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    Question Chrome Browser Hijack? Virus? Any advice?

    Hello, So today I went on Google chrome, and I first of all noticed that my profile on chrome was completely signed out. I was able to sign back in, however my chrome background picture had disappeared. There was nothing on the home menu apart from my bookmarks and favourites. I checked on the...
  2. C

    Question HOSTS file hijack. False alarm? "PossibleHostsFileHijack"

    Windows 10 Home Version 21H2 OS build 19044.2006 No antivirus software installed, just Microsoft Defender. Below my Protection History after I chose "Remove". Why dis happen? Googling "PossibleHostsFileHijack" Microsoft informs me: I've been using the https://winhelp2002.mvps.org/hosts.htm...
  3. J

    Only one fast SSD in group of four

    I have four ssd’s. One is nvme m.2 (Samsung 970 pro) running my OS on an old pcie gen 2 x 2 slot (yeah still on 1150, but upgrading to 1151 or x99 soon to actually make it useful) - the speed on that drive is predictably slow (800mbps r/w avg) but the other 3 are connected via sata 6gbps. One of...
  4. J

    BSOD System_Service_Exception and Kmode_Exception_Not_Handled and Interrupt_Exception_Not_Handled

    I recently upgraded my Ryzen 5 1500x to a 2600x and changed my 8 GBs of memory to 16. I got the Flare X memory because it said it was for Ryzen. Now every few minutes it crashes. I believe I've updated all of my drivers and reinstalled windows 10 nothing has worked. Please help System specs...
  5. L

    First Pc Build need opinions

    Hi I’m trying to get into PC Gaming and I’m planning on building my own pc and this is my build can anyone give me their opinion https://pcpartpicker.com/user/vinceanimefan/saved/X4pkTW
  6. Q

    Choosing best buy PSU for 60 euros/bucks

    Hey all I need help with choosing a PSU for my Pc.My config is: Ryzen 5 1600 Radeon RX 480 8GB 2x4DDR 4 RAM Kyngston Asus Rock Pro As mobo.I live in Serbia and everything is pricy here but we have vages like slaves I work for 300E a month and after some savings I am willing to spend around 70...
  7. tumex81

    Problem with Router,packet was blocked by IDS

    Hello all, i have a problem and not sure how to solve it. My ESET Nod warned me about something called "Detected ARP cache poisoning attack'' never saw that before. So I searched on the internet and found a solution. According to eset I should do DNS Flush so I did. It said that if its any other...
  8. S

    got a new ssd, want to migrate win 10 and only win 10

    i just received a crucial mx300 275gb ssd in the mail, i got this pc in may, but i finally got the ssd. Now i only want to put the os on there (without deleting literally everything). my hdd is 2 tb and ive used 1 tb of it, so i cannot clone the hard drive on the ssd.
  9. U

    Intle i3 3220 always below 30% Load

    Hey Guys. I have this Cpu : Intle i3 3220 which is suppose to run at 3.30 ghz. Recently i did a stress test and found out my pc always locks at 30% load and never goes above that. and my Temperatures are between 46-49 Degrees C never goes above 50. Also i have 4gb ram.
  10. I

    I need help fast (i3 6100 or i5 6500)

    hi i need help im building my own pc and im on a tight budget and im mostly looking for a nice gaming processor for 2017 should i get the i3 6100 with a evga gtx 1060 sc 3gb or a i5 6500 with a evga gtx 1060 sc 3gb
  11. Whizkid97

    GTX 780TI Not giving display

    Hello Tomshardware!!! i am stuck in a pretty bad situation and im going to write each and everything in detail, so this is gonna be a long thread, i just received an EVGA 780Ti custom water cooled with NZXT G10 Bracket and Corsair H40 Cooler from a very very nice and humble friend I am so...
  12. G

