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  1. S

    Question New build from hell please help (No signal, USB ports won't work, power button doesn't shutdown pc)

    This is my first time building a computer and I knew I would run into some hiccups but, this one I can't seem to find any answers to online. My pc is able to turn on, all fans are spinning, mobo light is on but, the usb ports won't work as well as the hdmi input. Also, I can't turn off my...
  2. D

    Question Helpppp Pc displays nothing

    Pc specs: cpu: ryzen 5 1500x gpu: Gigabyte gtx 1060 mobo: asus strix b350 gaming power supply: EVGA supernova gold 650w ram: 16gb g.skill trident Z Hello everyone, I'm new to building and I made a pc around a year ago. I decided to make a ram upgrade a couple months ago and now the computer...
  3. M

    Question Graphics Card not working at full capacity

    Hello I have a Radeon RTX 580 8gb graphics card. I have noticed that when I play games that my frame rate has decreased in some low demanding areas of the game but not in high demanding areas. To clarify I have a 144hz monitor and set all my max frame rates in games to 144 fps but I have noticed...
  4. G

    Question EZ RAID accidently enabeld. Need help

    Its pretty much like in that thread; But i cant solve it.
  5. G

    Question No Video / No Boot. need help

    I dont really know if it belongs here. Its a Hardware and Software Problem. But the Main Problem is the pc doesnt show any Video. Heres what happened: I messed up something in the BIOS setting and Windows could not boot. I tried to reset the bios settings. I did that but the Computer would not...
  6. Ankei

    Question What should i upgrade first?

    Hello. I need some help deciding in which component of my pc i need to upgrade first. So first and foremost my specs: CPU: Ryzen 5 1600 GPU: Gigabyte windforce 1060 6gb Mobo:Gigabyte A320m ds2 Ram: Crucial 16gb 2133 1 stick PSU: Seasonic 520W bronze 80+ Stock cooler for CPU Reasons for...
  7. J

    Question can i make my 2x8gb of ddr4 2400mHz ram into duel channel instead of single channel on a latop?

    everythings in the title, my laptop is a predator helios 300 oh317-51 with a i7 7700HQ gtx 1060 16gb of ram any help will be appreciated
  8. S

    Question UPS making noise PC shuts down

    Recently, While I was playing a game called Ark: Survival Evolved, my APC UPS made the noise that it makes while there is no electricity for 2-3 seconds, and it returned to normal but my PC shut down and restarted. Once more after that, I started Discord and the game. And after a few minutes...
  9. M

    Question Twilight princess dolphin FPS issue

    So I have an intel i5 8400k, 32gb of ram on an asrock z370 killer with 2 firepro 3d 1gb cards with the crossfire connecter and i can not for the life of me get dolphin to run TWP better than 20fps please help I just want to play my childhood favorite.
  10. Smart-Guy102

    Question PC wont turn on

    Hi I accidently knocked over my Desktop PC. Everything was fine before but when i turn on the PC all the lights and fans come on but no display of anything. So far i checked my video card not sure whats wrong should i replug in everything its not even detecting my keyboard/mouse. Any help is...
  11. A

    Question Asus ROG STRIX 1080ti is preventing my PC from booting.

    I bought a 1080ti today from a reliable source (friends much older brother). He bought it for his son, his son used it lightly for gaming on weekends for 2 months. He parted out his computer to buy camera equipment to pursue filmmaking and photography. I went and tested the card out for an hour...
  12. Mghock21

    Question Which to buy to upgrade

    I need some help picking a PC to buy that my son can upgrade. The one he had died because the upgrades he added were too strong. So now we need to buy a new one and upgrade the gaming card, pay, and cpu to the ones he has now. Meaning it doesn’t need to have great ones to start since we will use...
  13. D

    Question Rtx 2080 ti cable extention

    I am looking to buy a sleeved cable for my pc, but I have an RTX 2080 ti and want to get a cable extension for it. I know it is a dual 8 pin connector, but I don't which one to buy, so if someone can recommend a black extension cable for my RTX 2080 ti that would be great. Thank you.
  14. zstrange20

    Question worried about pc not working out

    Hello im wonding if this pc will work im really worried building this pcs becasue there really expensive and it took me about a year to save up for my last one im only 17 and im new to pc building i build one before and it worked and took a year to get all the parts. but its just really scarey...
  15. B

    [SOLVED] How should i go about my old bios and new bios when installing new motherboard

    Im fairly new to PC building and im upgrading y motherboard from the prime-B450M to the ASUS ROG STRIX B450-F GAMING, im also upgrading my cpu from the ryzen 5 to the ryzen 7 1800X. I wondering how i should go about changing bios, windows, etc. Should i unstall the old bios and download a new...
  16. Svila

    Question I need help! I don't know where is this cable meant to be connected

    Hello. I recently got my parts and started building my new PC. But i ran into a problem. My case has this case hub and i connected my case fans into it. I received them with my case(My case-ThermalTake j25 RGB Edition,) There are two cables coming out of case hub. One is named sata power and i...
  17. L

    Question How much would my oldish Origin prebuilt PC be worth?

    I want to sell my gaming PC as I cannot bring it with me to college. It Uses Windows 10 CPU: Intel Core i7-4790 Motherboard: ASUS Maximus VII Ranger GPU: EVGA Reference GTX 780 CPU Cooler: Cryorig H7 RAM: 16GB DDR3 Origin edition? Power Supply: Corsair 650w RM fully modular Storage: Seagate...
  18. R

    Question Is my system any good?

    My system: CPU: Ryzen 7 2700 RAM: 32GB (2x16) corsair vengeance RGB Pro Graphics card: RTX2080 MOBO: ASUS ROG strix B450 F Pro gaming motherboard HDD: WD blue 2TB Case: NZXT H500I CPU cooler: NZXT kraken x62 (280mm) OS: Windows 10 Home...
  19. X

    Question Which motherboard should I get?

    Hi, I'm building my first PC ever and honestly I have little idea about it. I'm trying to decide in a motherboard but I can't tell which one is better, they all kinda look the same to my newbie eye. These are my options right now: MSI Z390-A Pro (130€) Gygabyte Z390 Gaming X (143€) Asus Prime...
  20. C

    Question Keep getting blue screened and my games are crashing.

    Hey guys! recently i had to completely upgrade my pc because my motherboard died and i decided to was a better investment to buy more modern parts. The thing is my PC has recently been getting lots of blue screens (something that never happend be for changing my parts). Also whilst gaming...