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  1. F

    Question Lost/Late Packets & High Network Jitter/Ping Maxes for Months. Tried Everything and Desperate for Help

    As stated above, I have been having drastic problems with network jitter/high max ping spikes causing late/lost packets and could really use some help in any capacity. I came back home from college knowing that I would want to stream on Twitch while I was back home but when I tried to, my...
  2. mumus1911

    [SOLVED] Frequent download speed drops

    I'll try to explain the issue as best i can. I have a 1000 mbps download speed on paper from the isp and under optimal circumstances i get around 500-800 mbps of download speed and thats alright, however a couple of months ago the isp router started doing an odd thing. Every couple of days...
  3. I

    Question Discord giving me random spikes of 5000ms ping ?

    Hello, Just recently Discord is giving me 5000 ms spikes every 10 mins and it stays like that for around 10 to 15 mins and then it comes back to normal. I have tried reinstalling Discord, whitelisting it in windows defender, tried even factory resetting the PC, but all in vain, the issue is...
  4. RiverGem

    [SOLVED] Hi there, just looking for some Tech support, having a hard time figuring this one out, details in body text

    So basically i am having an issue with my internet wherein my internet is stable when my PC is running on idle but when i start up any game, my connection drops significantly, my ping can reach 1200ms, my download goes from 40Mbps to 4-5Mbps, and my upload stays stable. This happens with any...
  5. xxxout

    [SOLVED] High ping since a few months

    Hello, since a few months or so I am constantly getting confronted with a high ping. My download/upload rate is fine. It's just as fast as ever. Speedtest results are fine as well. I tested pinging other websites and even when Discord shows me my 500+ ping with XX% packet loss, it still shows me...
  6. A

    [SOLVED] High Ping. Spectrum is my ISP.

    I live in St.Petersburg, Florida and around 4 months ago my ping spiked to 75-100ms and hasn't gone down since. I have no other ISPs in my area to switch to so I really need this to get fixed. Here is traceroute to Google's public DNS: f1 <1 ms <1 ms <1 ms www.routerlogin.com [] 2...
  7. padrelostr

    [SOLVED] Ethernet Cable

    Hello everyone I’m new to the PC World and I play a lot of games on my Asus PC. The problem is that i’ve always played with my wireless wifi that my other 3 members of my family are using, and that causes me to have high ping while playing. The modem is downstairs and my PC is upstairs, should i...
  8. N

    [SOLVED] Ping has almost doubled after hard router reset

    Used to get 44ms before hard reset, now I'm getting 65-70+. I'm not sure what I can do about this, there are times it would go from 44-55 but never that steep of an increase. I called my ISP and they weren't able to help.
  9. W

    Question I have a ton of packet loss i need help fixing it

    In Fortnite i get about 10% packet loss on my own servers. What should i so to fix it i just got a new router too. I dont know what to do my router is a Comtrend Wireless Gateway Model VR - 3060 View: https://imgur.com/a/gKokGOU
  10. W

    [SOLVED] So my ping went to 20-30 ping when it was usually 10.

    I know its kinda unnecessary because its not bad but i just want to know what happen. Any thoughts? (I also got 1.5 Mbps per second when i download something but i do a speed test and it said 15 Mbps i'm don't very good at this stuff just want to learn a little
  11. Question Unbearable lag and ping in games.

    Hello. I have a problem where my download speed is slower than usual, but more or less normal. However when im playing games my ping is 120ms+ and im lagging alot, it makes competitive games incredibly hard to play, lagging about the place and sometimes i cant move etc. When i run a wifi speed...
  12. K

    Question Really high ping only at night time?

    So I built my gaming pc about a year ago and initially I had no problems playing games at any time of the day, but recently I've been experiencing terrible connection at night time, from about 6pm to 11pm. Most people have told me that it's because a lot of people in my area start using the...
  13. fadelrama

    [SOLVED] High ping in certain games

    why my ping high in APEX, BFV and Warzone and pubg. But my ping fine in DOTA 2 and csgo. Ping in dota 2 is 22 and in bfv is 200 both connect to SEA server. please help
  14. S

    [SOLVED] I have a ping problem

    Hi, I play video games as my job and I am getting a problem with my internet... Let me explain I play Fortnite competitively and I used to get 20 ping on NA-East (my own server) and now I get 60 and sometimes spikes to 150 which is unplayable. The weird think is that I sometimes I get higher...
  15. M

    Question See in cmd when i ping the fortnite mid east server it says average 50ms but ingame it is 150ms.

