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  1. OctanGaming234

    Question Severe FPS drops in High end PC. (140 -> 20-10 FPS)

    My Specs= i7-3970X (not overclocked yet) ASUS X99-A lga 2011 mobo 8x4GB Vengeance lpx 2400mhz (quad channel) XMP was on however 2x gtx 980 Ti founders in SLI. 1000w bq power zone. nzxt h710i white. Hello, I have been playing GTA V for the last 3 weeks and I have been noticing some FPS drops/lag...
  2. Jorma04

    Question Pc restarts while gaming.

    So i have had this problem for a while and have tried different things. So basically when i play a game a sudden black screen appears and the pc restarts. So i once tried to play with one stick of ram and it seemed to be working and not shutting down. I did not play that long like 3h but...