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    [SOLVED] Gaming / Streaming PC build Help

    Hello. I'm in desperate need of some help. I stream on Twitch and love to play PC games. I'm not even going to talk about my current PC build it CANNOT run any games aside from minecract, BASICALLY - I'm in need of a desperate Upgrade. I need a PC that can Stream to 1080p comfortably i would...
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    Mounting SSD in case

    The adapters I've seen allow a 2.5 inch SSD to mount in a 3.5 inch enclosure. But I don't have any 3.5 inch trays in my case. They are all 5.25 inches. We will have two 2.5 inch SSDs to install. Can someone recommend a converter/adapter to place those into a single 5.25 inch tray? Steel would...