    I get the right ping in all the servers but middle east(the closest one) i get around 150ms in-game.PLEASE HELP ME(i literally tried everything i knew or could)
  16. V

    [SOLVED] High ping and slow download on PC

    So a few days earlier. my PC got a bit weird. when I play some games, I always get a high ping and when I download something its always get so slow. after that i test my connection on speedtest.com. the result is: ping=41ms download=3.96Mbps upload=1.57Mbps and after that I test the same...
  17. manineedhelp

    [SOLVED] omg 500ms

    Hello. Let's start with the fact that I do gym in my house, mostly weights. I lift weights. Near where I lift weights is the DSL(phone) cable that goes to my router. Problem is whenever I do gym, finish and go play a game or something my ping is VERY high. For example, normal ping on an EU...
  18. DaveTheAirman

    [SOLVED] Packets Stop Receiving (Ping Spikes) Every 30 Seconds

    Packets stop receiving every 31-33 seconds exactly every time on the spot consecutively for 24/7. There is not a single thing I haven't tried other than connecting to another network which in my case won't fix the issue. To begin with I have an Omen. (Link to purchase...
  19. D

    Question What to blame for my High Ping?

    Hey there, So I've been having latency issues when using either WiFi or a Tplink ethernet powerline kit (Av600 kit). I ran some ping tests pinging my default gateway and the game server in command prompt and noticed that I always have ping fluctuations when using both wifi and the powerline...
  20. Q

    Question Ping +1000 when joining a gaming server

    Hi, so recently I've come across this issue when trying to play online games. The games that I play are CSGO and Apex Legends (Only play these two games, not sure if it will happen on others). So I either play on a 4MBPS ADSL Line or Fixed LTE (usually around 20MBPS), don't worry fibre is almost...
  21. T

    Question Awful speeds and ISP giving me no help

    My main question is: Why is my router getting 19Mb but not outputting anywhere near that even with a direct Ethernet connection? So I’ve moved into my house last September (2018) and got a deal with EE. I live in a pretty remote area of SW U.K. so I know I was never going to get the speeds I...
  22. P

    [SOLVED] Packet loss and high ping on wired connection.

    About a month and a half ago everyone on my home network started experiencing TERRIBLE packet loss and high pings. We had 2 techs come out and test our wires only to tell us that there should be no problem with our speeds/quality. I started doing some research myself to try to figure out the...
  23. C

    [SOLVED] High ping in game from network Please help I gave up on trying.

    So I have a TP link archer T6E and It has great reviews for wireless gaming. (parents will net let me route Ethernet to my room) So lately I Have been play rainbow 6s and my ping spikes (now I have always had normal network spikes idk why but never ping) so it has been getting annoying. so I...
  24. L

    usb wireless adapter headset ( bluetooth)

    hi so i have these official ps3 headset wich was working perfectly, then they stop working. When i connect the usb it says device descriptor failed. I tried restarting the laptop , disabled the usb , uninstall the usb, removing power supply and then plugging in again. Downloaded driver talent...
  25. iRaariTy

    Is Black Friday worth it

    I’m in the process of buying a new PC and so far I have my processor and graphics card. I was wondering if it is worth waiting until Black Friday to get the rest of my components. Does RAM or storage drop by a reasonable amount? I’m getting a little impatient as I have the money to buy the rest...
  26. I

    Will a gtx 1060 6gb bottleneck a ryzen 1600

    I was wondering would a gtx 1060 bottleneck the ryzen chip or could it be the other way around. i've seen people using cards like a 1070 as well
  27. V

    I cleaned my (:D) disk using diskpart - clean. Need to restore it please help.

