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  1. Loki_TSO

    Question Surround speakers question

    Hi, I want to change the surround speakers in my living room and I already have some replacement but I'm not sure about what the result would be... The thing is, I want to change them because they're part of an old Sony 5.1 kit that I got a while ago which I don't use it anymore since I upgraded...
  2. Pijmzhchus

    [SOLVED] Should I get Creative Pebble Plus or Logitech Z533 | 2.1 speakers

    I can´t decide which of these two speakers to get. The Logitech is a bit more expensive, but I don´t mind if they sound better. Could you tell me which of these are better? Thanks a lot!
  3. A

    [SOLVED] Home Multi-Room setup: Which Brand? Which Amp? How Many?

    Hi All, I'm a novice when it comes to audio, so could really use some help deciding on amps for a multi-room audio setup - with app connectivity. I've got 9 Monitor Audio ceiling speakers for a new flat: 1 c265 stereo speaker for each of the 3 bedrooms 1 awc265 stereo speaker for each of the 2...
  4. Pijmzhchus

    [SOLVED] Which wired earbuds under $40 would you recommend ?

    Hello. Right now I have Creative EP-630 wired earbuds. The sound is pretty pretty great, but I would like something with fuller sound. Are there any good wired earbuds under 40 bucks that are superior to my current ones? I am not a fan of wireless earbuds and I will mosty use them for...
  5. G

    [SOLVED] Home USB audio advice

    I need an advice. I want to build a small device dedicated fully to playing music from my external drive digital collection. Here’s what I need from it: ability to connect wirelessly to a Samsung Soundbar OR via wires to a pair of stand-alone speakers ability to run Ubuntu to access my...
  6. TheDarkEmperor

    [SOLVED] HDMI Connection Home Theatre Problem / Open for suggestions

    Hi all, I have a problem with my home theatre setting and hope you guys can help me out. I bought about 4-5 years back a bose cinemate 520 and a 4K Sony TV to go with it. At the time, I settled for 1080p as 4k content where not a thing yet (and oh, the GB required for a 4k movie). Recently HVEC...
  7. A

    [SOLVED] Pioneer S-21W Home Theater Subwoofer suddenly stopped working

    Firstly just some details: The Subwoofer as the title implies is a Pioneer S-21w (yeah, it's more of a stop gap atm but wasn't expecting it to pack up this quickly) Connected to a Denon AVX-540BT Home Theater AV System. The story, if you're sitting comfortably: I've had it for a few months...
  8. S

    [SOLVED] Home recording

    Hi need to connect my laptop microphone to my desktop. I record shows for hospital radio. Laptop uses Zara Radio software to play music so I need to be able to speak then fade down microphone and fade up music and vice verse whilst recording to my desktop. all have usb plugs Many thankd
  9. CrispyBacon67

    [SOLVED] I have a Bose 3-2-1 home entertainment system. Both speakers are making this constant buzzing sound.

    Hello, I'm having a problem with my home entertainment system. Both speakers are making this awful, loud buzzing sound. It's constantly there when it's turned on. It does not matter which input I select. I'm not in possession of the original power cord. I'm using a C7 non-polarized power cord...
  10. Thatnewbie

    Question Help!!

    I just bought a new home and had them install built in surround plus two stereo speakers. I have no idea how to connect to the panel in this picture. I bought a 4khdr receiver but don’t know what to do with this pic or how to connect.. Please help!
  11. S

    Question Running Old Pioneer Receiver and Sonos System at same time?

    Good afternoon/evening, As the title implies, I was wondering if it possible to run an old Pioneer receiver and a Sonos surround system at the same time. I don't have the exact model number, but my receiver is nearly 15 years old, it doesn't have HDMI ports in the back, and I currently have it...
  12. N

    Question Dac/Amp

    Hey guys, cant decide what DAC/AMP to get, so Far I been looking at a couple. Fiio K3 Schiit Fulla 3 Fiio E10k Schiit Fulla 2 Schiit Stack I have a pair of Meze 99 Neos and a Samson G Track Pro, I use my set up a lot for Discord, gaming and listening to music (Punk rock, pop, RNB, Rap). What do...
  13. D

    Question Can t setup my 5.1.Help!

    Hello everyone,recently i purchase an X530 logitech an a sound card Asus xonar SE.Since it s a 5.1 thought the better the sound . I ve installed the soundcard and all the sattelites then pluged the system in the sound card. i did as the instructions from the soundcard said ,green to green,black...
  14. V

    Question Hardwiring

    I'm trying to hardwire a spdif jsr1264 to the aux on a2. 1 amp board that already has an aux port. Can I wire a 3 wire spdif with the converter board to a three wire aux input? I have images of what I'm trying to do but I don't know how to post them here
  15. M

    [SOLVED] Home audio interconnectivity, help?

