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  1. L

    [SOLVED] New Mobo, CPU, AIO Cooler, Now Fans are Going Crazy

    Hey guys, I just got myself the 9900KF, so had to get new mobo as well, and decided on a new AIO as well while I was at it. Got the MSi Z390 MPG Edge AC, and the Deepcool Castle 360 v2. Still using my previous fans, 6x LL120, and am now using the included fan header hub that came with the...
  2. RoccoPerezArg

    Question Laptop has suddenly become very slow?

    Hello, I tell you my problem, sorry for the bad English. I finished playing with a friend and turned off the computer, the next day I turned it on and it was VERY slow, too, out of nowhere. I tried clearing the battery controller in device manager and it doesn't fix it. I formatted the computer...
  3. D

    Question Keyboard Problem

    I have a working keyboard and it lights up when I turn on the device But when the device is running, I cannot write
  4. I

    Question HELP! System w/ No Post!

    I'm currently building a pc, comprised of new and used parts. This is my 3rd build, I'm not a rookie at this but certainly not a pro. The system turns on, fans spin, mobo lights up, and everything seems to be on. I get no display. The mobo's ez debug boot led is on. Specs: Ryzen 5 2600 -...
  5. R

    Question I Don't even know...

    Hey Guys! I have a problem with my computer. Some of the games I play freezes over time, and I tried everything I could do about that. I asked my friends, they are more experienced than me, and even they could'nt do anything about my problem. I've tried reinstalling my drivers, reinstaling...
  6. DratZx

    Question Is MWE450w enough for rx 570 and I5 2400 3.1 Ghz

    My spec Rx 570 itx 4gb I5 2400 3.1ghz Ram 4x2Gb Fan 3 Is MWE 450w enough for my spec?
  7. JPODP22

    Question Acer Aspire T3-710 Upgrade help - Newb here

    Hi everyone! Long story short... I am a newb to this website/forum and was in need of a little help if possible? So I have an Acer Aspire T3-710 PC specs as follows: i7 6th Gen 6700 @ 3.4Ghz 16GB Ram @ 1600mhz (2x8) 64Bit Windows 10 Home + Student edition motherboard from what i can gather...
  8. VexTheBoi

    Question My PC got shaken by an earthquake then crashed and stopped working what do I do?

    It was late last night and I was playing games, there was a small earthquake and my PC shook a little. It then crashed and when I tried starting it up the fans started up and the lights were going but after less then 5 seconds it stopped then a second later it tried starting up and failed again...
  9. 5

    No input signal Asus AG32C only with DisplayPort after new 1080 gpu install

    I wanted to make a post I’ve been searching for two days trying everything and figured it may be a unique system and this might help someone in the future if I post the solution. So here’s the cpu setup: Monitor : msi ac32c (1080p 165hz) Asus P6T Deluxe i7-920 cpu 12gb Mushkin ram Only...
  10. M

    Fps drops after overclocking

    Hey, so recently my PC has been seriously dropping frames, it usually runs at around 60fps but has been dropping to between 10-30 frames. this makes the games I play, mostly overwatch, unplayable I have updated all my drivers and it cant be a problem with temperature as it usually hovers around...
  11. T

    different code endings for the same Quadro P4000

    I am intending to build a new workstation with a Quadro P4000. While searching for prices, I found at least 4 different codes and prices for the same product: 1NM40AT $895.40 Q0V78A $1,540.70 1ME40AA $1,291.26 1JP24AV $1,005.80 last price also with codes Z5H06AV, Z5J37AV...
  12. C

    Stereo but no voices on PC

    About 4 days ago my headphones wich used to be some htc's from my phone,they broke.My new headphones will come tommorow but until tommorow,my friend gave me his headphones,bcz he si not using them.I tested them at his pc and it worked perfectly,when i plugged it in my pc,i've noticed that i can...
  13. Myntekt

