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    Question GTX 1080 ti vs RTX 2080ti

    I am trying to put together a Part list for a gamming computer. I would like to spend somewhere between $2000 and $3000. Here is what I had put together so far. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/PDsjw6. I was wondering if a 2080ti is worth the money, or if a 1080-ti would be better. I would like to...
  2. Question What are these cheap LOW quality glossy gta v textures?

    What are these cheap gta v textures? Just got the 1060 3gb before I had a gtx 950 2gb, and I get high fps in gta v, but there are some texture loading problems. Never had this with the 950. I don't even know how to describe it, but it looks horrible and I'll just attach a screenshot. Any help is...
  3. K

    I’m unable to update my graphics card

    Ok so I really have no idea what I’m doibg but anyways I have an AMD Raedon(TM) HD 8610G and whenever I log into a game it tells me that ‘there is a known error with this known graphics card’ and I know there’s an update, however whenever I go to check for updates (I even have automatic updates...
  4. L

    PC Build for about £500-£800

    Hi Just looking for a modest PC build. Main games are going to be quite demanding, so need a powerful machine.
  5. L

    Need help with new Gaming PC Build. $2000

    Hello I don't have much experience with PC builds so I would really appreciate it if you guys would help me out with which parts/specs to choose. As the title states, I'm looking for a new gaming PC and monitor only (144 or 165hz 27inch) that would last very long (4+ years maybe?) and would run...
  6. Oniel100

    3 beeps no display signal

    Just bought a r9 380x and put it in my computer. Computer worked completely fine before this. now the computer has 3 beeps. looked it up it says Base 64K RAM failure. have reset cmos and put my radeon 7950 back in (it was my old card). 3 beeps still happening and i have already gone to computer...
  7. barto

    Cellular Apps on an iPhone

    So I'm thinking on trying an iPhone for the first time. Thought I would give it a whirl. My question is, if I get the iPhone from Verizon, will it have Verizon apps installed on the phone by default? My Galaxy S4 has all the extra stuff from Verizon on it and I've become a rather simple phone...
  8. W

    Looking for a portable computer case. Please help!

    I often have to move between houses because my parents are divorced. Of course I've considered buying a laptop, but seeing the outrageous prices that are charged I'd rather build one myself. Please leave a reply below about good quality portable computer cases. All help is appreciated, thank...
  9. M

    Computer is Power Cycling On/Off

    A few days ago my computer started to enter this on/off cycle whenever the power button is pressed. All fans will turn on but the computer shuts down 2 seconds later failing to enter POST and repeat. I have read and followed the bench guide that is posted here and it will run fine with just my...
  10. A

    power supply wattage

    I would like to know the recommended amount of watts I should get for my build. Cpu: amd a10 6800k mobo:asus a88xm-a Ram:geil dragon ram 1333mhz 1x4gb and team elite dual channel 8 gb altogether gpu:gigabyte r9 270 Hdd:wd caviar blue 500gb One optical drive
  11. G

    Abnormal CPU Usage on Minecraft after Fresh Install

    Hello, a fairly frustrating issue has come up with my system that I built recently. I went decided it was time to wipe my drive (before this, my first install, Windows 7), and I did. I put Linux on the system. All of the drivers were installed, and my framerate had just more than halfed than it...
  12. F

    Ways to lower price but keep roughly the same performance?

    I'm planning on building a budget PC, here's the link: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/fBQjqs Any ways I could lower the price but keep roughly the same performance? Also, is the CPU cooler necessary?
  13. T

    Cannot use remote desktop from a PC

    Hi I've set up remote desktop in the target windows 7 computer, but I cannot get remote desktop working from my main PC (win 7 too). The window closes immediately after I login. I know I've set everything up correctly in the target computer because I've tried from a 3rd PC (win7) and it works...
  14. K

    which one would be a better upgrade FX 6300 or GTX 750ti?

    ok i have a AMD athlon IIx2 4450e 2.80 GHz dual core processor and a GTS 450 2 gb graphic card on which i can run most of games at medium settings and i want to upgrade,should I upgrade from dual core to 6 core AMD FX 6300 or from GTS 450 2 GB to GTX 750ti 2 GB DDR5,also tell me can GTX 750 ti...