like frame delay) when moving mouse/controller ?

    I have been experiencing with my gaming PC. Stuttering is present in games such as DEATHLOOP (the game feels stuttery and delayed when the camera is moved around, perhaps due to the slight framerate issues when camera moves?) as well as Control Ultimate Edition. Most notably though, the issue...
  5. Hohokoko

    Build Advice I want to upgrade my CPU or PC, and planning to buy new Video Card, can someone help me with the build ?

    I plan to buy a new video card. Here are the specifications of my current PC: OS Name Microsoft Windows 10 Pro Version 10.0.19042 Build 19042 Other OS Description Not Available OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation System Name DESKTOP-IFIKNQ5 System Manufacturer Gigabyte...
  6. Iploe

    Question I used AMD program to overclock my ram, now dram LED is on & won’t go off. can this be undone ?

    Around 2 days ago, I was looking through an amd program called amd master and I turned up the speed of my cpu in it with to apply it restarted my pc after that I got no boot screen after the restart and the dram light was on. (Idk why the dram light would be on) I tried resetting bios using the...
  7. bisect

    Question low fps on rust with above average computer

    Hello, my gpu is a 2060 super and cpu is a ryzen 7 3700x and im writing today because of what i think is an issue, im getting 40 fps most on all the lowest settings while playing rust im not sure whats going on if its an issue on my end somehow or if this games optimization is horrible, please...
  8. 999Fanatic

    Build Advice Please review my gaming PC which I plan to build in a few months :))

    I am totally new to PC building and I need help. Please review my pc components and let me know if they are going to work well with each other. Processor- i5-13600KF Motherboard- MSI Pro B660M-A Wifi DDR4 Cooler- Deepcool Gammaxx A500 Argb 120mm CPU air cooler RAM- Adata XPG Spectrix 3200 mhz...
  9. plotzsa

    Question Please help low fps

    Whenever i play games like roblox on my laptop it usually runs 30 fps at max. And whenever i go to charge my laptop/plugged in laptop it runs 100-120 fps. How do i keep that 100-120 fps when its unplugged?
  10. Futsak

    Question 5900X poor performance low time spy scores

    9 5900x 3060ti lhr 2x8gb 3200 aorus b550 elite v2 750Wv2 corsair I wanted to play some cs so i booted it up and got around 180-200 fps on low settings, it was extremly bad so i installed a fresh windows and updated my bios, i installed chipset drivers and it didnt change anything except for...
  11. valserie

    Question My PC is cursed plz help

    Ok so my PC is cursed (or so I've been told). I'm NOT a tech person but a few different friends have tried to help me with it but to no avail. Here's what the issue is: Some games aren't launching (example Minecraft and Valorant, but No Man's Sky runs no problem). The computer says it's a driver...
  12. Z

    Question I have a problem with my xfx rx 570 4gb

    I built my pc and it wont power up. I tried different graphics card and it powered on. My graphics card is new but i bought it from a third party seller so i dont have warranty, should i open the card up or should i just sell it as a not working card. The fans are turning but there is no picture.
  13. pcnoob1026

    Question pc boots after 2 attempts

    My pc takes 2 attempts to boot but I’m not sure why. Is it a bios issue? Should I upgrade my power supply? Will resetting bios to default help fix the issue? motherboard: asus rog strix b450-F cpu: AMD Ryzen 5 5600x gpu: Aorus elite rtx 3060 Ti ram: Corsair vengeance 32gb 3200mhz psu: Corsair...
  14. Spdah

    Question What is the best GTX 1650 without 6 or 8 pin

    What version of GTX 1650 without 6 or 8 pin is the best
  15. Spdah

    Question What is the best version of RX 6400 4gb?

