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  1. J

    My Alienware 120mm Liquid Cooler do make much noise

    Can anyone tell me that making the noise of liquid cooler is normal or not? Noise is quite loud. Thanks in advance. Waiting for your response.
  2. I

    1080p - 1440p - 2160p

    Hello! Which PC is needed to run at these resolutions? If you can, leave me a link to all components in PCPartPicker. NOTE: Please don't ask about where is my location, or my budget, easy, just let me in the comments what I need to play these resolutions at the best settings possible. Thanks.
  3. K

    Laptop don't start and then start after some days

    Hello, I got a problem with my HP pavilion 15 laptop. Some days from now I used it as usual (For Video game) and then the following day, I couldn't start it. I tried all the explanations with removing the battery, pressing the on button for about a minute and then trying again but nothing work...
  4. I

    Needing Some Help

    Hey guys, new here, I have a ASUS M32-BF, Its has a AMD A10-6700 APU with Radeon HD Graphics at 3.7 GHz, and 8GB of RAM, I am just wondering if there is anyway to improve my pc, I record a lot of gameplay from my Xbox One with an Elgato HD60 capture card, and I'm wanting to be able to have the...
  5. T

    Help comparing mobo and gpu

    Hi, I am building a computer for a friends 13 year old son. I do not have a lot of experience building computers and would like to see what combination mobo and gpu would be best. Specifically for speed and upgradablity. I am going to be using: Intel Core i5-4590 BX80646I54590 Processor...
  6. lillozzer68

    I'm sure this question has been asked before but I really need a clear answer here.

    I'm about to upgrade my GPU from a GTX 750ti to a GTX 750ti FTW My motherboard is a GA-78LMT-USB3 Should I update my bios before installing the new GPU or will it work without the bios update? Also will this CPU work with my motherboard? CPU: AMD FX-6300 Motherboard: GA-78LMT-USB3 Thanks...
  7. J

    Pentium VS i3 Gaming

    Hey guys! so in the past I have bought a computer with and got a pentium G3260 with the intention of upgrading to an i5. but i've been finding it hard to to get the money to upgrade to an i5 and have been noticing some stuttering while playing games (my cpu usage has been at a constant 100%) Due...
  8. SamiSC

    Need wireless headset for gaming on pc and console under $100

    I havent used any good headset before and have no idea what to get, but it has to be from amazon so it can be shipped to my country. looking for a wireless/bluetooth headset that will work on pc, console and even phones. nothing too expensive, I think $100 should be good enough for something...
  9. A

    Will a 4690k and pcie ssd bottleneck my 980ti

    Just wondering if my current setup could possibly bottleneck my 980ti that I just ordered. I have an Asus maximus vii gene mobo, using a pcie ssd for my OS. It used 4 lanes I believe. If I'm not mistaken my i5-4690k only supports 16 lanes. Is this going to be a problem with my gpu or will...
  10. B

    Please Help!! PC randomly restarts when ram is set to 1866.

    A10-5800k black edition 3.8 ghz A88XM-e45 mobo G Skill F3-1866C9D-8GAB DDR3 1866 Cl Timing 9-10-9-28 PC3 14900 2x4gb sticks installed in DIMM slots 1&3 Win 7 Pro 64 bit This ram is rated at 1866, and the APU and mobo support 1866, but when I set the ram to 1866 in the bios it causes the...
  11. G

    Computer freezing/restarting after installed CPU

    I installed new cpu and after playing or watcing some videos, someting like 5 min it is reseting or freezing.Before i didint install noting then there was no problem but after that, happend all freezing and resetting. I have been googled problems and tryied alot of solutions but no succsess.If...
  12. D

    Will this laptop run DayZ?

    Will this laptop run DayZ fine? http://m.bestbuy.com/m/e/product/specifications.jsp?skuId=3782018&pid=1219093517478
  13. J

    video editing build/ some bf4

    Video editing build any recommendations are helpful 1st build I am building a video editing rig which of these should i go for, I also want to game BF4 @ Ultra 1440p or 1080p, but mainly video editing in adobe Premiere Pro CC and After Effects CC. No.1: -i7 4770k OC to 4.4ghz -ASUS Z87-A LGA...
  14. A

    Which processor would last longer in the future?

    I mostly game and not much of editing. I'm stuck between the 4670k and 4770k.which one is preferable for long term use
  15. G

    Mylaptop wont connect to the internet via wlan

    Hello, my laptop won't connect to my internet via a wlan connection its keeps saying local access only. it has been very slow recently so have just done a system recovery to return it to factory specs, any advice or guidance would be greatly appreciated
  16. brainpup

    Reformatting Vista to Win 7 Problems

    Hey folks, I got a friend that I'm trying to fix/update his Acer Laptop that keeps hanging up in Vista(go figure). well he said he wanted me to reformat it, I said is XP Pro Ok, he said yes. I tried ( and I do have a Volume license that I've put on several rigs with no trouble but this laptop...
  17. dazkyl

    What's the difference between these CPUs?

    What's the difference between the Intel Core i5 4670K and the Intel Core i5 3570K ? Is the difference noticeable between the 2 during gaming ? I always oc the corei5 to say 4.01 ghz.
  18. G

    Exclamation mark on boot setup in toshiba

    Hello, I have a toshiba l300.every time I try to boot from the CD it doesn't.IN the boot setup, there's an exclamation mark!What should I do???
  19. A

    Games for Windows 7????????

    :hello: hi all... plz tell me if the following games have any issues with windows 7... crysis,warhead GTA4 mass effect stalker series cod series(from cod 2) dreamfall:the longest journey bioshock fear farcry,farcry2
  20. Helltech

    AMDs Pre-Applied Thermal Compound

    My friend has a stock CPU cooler for his AM3 CPU and it has a small circle of thermal paste already on it. The instrurctions say nothing about applying your own thermal paste directly to the CPU. Is that pre-applied thermal paste good, or should he remove it with thermal alcohol and apply his...