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  1. C

    Question Looking for a good cheap NAS

    Hi I am looking for a NAS to put on my network. I am really only looking to put games, photos, and whatever my family wants to put on there. I'm really looking to get one as I am on a metered network. I don't pay for the internet service and my parents wont upgrade. I am currently looking at the...
  2. [SOLVED] HP Procurve 408 power supply

    Hi all, I've managed to pickup a HP procure 408 switch for some homelab testing, etc. Unfortunately it came without a power cable. Would anyone with more electronics know-how be able to identify what sort of adapter I require? Specifically around the plug type? Ideally I can pickup something...
  3. kaeru

    Question D-Link DIR-809 DHCP Issue

    My router seems to have some problems with DHCP stating "connection : DHCP client disconnected". I can connect to the internet by plugging the modem straight into my PC. I have tried doing a factory reset, but I'm stumped.
  4. Brianebrown79

    Question DNS server issue when two work laptops are connected to same home network

    Hello, I recently got a laptop from work, and when I brought it home to work on, the home network failed due to a DNS Server issue. I tracked the problem down to when my work laptop is connected, and my significant other's laptop is connect...more importantly it is when my significant other...
  5. E

    [SOLVED] Using existing Landline for ethernet networking

    Hoi! So i've been looking into replacing our existing Landline network throughout the house with an internet network as we do suffer from speed drops from wi-fi, and I've seen people who have converted their existing Landline network into an ethernet network. I've noticed a lot of people talking...
  6. S

    [SOLVED] Security concerns with switch

    Hello, I recently purchased a used Dell PowerConnect 6248 switch for use in LAN parties with my friends (I'm aware it's quite overkill), but I have absolutely zero experience with managed switches or anything network related. I am motivated to learn more about operating and configuring this...
  7. mydude1101

    [SOLVED] Download speeds slow across multiple devices, but fast for Usenet/Torrent ?

    So I am having an issue with my home network download speed and it's driving me nuts. I have noticed that it takes a long time to download various files on my Android phone while on my home network. Then I noticed it was the same on my Windows 10 (Home) laptop and my wife's MacBook Pro (all...
  8. K

    [SOLVED] Help with my home wi-fi setup

    Hello, I am looking for some advice on my home network setup. Myself and my wife are working from home now, and she has been having some issues with the strength of the wireless on our top floor. Our house is skinny but 4 floors tall including the basement. I also just changeed our internet...
  9. [SOLVED] Error code 0x80070035 - The network path is not found

    Looking for a kind soul who can help me resolve this long standing issue with my network that has been driving me insane. I have set up many home networks, resolved many issues but I seem to be stuck at this one. I have 3 computers in my home network. 1.MAIN-PC (Ethernet) 2.MEDIA-PC (Ethernet)...
  10. C

    [SOLVED] Need modem (no wifi) only for Centurylink DSL 20 mbps connection

    My house is 1100 sf and my yard is twice that. I would like wireless throughout the yard. I am looking for a basic modem that will grow from the 20 to 40 mbps range so that I can connect orbi to it. Any suggestions? Thank you!
  11. DirtySZN

    [SOLVED] Severe packet loss only on Fortnite servers..

    So I’ve had severe packet loss issues on Fortnite for 6 months now. I play on PS4 Pro, and I’m connected via CAT-6 Ethernet from my Arris modem to the PS4(modem connected to outlet in wall via coaxial cable). My plan I pay for is “Extreme Pro Internet” - 600mbps download/15mbps upload speed...
  12. B

    [SOLVED] New Home Setup

    Hi all, I was wondering if you can help with my new home setup after recently purchasing our house. If I can explain the setup firstly and what I intend to use and id be happy to hear your thoughts or what I should change. