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  1. TheSpetnazAreAfterME

    Question Anyone else here name Doug have network issues too?

    Hey yall, My name is Doug and I'm having network issues and my friend who's also named Doug is having network issues. Basically while playing a game it will freeze and then tell me that I lost connection, but I can still hear my friends talking on discord and they can't hear me. I can still do...
  2. G

    12 gb ddr3 7.96 usaable

    I have a amd 8350 processor gtx 970 and 12 gb ddr3 4 x 4gb 1333 all same speed gigabyte 970a-ds39 only 7.96 usable. Windows 7 ultimate 64bit I had 2 x 4gb installed and 8gb usable and installed another 4gb ddr3 and now only 7.96gb usable have tried all sticks in all different slots and new ram...