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  1. Question Error message while playing Hitman 2

    To start off, the game has been running smoothly ever since I turned off the 'Override Memory Safeguards' feature shown below. When I had it on though, the game kept crashing to the desktop. I kept trying until I finally got this error message, also shown below. I'm just curious, does this...
  2. Dcopymope

    Question Monitor blacked out while playing Hitman 2

    Here are my specs: Motherboard: HP 500-267C Windows 10 AMD RX 470 4 GB Intel I7-4790K PSU: 500 Watts 16 GBs of Ram Samsung SSD 860 QVO 2TB I just got the damn thing back from Best Buy a few days ago. They installed an anti virus software called 'Web...
  3. T

    Question Hitman 2 stuttering using new gpu

    PC Spec : i5 2400 3.10 GHz Gpu: gtx 1060 3gb Psu: EVGA 400W N1 Motherboard : asus p8h61-m lx r2.0 Ram : 8gb DDR3 So, i bought a 2nd hand gpu gtx 1060 3gb, when i play hitman 2 on (720p)and then the ram usage is going crazy using all of the ram for just 1 minute. After it reach the maximum of...