    Moving to a new config

    Hello, I am upgrading my PC tomorrow and I had a few questions 1. I will not be changing my hard drive, do I need to reinstall Windows and/or drivers or just connecting the hard drive to the new motherboard will do? 2. My power supply doesn't have 8-pin power connectors. Do I need to change...
  13. W

    need help on budget

    this is the system build so far PCPartPicker part list: http://pcpartpicker.com/list/3RVmD8 Price breakdown by merchant: http://pcpartpicker.com/list/3RVmD8/by_merchant/ CPU: Intel Core i5-6500 3.2GHz Quad-Core Processor ($198.88 @ OutletPC) CPU Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO 82.9 CFM...
  14. T

    guys i need a help

    suggest me a gpu that can play games at ultra settings in 1080p at 60fps, i dont want nt gpu to be overkill
  15. J

    BSOD Memory Management After Upgrading RAM, ASUS X453MA

    my laptop runing on windows 10 64bit, it works fine with the stock ram 2gb ddr3 1.35v, then i replace it with corsair 4gb ddr3l pc 12800, after installing the blue screen always shown, i've tried run memory diagnostic, and the result is good. please help me with this issue, thanks before
  16. S

    UPLAY: The Division Always Failed download (even after trying in another PC)

    Hello everyone, I purchased new Motherboard and got free games code and redeemed it, and success. and tried to download Tom Clancy's The Division but always failed, it said "please check your internet connection or your hard drive space" - all normal (as far as i know) I have tried many tips...
  17. F

    Asus p8z68-v and a new Gainward GTX 770 blank screen of doom

    Hello, i have just gotten a Gainward GTX 770 2GB, and when i use put it in the PCI-e slot and plug it in DVI monitor, the monitor is just saying that no source found and so on. The power cables are plugged in. Rig: MBB: ASUS P8z68-v GPU: Gainward GTX 770 2GB RAM: 8GB Vengeance PSU: Corsair...
  18. B

    Gaming PC stutters

    First I will state the current build of my computer below. NVIDIA GTX 980 video card INTEL I5-4690K cpu SAMSUNG SSD 1TB 24 Gbytes of DDR3 dual channel ram z97MX-Gaming 5 Gigabyte motherboard Windows 10 Explanation of problem: Periodically my computer stutters while gaming or even when idle...
  19. M

    Is it worth using 2 HDD

    I am building a pc and have a 1tb hdd I am using as my main storage, i also have a smaller hdd from another pc. Is it worth adding it something similar to an ssd to put extra stuff? Just wondering peoples thoughts.
  20. J

    Urgent! Can 6 pin plug in to 8 pin card?

    Need help urgent! I've just bought a Gigabyte GTX 950 XTREME Gaming and realize that my 450W PSU only have a 6 pin plug but the card require 8 pin. Will it still OK to plug in 6 pin PSU to 8 pin card. Thanks.
  21. L

    RAM is reserved, cant use it? 4GB

    i have 8 GB of RAM in my Mobo, But it says only 3.90 GB is in use and 4.10 GB are being reserved. How do I get all 8 GB to be used. Is it because my ram is in a slot in the mobo that is dead? (but it says on Task manager that 2 slots are used out of 4, so idk)
  22. farmeeli

    Upgrading my rig, don't know where to start

    Hi, this is my current rig: http://pcpartpicker.com/user/farmeeli/saved/QWqZxr It's starting to age, and I'd ideally like it to keep up with the rising tide of specifications of newer games. Games like Fallout 4, where on Ultra I get 60fps in buildings, but when I'm wandering around outside I...
  23. B

    Graphics upgrade for my HP Computer.

    Hi, I have a HP Envy 700-215xt. Specs: i7 4770 / 1 Stick of 8GB Ram @1600mhz / SATA3 1To Harddrive / A 300W PSU, Which is this one : http://postimg.org/image/3u5h2a9kz/ Can somebody just confirm If I can go with this graphics card, Its a Galax GeForce GTX 750 Ti. and the minimum power supply...
  24. B

    Confusion on Connecting Case Fans

    Hello, I am currently building my first PC and there are two fans built into the case. I followed the cables and found they both eventually connect into a 2 Pin Male Molex, but I am not sure whether to plug it into the Power Supply, to the motherboard (how do I do this?), or both. What should I...
  25. T

    Update killed my computer?

