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  1. D

    Question Computer sometimes has trouble booting

    The computer itself will turn mon. my RGB lights ns tuff go off fans are turning can hear that the system is working. but sometimes when i turn off the computer it has trouble connecting back to the monitor and giving power to my keyboard/mouse/wireless headset adapter. I know that the headset...
  2. C

    Question Upgrading Components And Trying To Boot Off Old Boot Drive

    I just got done installing my new i7 10700K and Asus Prime Z-490A Motherboard. Along with some new Corsair Vengeance 32gb ram and a WD SN750 NVME. So here is my issue. Before doing the upgrade process this morning, I got on the phone with Microsoft to clarify if I would have to do a fresh...
  3. !GNOH

    Question Will a 32gb kit work with a Ryzen 5 2600 on a x370 mobo?

    I've recently just purchased the GSkill Trident RGB 32GB dual channel kit (3200MHz CL16) and I was wondering whether it would be compatible with the ASRock x370 Fata1ty ITX/ac + ryzen 5 2600 ? I ask this because I don't want to open the box unless I know for sure I won't be getting BSODs all...
  4. O

    [SOLVED] Can I update bios before upgrading

    I have a very surface level knowledge on pc's and things regarding pc's so please forgive me if i say something stupid Pretty much I'm planning on upgrading both my cpu and motherboard from an i3 2120 and an Asus P8H61-MX to a Ryzen 3 3200g and a Gigabyte A320M-S2H. However I've run into the...
  5. kubikulek231

    Question Strange PC errors, faulty hardware? Please help

    Hi, I really need your help. My friends PC is kinda new, maybe like 2 months old. I was here to build it for him. All of the sudden computer seems to crash, no BSOD just a plain error. PC stops outputting video/audio signal, all interaction is completely dead. You just have to hard reset it...
  6. PC_Master_Race_MaN

    Question Please help with my first PC build.

    This is my first PC build, and I am unsure on what to get. Over the course of a week I have picked out some parts, but since this is my first time I am unsure if they match. Please tell me if these components match and work well together, also would you have some other suggestions for the sme...
  7. J

    Question URGENT: Critical Process Died BSOD - Macrium Reflect - Have access to OS but C: Drive data is missing! Any help appreciated

    So for context about a week ago the Macrium Reflect backups for my C: Drive (Corsair 240GB SSD) suddenly started failing, with occasional BSOD occurrences, so I temporarily stopped the daily backups and figured I would sort it when I had the free time. This morning I went onto Macrium Reflect...
  8. V

    [SOLVED] WEIRD - Power outtage when playing a game

    My setup: -GTX970 -i5-4590k -Samsung SDD -Evga bronze 600W TLDR; Playing CoD makes my computer cause a power outtage (flipped breaker) for my room and floor of the house. Tried things, keeps happening. Thoughts on what the cause is or how I can stop this? A recent weird thing has been...
  9. C

    [SOLVED] Upgrades

    Hi all so I’m pretty lost when it comes to upgrading my pc. So I currently have an alienware aurora r7 with an i7-8700 16gb of ram and a gtx 1080. I use my pc for gaming as well as video editing, graphic design and architectural design. I was looking into upgrading to an i9 processor with more...
  10. N

    Question HUGE problem with RX Vega 64

    Hey guys, alright so I'm super frustrated. I just bought a used Rx Vega 64, guy said it was working fine, and indeed it seemed to be okay when I first used it. However, I had to reset my PC entirely, and after reinstalling everything, including the latest drivers and whatnot, I attempted to...
  11. Faze_Shmagi

    Question Gpu fan replacement

    Hello guys, i was installing gpu in my computer, unfortunately 3 fan blades broke off. Its not symmetric and because of that it causes noise. GPU model is GTX 650 1GB MSI. Does anybody know where can i buy replacement fan?
  12. Z

    Question System restarting over and over.

    So resently my computer has been running a little slower than usual. Not the main problem but might be useful. The main issue is that when turning on my pc, after a few seconds it just instantly restarts, as in turns off without warning then turns back on. Once it has done this once it just...
  13. M

    Question RTX 2080TI - 90 Degrees!!!

    Just purchased a used RTX 2080TI, which has a Alphacool already connected to it, placed it into my system, all connected fine, I just didn't put the rgb on as i don't have a rgb header on my mobo, and its running at 90 degrees, is their anyway i can find what is causing this and simply fixing it...
  14. 9

    no signal issue / changed everything except CPU

    Hi, PC suddenly turned off and since then no signal, after checking inside CPU-Fan was not working, changed it, new one works, still no signal. Tried another Monitor, another HDMI cable, tried another graphics card, unplugged graphics card and tried via motherboard VGA, no signal. BIOS reset...
  15. M

    When it rains my router acts strange

    I have a modem/router combo called the Smart RG. Whenever it rains, my internet cuts out and I go into the browser and it says 'internet is online in routed mode with an IP address of _____'. Nothing loads in any browser and the browsers say that there is no internet connection. But tonight, it...
  16. D

    Best Router To Use For PC Gaming/Downloading

    Hey guys so what's the best router out there to buy to play games online flawlessly, and to download things the fastest I can? Thanks for the help guys!
  17. J

    Possible Failing GPU

    Hey guys! Let me start by saying I’ve done much trouble shooting, and read over other threads to no avail. My problems started with the latest windows 10 update. I ran update and shutdown a couple night ago. I booted up my pc the next day and it continued the update. However, halfway through...
  18. M

    New GPU, same or worse performance?

    I feel like there is an obvious solution to this, but I just upgraded from a GTX 650 Ti to a 1050 Ti. My problem is that I am seeing the same performance as my last card, sometimes even worse. The new card seems rather inconsistent. When I am running Minecraft or CS:GO, the frames range from...
  19. S

    Building new Gaming RIG, want help with the Compatibility of the parts?

    Hi Guys I'm building a new Gaming system, not a very high end one but good enough in my budget. My problem is, I am new to this and I don't know if the Parts I've selected will fit together. Also need suggestion for a 24" Montior, GPU and PSU, also do I need to add any Network card for...
  20. P

    Hard disk infinite loop. (Can't change BIOS settings)

    Hello there, Apparently I had installed Windows 10 in UEFI mode by accident and wanted to switch to Windows 8.1 because I just didn't like Windows 10. When I uninstalled Windows 10, I realized I made a horrible mistake: the hard drive was the first boot option. Whenever I booted up, it just...