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  1. tar14444

    Question Need recommendation's on how to save over 6tb's of files

    Hello, I'm looking to get your thought's on how I should properly save over 6tb's of Video's/Game's/Photo's. I have heard that external transfer rates would take forever to move the files around but I myself have never owned a external drive. Would it be best to purchase a external HDD or...
  2. J

    CPU and DRAM EZDebug LEDs Alternating

    So I was doing some routine maintenance on my PC this weekend. Removing dust and what not, and I noticed a small chunk of something under my RAM's heat shield. I removed the shield and dug out a chunk of dust and a small bit of a rubber? Anyways I reattached the shield popped everything back in...
  3. G

    Windows 7 lagging

    Hey,Guys i need help troubleshooting this problem. Well,I installed windows 7 Ultimate 64bit in my second partition but it's really laggy . I have Windows 10 in the first and it working fine. I have a Dell Latitude E6540 Intel Core I5-2520M 2.5GHz 4GB RAM Nvidia NVS 4200M a medium system...