    Sound Blaster ZX stopped working in headphone mode

    After booting up my PC today the sound didn't work anymore. I turned my speakers on and the sound started playing from there, although it was on headphone mode. I switched to speakers mode and the sound kept playing. What I already did: ■ I rebooted the PC and the problem persists. ■ I tried...
  14. C

    My First PC Build

    Hey guys, I just put together my first PC build and I need to know if its good enough to run games at 1080p 60 on ultra settings. If you have anything to say about this build, please reply. Any feedback or opinions would be great! Here's the build...
  15. EquineHero

    Is "AMD Only" RAM actually a thing?

    I'm looking for some RAM for a cheap build. I want to get this but it's not a 4x2gb kit. However, there's an 8GB kit that's 2x4GB, which you can find here. I know my motherboard doesn't support high density and I want to avoid a return process if I can. Is the difference between AMD Only and...
  16. B

    Help upgrading my PC

    So I've been looking to upgrade my PC for a while now however I'm not entirely sure what exactly it is that I need to replace. I've got; Windows 7 64bit Intel i5 760 2.8ghz 8gb ram HD 7850 2gb 2tb HDD 650W PSU ASUS P7P55D-E LX MOBO Based on game requirements it seems like I need a new graphics...
  17. N

    power supply with "aircraft style connectors"?

    Every now and then I need to boot the computer twice. Now the mouse and usb hard drive was not found, before I rebooted. I guess this means that my 6 year old psu is failing. I would like to get a new PSU with "aircraft style connectors"* so that I could just unattach the modular cables from...
  18. N

    Can't attribute free space to C: Drive

    Hi, When i bought my computer i created a partition from the main disk(D: ), but recently i deleted it and i cant reatribute the free space to the C: drive. Im using windows disk management. Anyone knows a workaround?
  19. B

    What is the difference between these two SSD's and
  20. X

    How do you recognize which monitor can be mounted on stand?

    Hi How do you tell which monitor can be mounted? Is there some marking in he name, should i look in the discription or just try to get a picture of the back of the monitor to see if theres a mounting bracket?
  21. Z

    Best Budget AiO Water Cooling Kit

    Soo i had to choose a different CPU cooler as my stock AMD one is doing a good job but sounds like a hurricane constantly running at 4000 RPM , so shall i get a hyper 212 EVO or a cheaper water cooling maintenance free one like the cooler master seidon 120m my budget is £40 any help would be...
  22. S

    Should i get the FX-8350

    Hi, im having a massive problem with which way to go toward upgrading. my specs are: AMD Phenom II x4 965 @4.1Ghz R9 280X Direct CU2 8gb ram 600w Psu Corsair H60 Water cooler ASUS M5A99X motherboard at the start i had my cpu set to srtock clocks (3.4) but i was experiencing bottlenecking due to...
  23. S

    HELP! Im really stuck about what to do

    Hi, im having a massive problem with which way to go toward upgrading. my specs are: AMD Phenom II x4 965 @4.1Ghz R9 280X Direct CU2 8gb ram 600w Psu Corsair H60 Water cooler ASUS M5A99X motherboard at the start i had my cpu set to srtock clocks (3.4) but i was experiencing bottlenecking due to...
  24. Deus Gladiorum

    Max safe voltage, FX-6300?

    I'm going on an overclocking binge to get the maximum performance out of my FX-6300. So far I've got to 4.5 GHz (increased CPU multiplier only) at +0.100 V according to my motherboard, so 1.418 V maximum according to CPU-Z after many hours of stress testing. After 10 hours of Small FFT and 13...
  25. Sulphur_

    Sudden Issues with a home-built PC and a lack of solutions.

    Hello, and thank you for your time. First off, I built my PC nearly a year and a half ago. Recently, I began to get BSODs that increased in frequency until the system was deemed unusable and would fail to start (exhibiting a new error that stated a missing or corrupt hal.dll file, which was...