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  1. Z

    Question Rtx 2070 7001 mhz memory usage.

    This issue accrued out of nowhere, it started 6 months after using my gpu i tried to format and reinstall drivers in many ways still the same issue remained (7001 mhz memory usage)without even running any games etc, i'm pretty desperate can anyone help me ?
  2. W

    Motherboard for Dell Optiplex 390MT

    I need a motherboard that support i5 2400 and can fit in the Optiplex 390 mt case
  3. N

    8gb Double Channel vs 12gb Ram

    I have seen many threads but i couldn't find the solution,I am a gamer and i need the exact amount of ram the games eat.Now in some games I have noticed that the ram is going above 7gb and when it reaches 7.6gb something it is stuck there and the need for speed payback for example becomes laggy...
  4. S

    Don't know which ram sticks to buy

    Hey everyone! I'm currently looking for a couple of 2x8gb ram to add to my pc build that already has 2x8gb. Is it possible to use different brands? Im looking for something cheap but will work. Here's my build: https://ca.pcpartpicker.com/list/PCvrcc
  5. B

    Domain/Local Login does not work in a different location?

    Hi All, I have a weird one here. We have a laptop that we can log into fine as local admin or domain account. When we send the laptop to another location (different city, same domain), the same credentials do not work. We have tried wired/wireless, different admin accounts, different user...
  6. rayzaldy

    Powercolor 280x turboduo or 280 turboduo

    So i'm stuck with these two choices. These two is the cheapest 280x and 280 i could find. The 280x is priced at 194$ and the 280 is 172$. I know the difference is just the stream processors. Is it worth it just to grab the 280x for more future proof since i probably going to use the gpu until...
  7. N

    Best way to erase

    What is the best way to secure your laptop if you are returning it to the store for a different laptop? I have problems with my mouse sticking always. The laptop is a Gateway NE56R41u. Thank you