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  1. B

    Question Internet cuts out for a couple seconds every 10 seconds or so

    Hi there, i have tried absolutely everything. This problem occurred first when i updated windows to the latest version in December this year. It was initially an easy fix because i just went back to the previous version and that was the end of that. Now its a lot more complicated as i got a new...
  2. www.godhand1999

    Question Can you guys help me ?! D:

    I recently decided to buy a new 144hz 1080p TN panel display for my setup but for some reason i'm getting fps drops regardless of using high or low settings even after getting my graphics card settings to highest performance i still can't get it to work perfectly getting 144+ then it goes down...
  3. L

    [SOLVED] Online videos started lagging a LOT

    basically a few days ago i tried to watch youtube videos and they started lagging a lot when I turn on 1080p or 720p. I have a 1920x1080 resolution and my gpu is Rx 560. In task manager it shows gpu jumps to max. Everything becomes laggy and like it shows a frame of the video every 5 seconds...
  4. D

    [SOLVED] Rx 570 ITX is overheating

    Basically i bought a used rx 570 graphics card and i downloaded drivers from the official website, so my problem is that when i play games my GPU gets really hot and i smell something burning, when i stop playing games the temperature is normal i think it's because i only have 1 fan on my CPU...
  5. U

    [SOLVED] Newly built pc, nothing’s going right

    I recently built my own pc. I actually finalized it yesterday. I had issues from the start, first, my power button didn’t work, so I had to bridge it with a screw driver (started working afterwards). Then, I spent 2 hours trying to get windows 10 installed. I was struggling because for some...
  6. C

    Question So my ram is faulty! HELP FAST!

    My ram has been causing bsod and it’s usually always about memory so I test somethings and it came out the ram was faulty and I have lifetime warranty but the problem is I have to send it to Taiwan and shipping will cost me half as what I paid for the ram what should I do? Any way I can mail it...
  7. B

    [SOLVED] Laptop Hdmi Confusion - Help a Noob

    I've posted just recently about this problem and received some incredible help. Through it, I found out that the monitor I've been eyeing won't allow 144hz through its HDMI port. So I've decided on another monitor with HDMI 2.0 specified ports. Now I'm finding troubles with figuring out if the...
  8. B

    [SOLVED] Laptop Hdmi to Displayport at 144hz - Help a Noob

    I've just decided to upgrade my gaming experience and my laptop all in one. Just so you know I've come from 5 years playing on a Amd R7 Graphics Card, look at in on UserBenchmark and you'll see the hell I've been through optimizing it. So basically I've been having troubles with figuring out...
  9. L

    [SOLVED] my windows game bar doesn't update

    So basically I had to reinstall windows. After reinstalling them, i downloaded all updates available and my windows game bar doesn't update to the newer version.even after downloading every single update.Please help me out here. I can't move it, I can't do anything except pressing those record...
  10. L

    [SOLVED] WO MIC on android cant detect usb

    so basically i wanna use my phone as a mic cuz i dont have a mic.. and i installed most drivers i could find and of course i installed wo mic client on pc and its drivers but if i connect the usb and open the wo mic app on phone to start using it as a mic, it says Please connect a usb or...
  11. L

    [SOLVED] What would be a fitting GPU?

    So basically I have a 500 Watts psu and it has 1 6-pin and no 8 pins.. Right now I am using the Gt 630 graphics card which is... just bad.... I am looking for a budget graphics card that my psu can handle, please help. I was thinking about 650 TI .This is my first post and a few first minutes on...
  12. Cosminel124

    [SOLVED] Where to plug the 4 pin connector

    Hello guys, so last night my computer just got a black screen while i was playing and when i tried to restart it it just stays black and nothing happens.. The motherboard is going well is beeping and all the stuff but nothing happens.. So i have opened up the case and a 4 pin connector is...
  13. swaite22

    Question Why is my graphics card starting fast and then slow during startup?

    View: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bzy87lLn1UK/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link theres a video of it. Please help. It also has a gray screen and is continuing to do it.