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  1. Joker_Society_Yaw

    Question Hard Drive Disappeared, Started Working Again, then Disappeared Again?

    2 weeks ago my old hard drive finally died out, so I had the local tech dude install me another one, it worked perfectly for a couple of days, until... Yesterday I turned on my PC and it took longer than usual to boot, after it booted only my ssd was there... I checked the disk drives in the...
  2. Chadguy

    Question What happens when I use old SSDs and HDDs in a new PC build?

    So I plan on building a new PC (first time) and I'd like to use my current SSD and HHD. What happens when I do so? Is it safe? Would I not have to install Windows 10? Do files get corrupted/stay like they are on my current PC? Or is the safest bet just to get new storage?
  3. K

    Question Problem with SSD access delay in old laptop.

    The gist of the story is, i have a client of mine that insisted on getting an ssd in a grandpa (Acer Aspire 9000 series). I finally succumbed after trying to talk the client out of this and tried to fit an SSD on the machine. After much research on ways to achieve that i concluded the best case...
  4. beckahsloths

    Question Windows 8 Install - Cannot Find Drive... And More

    I've got a Lenovo y50 with SeaGate Laptop Thin SSHD - 500GB (more specifically a ST500LM00-SSHD-8GB). About 2 weeks ago I restarted the computer and when I tried to turn it back on I kept getting an EFI error. So, I tried everything within my power to get rid of the boot error. Needless to say...
  5. M

    [SOLVED] I recently bought a new ssd and my other hdd's are not recognize on my pc

    I recently bought a new m.2 SSD which I have installed in my pc and have installed windows onto it but my other HDD's are not recognized in my bios or in disk management but when I take the m.2 SSD out of my pc and turn it back on my HDD's are working. im not sure if its cause i have windows on...
  6. H

    [SOLVED] Switching files over from HDD to smaller M.2 SSD.

    I recent bought a M.2 500gb SSD and am trying to put my OS and other applications on it. The amount of storage ive used up on the HDD is more than the M.2 can hold. I've tried using Macrium Reflect to copy over the files but i dont really know what to move over and will it still work if i move...
  7. K

    [SOLVED] I want to use a 500gb m.2 ssd as my main storage but have a hard drive for random files and stuff, how do i do this?

    Im building my first pc. It's mainly for gaming and web browsing. I don't really store huge files and will probably use like 200 gb in total. But i want to use my m.2 for mainly everything like my games and OS but have a hdd for random files like homework and stuff i will probably rarely access...
  8. T

    Question About windows 7 and windows 10

    I have a couple questions about upgrading to Windows 10. I recently bought a rtx 2080 ti and need windows 10 to run some of the features for games. So, I went ahead and bought an Ssd to clean install windows 10 directly on. Now, my question is do I need to wipe my old hdd that has my windows 7...
  9. Question SSD Cloned but questions about the old drive

    Okay so I have the SSD cloned from the HHD. I had intended to use a different Drive letter for the new drive, will changing that in Disk Management cause an issue? And the main reason, since it renamed the SSD to match the other HDD, the HDD is not showing up in My PC obviously. In Disk...