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  1. ineedhelppleaseu

    [SOLVED] (Help) Pc suddenly turns off when being used ?

    Hi I created an account here for help, A month ago i built my pc with a help of my Cousin. A week ago, Saturday, I moved my pc to my uncle's home because i needed internet connection (yes i dont have internet connection because my isp havent installed it yet), after i installed everything i...
  2. Symilix

    Question When raid configuration was built, ensure to set sata configuration is set to raid mode

    I just installed a new cpu the ryzen 5 3400g to my Asus prime A320m-k with that installing the newest bios update and now every time I try boot up I get this error message I’ve tried changing it to raid mode in the advanced setting and just then stops it loading anything and gives me the no...
  3. SlugBugBuddy

    Question Help with GPU/CPU

    I have this extra PC that I have so if a friend comes over we can play stuff together, and for about 6 months now it's been working like a dream. One of my friends bought an MSI RX 580 Armor OC from Ebay (Throws up in mouth) and asked me to test it after it wouldn't work in his ancient Dell...
  4. B

    Powering risers with 6 pin

    Greeting, I'm building my first mining rig and have some questions about how to power risers. I have 6 Risers version 008S that feature 3 power connectors: S-ATA, 4 pin Molex and 6 pin (they say that is a 6 pin Molex) My question is: can i plug my 6+2 VGA power cable into that 6 pin. I'm...