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  1. L

    Question computer blue screening and not resetting

    ok sorry I know nothing at all about pcs so I don’t even know if I’m in the right category fam but basically I tried turning my computer on today and it started up with “preparing automatic repair” and then went on to “Diagnosing your pc” which then takes me to a blue screen saying your pc did...
  2. D

    Question My New Build Is Not Running The Average Amount Of FPS It Should Be Getting In Games

    Hey i need help with this i built a new PC and i started to run games on it on 1080p and it was getting fps averages like my old 1050ti but ive cleared drivers and everything for it i dont understand the problem when i launch rust i play it in 50fps on all low settings and im not impressed when...
  3. W


    Hello guys This is my first PC build im not experienced with pc parts i just watched youtube videos about pc build guide. Problem is when i turned on pc in open case it took longer like 15sec to show any display and i noticed front LED fan spaining slower and LED light on Fan was like dimming...
  4. N

    Question Monitor, Motherboard, and GPU Help!

    This is my first PC and it has a problem where it won’t connect to the compatible monitor using a brand new DVI-D cord. It won’t show up on the monitor and the monitor simply displays “check signal cable”. The cord is running from my GPU to the monitor. I tried running an HDMI from the GPU to a...
  5. N

    Question RTX 2080 TI - Shuts off under load... help :(

    I bought my PC on finance a couple of months ago as it was the best financial option for me at the time, however the turn around time for a repair is too long, therefore I would like to eliminate the problem myself if possible, therefore I have tried all I can to find out the problem and have...
  6. P

    Question My Pc has started to crash every time I use my theater room

    So this has happened on many different occasions now where I plug my theater room's HDMI to my pc and use it watch netflix. After being done using my theater room i unplug my hdmi and go about my way using my pc again, when trying to open application/games directly after, everything on my pc...
  7. C

    Question Is my PC CPU-bound? (i5-3450s, GTX 1050 2GB, competitive games at 144hz)

    Is my PC CPU-bound? I like to play older games (CS:GO, R6S) competitively, so every increase in fps counts. I occasionally get stuttering/frame drops, nothing serious for casual gameplay but crippling in a competitive game. Specs: CPU: Intel i5-3450s 2.8 Ghz RAM: Kingston - HyperX Fury Red 8...
  8. G

    Discussion Im new to building side of pc and i have a question

    Yesterday I was playing wwe 2k19 in windowed mode then I clicked on my 2nd screen to discord then it put wwe in fullscreen mode (I thought okay whatever) then it brought up in a blue box that I wasnt using the correct cable and to then use the right cable. Okay whatever but then soon after my...
  9. P

    Question Pc takes 15 minutes to boot

    My pc has started taking 15 minutes to boot I cant open any boot menus once it finally boots I cant use my mouse and key board
  10. J

    Question My Heatsink is not touching my cpu.

    So today I bought a heat sink and installed it and everything went well, but I realized the heatsink was not actually touching my cpu. The package said the heatsink supports LGA1151 sockets, meaning it should fit. My cpu is going up to 90c in the BIOS. Could someone please help me and tell me...
  11. B

    Question pls help

    ive been having a problem for the past week or so where my keyboard, mouse, and headset will all turn off and reboot. I havent had a problem with this while watching netflix but i have when simply going onto the internet, watching youtube, or listening to music. It mainly happenes when im gaming...
  12. Varzoh

    Question I need an upgrade.. The PC I'm using is from 2015. Help Please!

    I am now a broke college student, I am on a huge budget but want to play games with the biggest boost of fps at the lowest cost. I don't care if I only upgrade one component out of everything but I just need a boost in fps. I mainly play games like CSGO, Minecraft, Smite, Black ops 4, black...
  13. N

    [SOLVED] help, my pc isnt booting, no post screen.

    I dont know in which category to place this in but anyways. I recently built my computer, and when i turned it on, the cpu fan started, all the rgb started, but the case fans didnt spin at all, CMOS lights red on VGA, DRAM, CPU, BOOT. No post screen or anything.
  14. N

    [SOLVED] Help, my pc isnt booting up.

    I dont know in which category to place this in but anyways. I recently built my computer, and when i turned it on, the cpu fan started, all the rgb started, but the case fans didnt spin at all, CMOS lights red on VGA, DRAM, CPU, BOOT. No post screen or anything.
  15. U

    Question PC doesn't start, no clue what to do.

    Hi! So I recently bought used PC components to build a PC. Everything except the PSU was used. I bought the PSU new like 2 years ago and used it for almost 2 years, but then I sold some parts and wanted to upgrade, so the PSU was stood in our garage thru cold weather and etc. I built the PC and...
  16. B

    [SOLVED] PC crashing...

    Hey guys I made an upgrade for my pc and now it crashes sometimes when i play some more complex games like Battlefield 1.. So this is my Setup atm: GPU: Nvidia Geforce GTX 1060 6GB CPU: Ryzen 7 2700 Motherboard: MSI B350 Gaming Plus RAM: 2x8 G.SKILL Ripjaws V 3200 Power supply: Corsair VS 550...
  17. L

    Question Motherboard for i7 3770

    Hey guys I’m new here and I’m looking to build a budget gaming computer just to get a foot in the pc gaming door. I’ve been looking around for the best bang for the buck motherboard for my i7 3770 processor but I probably know too little to find a good one. I need it to be overclockable with...
  18. B

    Question My new build keeps freezing indefinitely

    When booting to begin the windows installation it just freezes. It is fine in the bios and runs well but everything outside of that after a few freezes. I tried leaving out the gpu, swapping ram, switching drives, reseating cpu, reinstalling the boot on my usb ,and replugging cords. I’m looking...
  19. The squiggly

    Question Will it work

    I was wondering because it says on pc part picker that there might be some bios problems if I use an Intel i5-9400f with a Gigabyte - B360 AORUS Gaming 3 WIFI ATX LGA1151 Motherboard will it work if not can i fix it or do I have to get a different motherboard and if so any suggestions this is...
  20. Carlosantini

    Question Why cant i update the nvidia drivers? Black screen

    Hi, i have a geforce gtx 1060 asus expedition oc edition. To install the drivers to this specific gpu i have to go on asus site and download the vga drivers of my graphic card from there. They did a new update to the 430.86 and i downloaded it. But then after download when i attempted...