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    Question See in cmd when i ping the fortnite mid east server it says average 50ms but ingame it is 150ms.

    I get the right ping in all the servers but middle east(the closest one) i get around 150ms in-game.PLEASE HELP ME(i literally tried everything i knew or could)
  2. D

    [SOLVED] DPC Latency issue with Windows 10

    First of all, thanks for reading. As the title says, im having some latency issues with my computer (especially playing certaing games) Im getting constant 16000 µs of latency wich is a lot, the normal latency should be around 500 µs or less. I've already tried updating my GPU drivers, updating...
  3. D

    Question Ping on Ps4/Console fine ping on gaming PC unstable.

    I have recently moved into a college dorm and didn't really expect the internet to be that great. I started out playing my console and had no problems on any online games such as PUBG. As soon as I switched over to my PC i immediately started having problems. In the start I could barely stay...
  4. R

    Question Good Download Bad Ping

    So I've been having this issue for a while, but recently it just got a lot worse. So i have a pretty good pc (specs shown below) and i have great download speeds (usually between 50mbps-100mbps). I don't know why but suddenly my ping is really terrible in everything. I could be on discord in my...
  5. L

    [SOLVED] Low Ping, Great Frames, Terrible Latency

    Hardware list: ROG STRIX 2080 TI i7 8700K 16GB ram Gigabit internet through Rogers, connected via ethernet. So as of late, I have been having really bad latency in games. In particular, the two games I play are Rocket League and Rainbow 6 Siege. My ping in game is almost always a flat 32-36...
  6. F

    Question Shucked HDD poor preformance

    So my computer came with a Seagate firecuda 1tb drive installed and I was given a Seadate slim 2tb external drive for free a while back. When upgrading to a SSD for my OS and programs, I figured I might as well shuck the external and swap the two as my photo library is about 3tb/year and it's...
  7. P

    Question Please help me understand my Pingplotter traceroute results

    For the last month and a half I've been experiencing major packet loss, high jitter and high latency while gaming. When I phone my ISP (BellMTS) they say they see errors in the line and suggest sending out a tech to fix the errors. I've had 3 techs come out in the last month and each of them...
  8. Lam1080p

    Budget / Cheap Gaming Headset

    Hello! I'm looking for a budget gaming headset to Skype my friends, watching YouTube, gaming and a bit of music. I am not asking for major high quality expensive gaming headset, all I want is a headset that is usable for my uses that where listed earlier and most of all will last me a fair...