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  1. Question Hitman Absolution - "the game has encountered a directx error and needs to close" error plz help!

    So I just installed Hitman Absolution and launched this game and this error occurs, the game crashes after showing this error. I have done changing graphics to lowest and turning everything off but got no help No help on the internet as well This is the error - And this is my Graphics...
  2. PetarStev

    [SOLVED] Hitman: Absolution locked at 30 fps

    Hi. So I installed the game and got into it. I started the story and when I got into it, I was getting about max 30 fps on the lowest settings. I meet both the minimum and recommended system requirements. These are my specs: i3 4130 3.4 GHz 6 GB RAM Geforce GT 630 2GB Is it my PC or is it the...
  3. N

    pc wont shutdown

    Recently upon shutdown of my computer through win10, it looks as if my pc is about to shut off but does 1 loud beep and wont turn off at all. My moniors are black and i have to hold down the power button manually to turn it off. Can anyone help or explain why my pc is not turning off correctly?