    I want to but RX 6400 4gb but i don t know what version of IT to choose can somebody help me?
  16. Spdah

    Question Would i loose much fps if i use pcie 4.0 GPU in 2.0 pcie slot

    So i want to upgrade my GPU from RX 460 2gb to RX 6400 4gb and i have pcie express 2.0 x16 Shuld i upgrade IT or look for a other GPU?
  17. jetternMAR

    Question My internet disconnects then reconnects (For my PC only)

    I've had this PC for about a year now , and 5-6 months ago my computer disconnects me from the WiFi connection for a few seconds then reconnects me. I'm 101% sure I don't have any malware on my PC. I use an ASUS B550-F WiFi mobo. Ryzen 5600x Aorus Master RTX 3070 ASUS ROG STRIX B550-F WiFi6...
  18. Farid000

    Question PC crashing need help

    So my PC recently started crashing after maybe 2 minutes of being on and continues this even in bios it crashes I have Intel core i7 950, GTX 780 Ti, 12gb ram, 480gb SSD, 1300w sph cooler master powersupply, Asus extreme III motherboard. Please help
  19. B

    Question Is my bad PSU making my pc have inconsistent frame rates?

    Hi everyone, I recently bought a new pc which I built myself and being on a low budget, I chose to compromise on some parts more than others. The main one was the PSU (yes I know, crucify me) My pc has an msi Gtx 1070 itx and an i5-8400. These parts are plenty for the games I play, especially at...
  20. Kr3xu

    Question Will a gtx 1660 ti work with my pc?

    Here is my build on pc part picker: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/mgvwjZ I just need to know if my pc needs a better power supply or if there is a compatibility issue
  21. DripToOp

    Question My PC shuts down itself forcefully on load

    Hello. I recently switched my Rx580 8gb to a evga gtx 980ti sc because the old one had artificial glitches. I know that my current gpu takes alot of power, but I have a nzxt c650 80 plus gold psu. Well the problem is under high load the pc shutsdown itself forcefully and only the rgb stays on...
  22. alawy

    Question Overclocking a non-K processor using BCLK ?

    My question is : I used to overclock my non k CPU i7 4790 on z87 g45 motherboard using BCLK overclock or something , At first i tried BCLK 102.00 it works fine at the beginning then after using it for a while like 4 - 5 hours my screen turns black and shows NO-SIGNAL on monitor , i can't restart...
  23. J

    Question New GPU causing computer to freeze ?

    Recently purchased a 3060 ti to replace a 3060 in my system, and ran into an issue of my monitor being completely frozen after a couple minutes of running. Fans/lights from the pc still on and working, but keyboard/mouse unresponsive. Couldn’t find a fix so I slapped in a gtx 970 and everything...
  24. R

    Question HIGH fps but still laggy/choppy its like im on 30fps

    From like 3 months my games are feeling very laggy/choppy while having a good fps ( feels like im on 50-60fps or something ) . I dont know what casues it, but i wanna fix it because i play competitive games and i need this fixed. Its only video laggy no audio, and the mouse is not laggy or...
  25. Z

    [SOLVED] HELP. My pc not getting similar/close FPS as in GTA 5 Benchmark

    I watched this Benchmark View: https://youtu.be/fVEssWXH3Ak In it the guy was testing the 3080 Ti, it was doing really good to say the least but when I decided to test mine and notice that I was getting way less frames than him about -70fps. So I putt the same settings as him and went to the...
  26. G

    Question Frame drops

    Hi i bought new pc. And i have frame drops in games not in the benchmarks, so it is some software problem. It is not casuall frame drop if i lock my fps to 120 i will have drop to 116 and that kinda freez my pic in mili sec. It happens in csgo , lol and rainbow6. Do you know how to resolve it...
  27. A

    Question Will my PC with an 850w PSU draw lots of power without a GPU?

    Hey guys! So basically I live in Peru and here 1kw= S/0.60 = $0.16 I am building my gaming PC and it's basically all done but for the GPU, I want to save until the 3080 reduces it's price a bit. I want to know if my PC will consume a lot of power if I am playing games like Sea of thieves...
  28. L

    Question games suddenly drop to 2 fps

    alright so ive been playing arma 3 recently and its been running 50-60 fps and now its running 2 fps after i reinstalled it no clue why but the only fix ive found was to factory reset my pc and thats the only thing ive found that works if anyone had any better ideas on how to fix it that would...
  29. N

    [SOLVED] External graphics card for my laptop ?

