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    Question Hide certain file extensions

    Is it possible to somehow automatically hide certain types of files? For example, the program creates files, I need to hide them so that they do not get in the way under the eyes. It makes no sense to hide a folder, you just need to hide files of a certain extension. Is there any way to do this...
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    Am I Bottlenecking: i5-4690K and GTX 960?

    If I'm bottlenecking, which part needs an upgrade? Keep price in mind. Also, switching from AMD and need a relevant motherboard suggestion. EDIT: Title
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    Graphic card not at full potential.

    I have a Lenovo Y50 with the Maxwell version of GTX 860M. It is almost as powerful as a GTX 750 Ti for desktop so it should run games just fine. Especially GTA SA (yes, I have no other game to test at the moment and I often play SA:MP). The GPU, since it is as powerful as a 650 Ti and almost as...
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    Best Gaming FPS and RTS gaming mouse

    Can anyone recommend a great gaming mouse that I can use for playing fps games like BF4 and RTS games like Dota 2?