    Hi there, I am moving soon to a new apartment and I want to bring the following devices together via an interface/mixer, maybe PC even, I don't have a lot of knowledge about linking audio devices so I am asking you guys where to start and what to look for in order to make this small project...
  16. L

    Question Upgrading audio setup

    My current setup: logitechx540 plugged into xonar dx card. Headphones plugged into fiio e10k. capacitive microphone plugged into 24v power supply that was a part of the set, the signal is transmitted via 2x RCA-> minijack to the sound card. It worked fine, but recently I started having issues...
  17. G

    Question Onkyo SKS-HT870 crossover confusion with Onkyo TX-NR656

    Hi, I'm a pretty new home theater enthusiast but I know a few things here and there when it comes to home audio. I've been using the SKS-HT870 (7.1) speakers with the NR656 A/V for a while now and what I've found is that there's one setting I can't seem to figure out. I've done some research on...
  18. F

    Question Connecting 5 Ohm Subwoofer to a AVR rated 6-16 OHM

    HI, im planning to get the Sony STR-DN1080 And Yamaha SW100 Subwoofer Now the Receiver is rated 6- 16 Ohms But the Yamaha sub is rated at 5 Ohms I just wanna know what kind of troubles will I be running into ?
  19. M

    Question Help me use my Klipsch Home Audio Speakers for my car

    Hello! Just bought a Lexus RX300 2003 yesterday. The speaker system is horrible. I happen to have a set of Klipsch 2.1 Computer Speakers that I am not using at the house. The set includes two satellite speakers and a 6.5'' sub encased. Gives phenomenal sound quality for the price & size. I...
  20. lordtristan28

    [SOLVED] A upgrade from the Logitech z506 speakers.

    Hi, So as the title suggests, Im looking to upgrade from my z506s to something bigger, Now. I know that the z333 and z623 and there, But is there any other types that would be better? I'm not to big on audio and dont really know what more "wattage" means. I would love to keep logitech since...
  21. N

    Fortnite keeps freezing during fights.

    Hello, So this has been a problem for a couple weeks now (I only played a couple weeks). Every time I am in a fight, right before they shoot me at close range, I freeze and I can't do anything about it, then when the game unfreezes I am already dead. This is annoying me a lot, and it's keeping...
  22. D

    Authentication problems on all my wireless devices but this android phone

    I have a new AC1900 archer C9 wireless router, all my WiFi gadgets have an authentication problem connecting tried all the expected procedures nothing is working, didn't have an issue before with old router, I know it works because I'm sending this message on my android just fine. No details on...
  23. ScrappeyDP

    CPU Overheat? 1700x & GTX 1080 Ti w Cryorig H7 Cooler - Premiere Pro / Encoder System Crash

    I built a system for Video editing but I am having issue with the Render causing my system to crash. I have CUDA set on and think it has something to do with the CPU temps because as soon as I try to render my CPU temps will shoot up into the high 80 degrees C. Is it possible my H7 Cryorig...
  24. H

    Lap top running slow.

    I have an l Toshiba lap top it is a L655-S5117 Satelite, that came with Win 7 home premium. My son has been using it for his work in construction doing bids. It has been running slow. I have a suspicion like there is another program running in the background, it also seems to be running slow...
  25. S

    Low HDD performance

    I'm experiencing low HDD performance on my laptop and launching programs takes long time here is HD Tune Pro report : http://uploads.im/3T0jM.png
  26. L

    2 gtx 1060's on different sites with huge price difference, which is better?

    This gtx 1060 http://www.newegg.com/global/au/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814137037&cm_re=gtx_1060-_-14-137-037-_-Product is alot cheaper than this one https://www.mwave.com.au/product/gigabyte-geforce-gtx-1060-windforce-oc-3gb-video-card-ab86112 both are 3gb, which is better tho. and will...
  27. A

    Mobo Supporting Gpu/M2/PCIe Wifi under $130?

    Greets, Currently upgrading from my failed attempt to future proof 4 years ago by going with 1155 Ivy bridge. Looking for a mobo that will support a 1060, and m2 pcie ssd and a pcie wifi card (I have no ability to hard wire :() for a relatively cheap price. I currently have no SSD so...
  28. kol12

    Latest Win 10 build for bootable usb?

    I made a Win 10 bootable a few weeks ago but I think I've heard there's been a newer release. Is it a good idea to re-make my bootable usb?
  29. waterise

    Clicking Noise? asRock Z77 Extreme 4

    I've had my PC for 2 years this August. I finally decided to clean it out and there was dust on the Hyper 212 Evo Cooler like no other, along with the other fan and all over the PC inside. I cleaned it out, but now I'm getting this clicking noise when I plugged it all back in. Here's the...
  30. E

    System won't turn on

    Ok, so i have everything set up wired up i've triple checked control panel connections motherboard lights up aswell as the graphics card but my case power button when i click wont turn on the system.. i'm puzzled any help?
  31. P

    cannot change boot priority

    My old raid1 volume is listed first. Under it is the ssd I cloned it to. Nothing I do will change the priority. It says i just use the + and - keys to change priority but nothing happens. Z68 d3 b3 mobo.
  32. K

    Nintendo 3ds SD Card

    Looking for a SD Card thats 32gb and compatible with a 3ds. (regular size NOT xl) I want to get it off amazon but not sure what to get.
  33. G

    CPU's & GPU's Combinations

    Hello. I've been informed that usually a Nvidia GPU fits better with a Intel CPU when it comes to performance...but would it really be bad if i tried a Nvidia GPU combined with a AMD CPU...? Incase you wondering wich GPU i'm talking about it's a GTX560 Ti. Regards, Drake.
  34. Gta5

    CPU Too Hot

    When I multitask with my intel core i5 it gets really hot checked the temperature with speccy and it says my cpu is 80 degrees Celsius what should i do