    Hi all i need some help from some1 that is good with computers and has some knowledge about external graphics card. If some1 can help in any way pls let me know. My laptop is bussiness laptop HP Probook 450 g7 i7a 10th gen. Graphics card i have is integrated and is called intel smth family. I...
  30. YTheRolls

    Question PC Black screens and Event Viewer says it cannot access F: drive

    For the past few months (almost a year) my PC has been black screening while under load. When the screen goes black my GPU fans jump to 100% and iCUE loses its color profile. Sometimes I have to fully power cycle my PSU to get it to turn back on. After it crashes i usually check Event Viewer to...
  31. YTheRolls

    Question Black Screen while gaming, event viewer says it cannot access my hard drive?

    For the past few months (almost a year) my PC has been black screening while under load. When the screen goes black my GPU fans jump to 100% and iCUE loses its color profile. Sometimes I have to fully power cycle my PSU to get it to turn back on. After it crashes i usually check Event Viewer to...
  32. H

    [SOLVED] All games under 100 FPS feels not smooth

    Hey so all games that i play under 100 FPS are not smooth, its so much slower when i move my mouse its very noticable. And when games run under 60 FPS than its 100% unplayble its feels like 10-15 FPS. I dont have lags or drops but its sooo unsmooth. I just bought a new Gpu and a new power...
  33. zpint2

    Question New PC build cannot get past Windows Install, bootloop problem

    I just recently put together a new PC with all new parts besides my GPU, which I got used to save money. I can boot into the BIOS just fine, and I have tried installing Windows through a USB, which I can confirm works because I helped a friend reinstall Windows using the same USB. However, every...
  34. Dhia

    Question My Rx 570 expedition 4G show now picture

    Hey guys i have opend the case of the rx570 and then the cooler i habe changed the thermal paste but i realized that someone else put not thermal paste on it ,it was something silver-based. I clean the most of it and then have i put normal thermal paste on it. I installed the cooler back and...
  35. dirtydancin

    Question Disk Drive 100%

    So recently my Disk D Drive has been going all the way up to 100% anytime I try and play any game. I do not know what has started this problem but one thing I may say is that I was playing a bunch of modpacks on minecraft that required at least 8-10G of RAM and I have 16Gb of RAM on my pc. I...
  36. Troelsmm

    Question my computer randomly shuts down

    Hello Tom's Hardware i have a problem where my pc turns off while under load/gaming, but my motherboard gives a 00 q code and fans keep spinning, and just a black screen. my specs Cpu: ryzen 9 5900x Gpu: Msi rtx 3080 suprim motherboard: ASUS ROG Crosshair VIII Impact Ram: Corsair Vengeance...
  37. R

    Question 1080Ti stuck at 1569mhz clock and usage spikes too 100% randomly playing games causing them to crash

    My 1080Ti is stuck at 1569 clock no matter what I'm doing. I have MSI Afterburner set to -400 base clock however my GPU is still idle clocking at 1569. Additionally, my GPU usage randomly spikes to 100% causing whatever I'm playing to crash, this happens on games such as PUBG, pummel party...
  38. P

    Question Secureboot blackscreening my pc

    I turned on secureboot in my bios settings about a week and a half ago and as soon as I restarted my screen went black and my pc will no longer turn on I’ve reset the cmos battery and jumper and still nothing I’m trying to do a bios update to fix it but I don’t have a q flash button on my...
  39. Herbski

    Question applications aren’t opening

    So whenever i try to open up a game the game would open into a black screen, shortly after opening the game it crashes so i tried to open up my device manger and that would open then crash as well. when the applications crash there is no troubleshooting screen that pops up. Google chrome will...
  40. AbsDaLegend

    Question Microsoft-Windows-WHEA-Logger

    Hi all, So I'm in bit of a pickle and need some help! I've recently purchased Monster Hunter World (MHW) and before updating my drivers to the latest I would get 1 Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) every day last week. Now I've updated my drivers and when I play the game it randomly crashes with the...