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  1. K

    Question best laptop $500-$600

    In the market for a laptop that performs well, not too thick, and ensures durability from the $500-$600 price point.. Would be using the laptop everyday, at least 256gb ssd or 500gb+ if not ssd. Need to buy the laptop by today July 31, 2019. Thank you! reposted, just trying to get a variety of...
  2. S

    Question HP 450 G4 RAM upgrade

    I have a HP 450 G4 with a 4GB DDR3 and I wanna bump it up as much as possible. I saw that it only goes up to 8GB on the HP website. I also have an old 450 G0 which goes up to 16GB. How is that possible? I want to at least go up to 12GB. Can this be done? :)
  3. JustKevin

    Question How to Sell A Laptop With A Broken BIOS?

    I have a HP Notebook - 14-am125tx. One day I was updating the BIOS after the Laptop was fixed, the chip got reballed. Because I accidentally use a wrong type of alcohol to change the thermal paste. Anyway, back to the BIOS. After I updated the Laptop BIOS through the HP Assistant. Suddenly the...
  4. J

    Question 100% Disk Usage/ Screen goes crazy and clicks all over

    I have an HP Envy M6 laptop I have been having a few problems with. I noticed in the task manager the disk always jumps to 100% and the computer locks up on me. I factory reset my laptop and added more ram thinking that would help it. I added 16 GB ram from Crucial. Webpages and programs load...
  5. S

    Question Laptop does nothing when lid is closed

    My HP 15 bs model's hinge was broken so i got it replaced at service center. Now if i close the lid, its not being shutdown/sleep/hibernate. The store guy says its software issue. Is it true or did he did he miss something? Thanks in advance!
  6. E

    Question HP Probook 6450b won't turn on

    Hello everyone, I have a little issue with my old laptop. I will try to keep it as short as possible at the same time not to omit important info. I have a Probook 6450b for quite a few years, for 3 years or so I haven't used it at all but lately (4 months) I started using it as a server...
  7. B

    Question Cage in the way of prebuilt psu wires

    I bought an hp prebuilt a few months ago, and would like to upgrade. There is only one problem, there is a cage in the way and stopping me from unplugging any of the wires. Has any one any idea if this is removable or not without cutting anything? Image...
  8. shmu26

    Question Print to fax -- HP Officejet on Linux Mint

    I have an HP officejet 6830 (all-in-one), running on Linux Mint 19.1 x64 Cinnamon. I want print to fax function, or workaround. On Windows I use the HP universal fax driver.
  9. E

    Question Faulty built in keyboard HP Elitebook 2560p Typing different letters

    Good morning all, I seem to be having a problem with my old HP Elitebook 2560P. Some of the keyboard letters are typing double and wrong , for example when I press the 'c' key I get 'ce' or if I press the 'e' key I get 'ce' . If I press 'P' I get #P and a few others. I've tried removing...
  10. E

    Should i use Dban or keep letting windows delete my drive?

    I am getting ready to re-install windows 7 home on a 500g WD drive that was given to me by a friend and wanted to ask if i should use Dban to give it a good scrubbing? This HDD has been reformatted many times by the friend that gave it to me so i heard that windows does not really do that great...