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    Question Find out if computer contains "secret" / "hidden" hardware?

    Dear all I use Windows 10 1) It is not a concern, but I was wondering how I can found out, if my computer contains hardware I am not aware of / “illegal” / “spy” hardware? Without opening up the case / looking at the hardware. 2) Does Device Manager display ALL hardware connected to my...
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    Question I can't find this program (Lavasoft Webcompanion)

    Hello, I can't find the location of this file in my disk and I think it's hidden on purpose. Today I started up my PC and I had some kind of ''LiveUpdate.exe'' asking me for permission to open. I declined and checked the startup settings in Task Manager and found out that there is a blank...
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    Can I install a Radeon HD 5700 series with a Radeon HD 9750 series using crossfire?

    I currently have a Radeon HD 5700 series but just ordered a completely new pc with a Radeon HD 9750. Can I take my current card and put it together with the 9750 with crossfire? Or does it have to be the very same series? Any light on the subject would be greatly appreciated.