    I was updating my laptop this morning, (windows 8.1 just the usual forced monthly update) and when the computer went to restart it self, it turned off and now it won't turn back on. I thought maybe it had just died but I've been charging it for two hours now and it won't even try to startup...
  26. R

    how to connect speaker wires to a usb plug

    old speakers have nonremovable wires & I would like to convert the bare ends to a USB or other type of plug that would be able to be connected to a radio or CD/DVD player
  27. T

    SLI Windows 8.1 Issue

    Whenever i enable sli i get VIDEO TDR FAILURE or black screen forever 2x Nvidia Geforce GTX 470 12 x intel R core i7 CPU X980 @ 3.33GHzg 13GB Ram Windows 8.1 Pro (cracked) P6T deluxe V2 TX950W
  28. bambinn

    Looking for a affordable AM3+ motherboard

    Hi I have been looking for a affordable AM3+ motherboard for the AMD Piledriver X8 FX-8350 4.0GHz CPU. I prefer a larger motherboard with many PCI and SATA connections. I would like to have the possibility of overclocking, however i'm unlikely to actually do it. After some research i have...
  29. Qwerty-space

    Can't format USB stick

    Hello! I have an 8GB USB 3.0 stick and I can't format or open it. It went corrupt a while ago, and it crashes windows explorer when I right click on it. After a while the context menu will open and I can click format and it took forever to open. I clicked format, and it took forever just to...
  30. Aravind V Nair

    Laptop dosen't fast boot

    I have a new DELL Inspiron 15R 5537. I got it in November 2014. I have noticed that it dosen't do the usual fast boot. Instead it does a cold boot every time. Please help me. I have tried defragmenting, checking disk for errors, etc.. I don't want to do a factory reset because I have lot of...
  31. G

    looking for a low budget netbook or laptop

    Anybody knows about tally software? I need to know more in detail about it. Does the software requires a pc to run it? What is the use of it and minimum system restore for this to run.
  32. I

    Windows Laptop Suggestions

    Hello, i have started saving for a laptop for college and its a pain in teh arse. Theres is so many and so many companies over pricing and so many bad reviews. I really dont know which one to aim for because theres always something horribly wrong or theyre incredibly expensive. I just want a...
  33. D

    Gaming PC Build - Advice Needed!

    I'm looking to build a new gaming PC to replace my current one. My new proposed build looks as follows: Case/Modding: Corsair Carbide Series Air 540 High Airflow ATX Cube Case Phobya LED-Flexlight RGB controller with IR-Remote controller Phobya LED-Flexlight HighDensity (72x SMD LED's)...
  34. J

    irql not less or equal new video card

    just installed new video card upgrading from evga 650 ti put in a gtx 980 ill play some games on max setting getting around 80-90fps and then it will just freeze or crash last video card was completely stable just updated to latest driver dosent help any tool i can download to analyze dump files...
  35. S

    overclocing radeon r7 250

    hi i was trying to save up some money to buy r9 but had to spend it. so will take some time to get it again. any way i can boost up the r5? i know its crap but 5-10 fps will do big diff. i will have on my setting 30+ fps that way. cant find normal overclocing guide and amd overdrive doesnt seem...
  36. rebelion

    I am looking for budget gaming motherboard !! ?

    Suggest me some budget gaming motherboards !! Cpu : i5 4460 GPU : R9 280x Asus DC II
  37. M

    WD Blue or Black?

    I'm in store for a new HDD and was wondering if the 25dollar difference between the two 1tb models actually mean a lot in performance? I'm currently taking up Industrial Engineering and constantly use my desktop as a means of : Research Autocad2014 MS OFFICE 2013 Slight Gaming I just need...
  38. P

    Best Gaming PC

    I want build best gaming pc under 600 play all game high setting
  39. Q

    AM3 Liquid cooler in AM3+ socket

    SO i am looking at a liquid cooler that fits into an AM3 motherboard will it also be able to fit in an AM3+ motherboard?