    I wanted to clean other disk but made a mistake. Please help me to restore the data! :) cmd to: diskpart list disk select disk 1 clean Nothing more like (create par primary; format fs = ntfs quick) photo of diskpart:
  28. J

    plugged in = more fps

    Why playing plugged in boost 20-30+ FPS ? Is this normal or there's something wrong ( by the way my laptop is Dell Inspiron 15 2017) is playing plugged in for hours damage the battery ? THANKS
  29. P

    Skyrim npc dialgoue cuttig out

    I have been on 4 threads at least but none of them fixed the issue. I use a maxtek headset and no mod for npc dialogue other than the guard dialogue overhaul. An example of this bug happening is say "my sister gerdur...the mill at riverwood
  30. S

    What is this sound piece thingy called?

    I'm not much of an audiophile. I purchased, a while back, an old HP workstation and upgraded it abit to a more decent graphics card for gaming. With this desktop, the sound came out of the case. No speakers needed. With my new desktop (GTX 1080/i7 6700, high end) this isn't the case. I assumed...
  31. AyyyyLmao

    Do I buy a new gpu or monitor?

    Currently I have a gtx 980 and a generic 1080 24 inch 60hz monitor. I play a bit of Cs go, a ton of Rust, the witcher 3, a lot of strategy games, and battlefield 1 and overwatch. My problem is I can't decide whether to upgrade my gpu or my monitor. I would love a higher resolution and higher hz...
  32. Y

    will this change my performance alot? (gpu)

    i have a very gppd motherboard and processor but my performance is low because i am using intergrated graphics (an hd530 to me more precise) my current performance on most games like beamng and scrap mechanic is almost alwas under 30 fps on the lowest settings,i am planning to either get a 750...
  33. S

    Core clock MHZ dropping during game play

    Specs before you get started: Gpu:GeForce GTX 1060 3GB Cpu:AMD FX(tm)-6350 Six-Core Processor 3.9 Ram:16 GB OS: Windows 10 Not sure why, but my core clocks suddenly throttle down randomly in game. I average about 60 then it dips to 37-40 then builds up again. Usually when I'm not in a battle or...
  34. D

    what would be a good PSU

    i want to know how much wattage should my PSU have i7 6700 NVIDIA Geforce GTX 950 1x 8GB RAM not shure what my drivers are could you tell me around what number i would need
  35. S

    Does power outage will damage me?

    I Have a pc Specs fx 4300 Gtx 960 4gb Gigabyte 970 g1 MB Hyper xfury 8gb (4x2) 550watt vs corsair Kingston 120gb ssd and WD 1 tb hdd My pc justs shuts down itself when there is power outage when iam playing AC syndicate ,it justs shuts down and starts again i dont know any fault and i have a...
  36. G

    HELP! I want to install windows 10 from usb drive HELP!

    I'm building PC for first time and i need to make no mistakes. When i install it does it need the usb drive to be plugged in to operate or it installed forever on the HDD how i want to be. And how much space it will take on my usb is 8gb enough.
  37. I

    "No Signal" using mini-DisplayPort Asus MG279q

    Hello, i have big problem !(( i purchase monitor Asus MG 279q 144hz for my sun but its not work with Display Port only hdmi i need Display port for 144hz and resolution 2560x1440 when i try plugin Display port cable and switch on write Display Port NO SIGNAL and automatically switch for HDMI...
  38. slimey

    How to connect Wii to PC ?

    Good morning How to connect Wii to PC ? I want to use the PC Monitor to see the Wii. Eventually I want to record video. My TV has HDMI & USB. My VCR has S-Video Out .
  39. saintequila

    will this AMD build work for gaming

    Mb: MSI 970 Gaming CPU: AMD Vishera FX-8320 3.5Ghz RAM: G.Skill RipJaws X (dual) 2x4gb ddr3 1600 CL9 PSU: Corsair CX600M 80+ Bronze, modular CASING: Bitfenix Shadow HDD: Seagate 1tb as for the gpu i want some suggestions! will there be any hindrances with my build or problems!
  40. A

    my Acer laptop takes too long to boot from startup

    my Acer laptop takes too long to boot from startup. It hangs for about 20-30 minutes before it opens up. But when it has opened, it works just fine.