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  1. Question Desktop to passive speakers?

    I have an old powered JBL subwoofer and a pair of passive JBL tower speakers collecting dust in the basement. My 15-year-old PC speakers are on the fritz and before I go out and buy new speakers I was wondering if it were possible to leverage my old sub and speakers as a replacement. My PC has a...
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    [SOLVED] Does anyone know if the "Teac MC-DV60" has a remote?

    I have a semi-rare TEAC MC-DV60 and according to this website: https://www.review33.com/news/news.php?news_id=70 , it should support radio, RCA, CD and USB playback. but there are no physical buttons on the device to change the input. I have also searched online and have come up with nothing. I...
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    CPU's & GPU's Combinations

    Hello. I've been informed that usually a Nvidia GPU fits better with a Intel CPU when it comes to performance...but would it really be bad if i tried a Nvidia GPU combined with a AMD CPU...? Incase you wondering wich GPU i'm talking about it's a GTX560 Ti. Regards, Drake.