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  1. P

    Question 3900x build for a first timer

    building first computer and am thinking of basing it around the 3900x, I will be gaming triple screen at 1080p(sim racing) and 4k on 1, also will be doing music production and video editing Tried to future proof as much as I could as well as choose good components where needed Any comments...
  2. R

    [SOLVED] Connecting second monitor

    Hello, at the moment I have a single LG monitor connected to my computer via HDMI connection to the GPU. I am looking to get a second monitor however my GPU only has 1 HDMI display port. However, I have noticed there is a single HDMI port on my MOBO but when I connect the monitor, there's no...
  3. Cyber_Slayer__

    [SOLVED] my hard drive does not appear anywhere after abruptly stopped while installing operating system

    hi! i just tried to install Ubuntu into a friend's old machine, and the power cut at the middle of the installation. tried to do it again, but the hard drive has not appeared anywhere after that idk what to try his hard drive is a Segate Momentus 5400.6 250 GB. (the problem is on the hard...
  4. [SOLVED] Help id please

    blew one of these earlier today though it would be as simple as just typing in the code on google.... its not. the guy in question is the orange dude i think the it reads "106A 63HXD" but no luck. any help is appreciated
  5. C

    Question i9 please help

    i currently have i7 8086k anniversery edition would upgrading to an i9 be any better for gaming and video editing and recording music
  6. C

    [SOLVED] High ping in game from network Please help I gave up on trying.

    So I have a TP link archer T6E and It has great reviews for wireless gaming. (parents will net let me route Ethernet to my room) So lately I Have been play rainbow 6s and my ping spikes (now I have always had normal network spikes idk why but never ping) so it has been getting annoying. so I...
  7. M

    Question New CPU, and motherboard

    So I just bought the Intel G4900 Celeron cpu, so I could update my Asus strix z370-g Gamings bios.. I says on Asus' website that the cpu IS supported.. But when I put the cpu into my motherboard, the screen is just black.. Any advice? :)
  8. Kuya Faz

    [SOLVED] How long does it take to get graphics card back after they fixed it?

    can you help me guys, pls share your experience:). This is my first experience to have a defective graphics card and to use warranty too.
  9. X

    Dell Latitude E5520 Lid Replacement

    Hello, I have just bought a Dell Latitude E5520 off of ebay and the LCD Lid assembly is mostly destroyed. I'm currently trying to find a replacement assembly but cannot find a reasonably priced one. The ones that are, are out of stock. So I was wondering if an E5530 or E6520 ect. would be...
  10. R

    Support for 4 x GTX 1080 ti

    Will the following hardware support four GTX 1080 ti GPUs without bottlenecking? MOBO: EVGA X99 Classified CPU: Intel Core i7-6850K  RAM: Corsair Vengeance® LPX 32GB (2x16GB) DDR4 DRAM 3000MHz C15 Memory ((CMK32GX4M2B3000C15R) My purpose it to do GPU 3D rendering using blender. Further, is it...
  11. C

    Sony Vaio overheating + won't turn back on

    Hello all, My SONY Vaio VPCSC ran flawlessly for 5 and a half years with Windows 7. Just last night I was using it, when it started to overheat (more than the usual) and the screen froze. I simply forced the shutdown by pressing and holding power button. I waited a while to turn it back on, and...
  12. D

    Cisco router with dialer3 to ISP and dialer2 to VPN policy routing

    SOLVED: Created ACL 86 to include the IP of my test host Standard IP access list 86 10 permit (8789 matches) Added route-map InternetVPN route-map InternetVPN permit 10 match ip address 86 set interface Dialer3 On int Fa0 (def gw) I assigned policy "ip policy route-map...
  13. G

    Fluctuations in Ping

    I play PS4 ever since i moved to this new house i havent been able to play any online games, both on Xbox 360 and Playstation 4, The game (Rainbow six siege) would say my ping is at 60-80 which is good but I still get set back 10ft every 2 seconds, and at times my ping woulf jump into the 1000's...
  14. N

    Every game crash

    Recently i upgraded from fx4300 to fx6300 and the first day was fine.Everything runs smooth and no problems i even clocked it at 4Ghz for the sake of it.Second day i wake up a lot of problems starting to happen first every game i run it crash saying that video drivers stopped working and...
  15. R

    upgrade to gtx 1050 (non ti) or rx 460 from an r7 360?

    Quick question, currently: CPU: fx 6300 windows 7 8 gb memory gigabyte r7 360 oc edition I want to change to a zotac gtx 1050 mini non ti or xfx rx 460. I see a 100 dollar XFX Rx 460 being sold right now. Is this a good upgrade? I want to play Skyrim remastered max settings at 1440x 900p...
  16. C

    SteamVR - Error

    Hello, everyone. I recently got a Vive VR headset, and I set everything up normally. It then came the time to download SteamVR, and I tried multiple times. But every single time I try, it says "library folder not writable". I know little to nothing about computers so if anyone could help it...
  17. S

    Upgrade Help Please

    Pc specs: GeForce GT 710 Asus P6T X58 LGA 1366 socket 8gb ddr3 ram 2TB HDD 680w PSU I7 920 quad-core I want to upgrade both my GPU and CPU for 200 dollars anyone have some recommendations? Something that can run games like Fallout 4 and Dark souls 3 at a solid above 30 fps. 1080p.
  18. K

    Windows 10 will not boot unless HDD is unplugged and plugged back in

    Wait till you hear this one. I have a Dell Inspiron One 2305 that I've upgraded the RAM in (to 8GB from 4GB). I also upgraded the HDD to a Western Digital Blue 1TB 7200RPM. I installed Windows on here and it works fine...This is the only HDD in the computer. Here's the kicker: After being...
  19. P

    Can't connect to WiFi

    Hello, I just finished setting up my new PC and my home network will not show up in networks to connect to. I've tried just about everything with no results. Thanks in advance.
  20. D

    Is FX-8350 good?

    Hey guys, I'm trying to build my first PC and decided to go with the CPU FX-8350 Black Edition with MSI Gtx 960 and was wondering can they run LoL at 1080p with stable 60 fps and medium to high settings, or just medium depending on which gives more FPS. I'm also planning to play Skyrim Legendary...