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  1. S

    [SOLVED] Does accumulated browser history/cache actually slow down a browser at all?

    I'm on Microsoft edge. I know clearing history can help protect your information and refresh some pages that are having issues loading, but other than that do you really ever need to clear browser cache/history? Does browser history itself take up space/resources somehow? Say for example over...
  2. E

    [SOLVED] Questions about File Explorer search history and program logs ?

    Dear all When I use Search in File Explorer, Windows stores / logs the search history. 1. Is there a place in Windows, where I can see timestamp / when I have made a search in file explorer? 2. Is there a place in Windows, where I can see when I have opened a program, for example Google...
  3. S


    Is there anyway to see the microphone/camera history- when it was activated, for how long it was activated (computer) ?
  4. Watrevir

    Discussion Graphics Card history

    Hi all Years ago I'm sure I contributed to a thread on users' personal GPU history but I can't find it anywhere. I thought it'd be interesting to see what GPUs people have had over the years- what upgrade paths people have followed and how far back they go. Here's mine to start: Riva TNT 2...
  5. E

    [SOLVED] Log / history for previously installed software?

    Hello everyone I have installed different kind of software on my system, throughout the last year. Often I had to delete or re-install some of the software, because of lack of space on my SSD. I use Windows 10 home. Where can I see, what software previously was installed on my system, that is...
  6. S

    Question Keep Android Browser History for 12 months

  7. G

    Which memory would be suitable ?

    So im building a new pc and want you guys to list me some parts. iv already picked the motherboad and cpu. if you could list me the memory etc. Would be for light gaming, editing, normal surfing...
  8. M

    Toshiba Satellite Chasis, Case, Restpalm to Model C845D-SP4186KM

    Hi everyone, I have a Toshiba Satellite C845D-SP4186KM with a lot of parts broken althought the laptop is working in that way I would like change the chasis completely but I couldn´t found it in the common online stores. Do you know if this model is similar to another? Thanks in advance...
  9. A

    Monitor not accepting Dvi-d

    I recently bought a new motherboard, cpu fan, ram, and monitor for my brother because he wanted an upgrade plus his motherboard died. I have a Asus VE208T monitor and a AsRock B250M-HDV motherboard. I've been trying to download an os, but the monitor is stuck on only accepting a vga input, and I...
  10. C

    AOC C2783FQ 27-inch Curved VA Monitor Review

    Curved monitors don’t only come in 21:9 aspect ratios. There a few models sporting 16:9 and today we’re looking at one such example, AOC’s C2783FQ. It’s a 27-inch FHD screen with a subtle 4000R curve and a high-contrast VA panel. AOC C2783FQ 27-inch Curved VA Monitor Review : Read more
  11. King_of_Connacht

    Cable management and cpu temps.

    Any suggestions on my cable management? I've been having trouble with the heat and noise my pc has been producing. I have decided to act on my problem now because I read somewhere that high temps cause your cpu to throttle, resulting in low frame rates. Images...
  12. D

    GPU and PSU question GTX 750Ti on 300W

    I'm planning on upgrading to an MSI GTX750Ti TwinFrozrGaming GDDR5 2GB 128Bit Nvidia GeForce DX11.2 gpu and i wanted to know if my 300W psu can handle it. Some people i asked said it can and some people said i needed a 550W psu. My specs (it's a prebuilt pc) Asus m81m-k motherboard HK400-51 AN...
  13. T

    computer for 500€

    hello there i have 500€ budget for my gaming computer and i decided to go for AMD and FM2+ case motherboard processor graphic card or this i cannot decide power supply RAM i also want ask if this build would run the newest games atleast at "high" graphic settings and atleast at "60" fps ..for...
  14. GeKKo525

    Is "System Image Backup" the thing that I need?

    Hi! I have my windows installed on C drive (about 30GB space is used on that drive) and what I want to do is back my C drive up to an external hard drive to be safe. What I mean by that is completely backing up EVERYTHING that's in the C drive, so if something happens I can just format my C...