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  1. AbHiBruh

    Question Random FPS drops on games, Can't find the cause..

    Laptop Specs Ryzen 5 3550H GTX 1650 500GB NVME SSD 8x1GB RAM (6GB USEABLE BECAUSE CPU TOOK THE REST 2GB FOR INTEGRATED GPU) Since few months while playing games in which I'm getting decent FPS like 40-60 I'm having sudden fps drops to 0-10FPS after playing for 10-15mins I've been trying to...
  2. 5leadgaming

    Question Sea of Thieves using 20gb+ ram

    Sea of Thieves using 20gb+ ram, unsure as to why, just checked task manager while playing and saw 90% ram usage and saw SoT using approx. 24gb as I am writing this now, restarting my game fixes it for a while then after I've played about an hour it swiftly goes to 24gb again I have 32gb Corsair...
  3. C

    Question HIGH RAM USAGE

    I have 1 tab open in chrome and 3 tabs open in edge, yet the ram usage is 60! %, I have even calculated all background processes - they all combined must be showing a figure of 25% and not 60%. Whats the problem? I have 8 gb ram installed. even after restarting the pc with pc being idle, the...
  4. SpectreHawke

    [SOLVED] Help Upgrade a 2015 Build (Budget $500-800)

    Hi, Other than hearing my computer hum loudly and feeling it be rather warm (not hot, but warm like a low setting heater), I've noticed my computer uses a lot of RAM lately when I am using 2 of my monitors and my Huion 24" display drawing tablet. The usual programs I run consist of Clip Paint...
  5. B

    WD Black M.2 SSD Slower that it should be.

    Hi guys, Just got a new M.2 WD Black SSD and it isn't as fast as it should be. My Sequential Read is about 1400 MB/s while the quoted spec is 2050 MB/s. I am running a brand new install of Windows 10 64 bit ( not activated yet ) and I have the 512 GB drive. Any information to why this is...
  6. S

    Don't know which ram sticks to buy

    Hey everyone! I'm currently looking for a couple of 2x8gb ram to add to my pc build that already has 2x8gb. Is it possible to use different brands? Im looking for something cheap but will work. Here's my build: https://ca.pcpartpicker.com/list/PCvrcc
  7. W

    Computer restarts when gaming.

    My computer restarts when I'm gaming. Between 10-40 minutes in the game the screen goes black and the computer restarts. Its been happening since i built the computer. I read threads with similar problems and most of the people say its the psu. I tried installing fresh windows 10 64bit retail...
  8. S

    is this a VideoCard problem?

    Friend gave me old laptop (windows XP). You can see what happens on screen ( the same is even on BIOS screen): When i connect laptop to external screen, the same comes to external screen (the only difference is that on external screen the image is fully extended on screen). What is the...
  9. T

    My pc Help please

    I'm sorry but I have a question this is my whole computer specs Processor: Pentium(R) Dual-core CPU E5300 2.60GHZ (I know its extremely old) 3GB RAM 32bit os Graphics card: AMD Radeon Sapphire R7 260X OC 2GB GDDR5 My question is would I run the game ARMA3 with a decent fps like 30 with...