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high temperature

Forum discussion tagged with high temperature.
  1. Mike Kim

    Question Problems after spilling coffee on laptop

    Image 1 ; Image 2 So the other day, I accidentally poured coffee on my laptop and decided to clean the insides (motherboard, fan, etc.) using cotton buds and a dry cloth. The model of my Laptop is an Asus x507UF-BR003T. After cleaning the inside of any remaining stains, I decided to let the...
  2. Z

    Question i7-6700K voltages & temp issues

    Specs: Motherboard: ASUS Z170-A CPU: i7-6700K @ 4.00 GHz Cooler: Corsair Hydro H110i RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 3000MHz I recently started getting high temps with my setup, idling at around 70C. Ruling out cooling problems (reapplied thermal paste, cleaned off dust), what...
  3. L

    Question RX 470 Graphics card unexplainable higher temps on intensive games.

    So as the title says, recently my GPU's temps are incredibly high, to the point of where it starts throttling (on more intensive games). Previously during benchmarks it would hit a maximum of 58C, that same benchmark atm pushes it to 85+ C. This causes it to get extremely hot, and start...
  4. Amirnajah

    Question Motherboard temp in HWMonitor keep showing 100°C

    So its been 2 years since i get this pc, and some days ago my Monster Hunter World starts to stutter at some points. I asked some friends about what might happen on my pc. They said it could be high temp on my hardware. Then I checked it using HWMonitor and it shows that my motherboard is...
  5. T

    Question High CPU and low GPU usage

    I have recently upgraded all my components except my cpu because they died. I noticed that some games i used to play aren't preforming as well as they used to I downloaded msi afterburner and saw that while playing games I get 30-50% usage and 100% usage. I also noticed that my cpu temps are 100...
  6. musava_ribica

    Question 2.30GHz processor running at 3.8GHz (95 degrees C while gaming). Wheres the problem?

    http://prntscr.com/pl7qqq this screenshot shows basically it all, the processor info and everything. I did overclocking with MSI Afterburner earlier today because I thought that will help fix FPS drops every few seconds while I play games, but I found out that it is because of the too hot CPU (I...
  7. mranimo

    [SOLVED] I want to upgrade my PC case because overheating...

    I have an aerocool cruisestar advance pc case with an fx-8300 with a TX3 evo cooler and an asus r9 290 directcu II oc. So the problem is that I have around 70°c on the CPU with stress test, and my videocard is at 50-55°c in idle, 60-63°c when I watch online videos or streams and running older...
  8. [SOLVED] i7 6700 idle temp 60 degrees

    Hello! I was just wondering if its normal that my CPU (i7 6700) idles at around 60 degrees... My room temp is currently around 26 degrees . I have heard that 6700 usually idles at around 35 degrees and I have no idea why is my CPU twice as hot. Im using a pretty big cpu cooler with a heat sink...
  9. W

    [SOLVED] High Settings = Cooler GPU

    So the other day i was playing SEUM the hell speedrunners game and i was getting some frame drops from 60 to 50 fps on ultra settings and my temp was normal at around 40C-50C but when i lowered the settings to lowest (just to see what fps i get) - i got 200 fps and like 30 secs after that my gpu...
  10. Pycass

    Question Ryzen 5 1600x high temperature. Any advice?

    So I have a ryzen 5 1600x since October 2018. Cooler Wraith Max, motherboard b350 pc mate MSI and Arctic Silver 5 paste. Oh and OC at 4.0 ghz. I was playing Witcher 3. When I was done I cecked the temperatures in MSI afterburner I noticed my CPU idle was 60 degrees CELSIUS and even hit 87...
  11. A

    Question Stuttering caused by high CPU temperature ?

    Hello all I am facing a stuttering problem in my game (mostly i play BFv) So I checked temperature from HWmonitor and saw that maximum temp would reach 90 C for my cpu, I also ran Unigine valley benchmark and I get the same temperature after starting the test. So can that high temperature cause...
  12. Guillotine651

    Question Cpu too hot while gaming :(

    I have a core i5 2400 with gtx 960 the temperature of gpu is idle but my cpu while gaming game like csgo and bo3 stays from 73 degrees to 81 and i think thats too hot :( btw my romm temp is above 38 degrees so is this fine temp or not ...... and while i m not gaming it stays upto 35 degrees to...
  13. MADD617

    Question i7 870 temperature is higher after applying AS5

    I have had the original thermal compound on my cpu since new (at least 8 years) and the temps were getting too high when gaming. After I applied AS5 a few months ago according to the instructions (vertical line, ~1mm), the temps are higher, and my cpu fan speed is around 2,100-2,200rpm when...
  14. K

    Black screen after boot

    I used to have the problem of critical process died before this issue just putting that out there. So I keep getting a blackscreen once I get past the boot screen literally cant do anything no cursor no automatic repair nothing at all
  15. R

    New CPU causing reboot loop

    Guys, I had i5-7500 but then I upgraded to i7-7700k. After installing the new CPU, it keeps restarting with no display. I already tried clearing CMOS, re-installing RAM and other components. But every time it keeps restarting without any display. Since I already sold my previous i5, I can't...
  16. K

    What Motherboards Support Fan Controlling

    I'm thinking about upgrading some of my components (one of which being my Motherboard) and had a question. I was browsing the internet the other day for parts and came across some PC fan speed controllers. I discovered that some motherboards can come with fan control support built-in while...
  17. K

    PCI card, Wireless Adapter or USB Adapter for Desktop

    Hi Guys a Heavy Rain Lightning n Storm ruined lots of things in my area yesterday... So it does ruined my Router n my Network Adapter, nw i got my Router Replaced as it was in Warranty Period, bt nw i have to deal wid my Network Adapter, bt i'm confused what i should use frm d PCI card...
  18. W

    Windows failed update, now error message, and recovery partition missing

    Thank you for any information provided and I apologize for my lack of in depth computer knowledge up front. I hope this doesn't all sound like a series of unfortunately events, but they may all be related so I am going to list them here. What I am looking for is the best next step... repair...
  19. J

    Computer won`t detect my GTX 1070 MSI

    When I install the driver of my video card. It was checking system compatibility and then NVIDIA INSTALLER cannot continue. The NVIDIA GRAPHICS driver is not compatible with this version of windows. Help please
  20. M

    skylake Processor for Music/Video editing?

    i already have 16gb ddr4 ram, gtx 950, h110i mobo, 620w seasonic psu. i dont do much gaming. just a little. but i do more on photoshop, video editing and music editing. what is the recommended processor? i was thinking of getting i3 6100 or i5 6500/6400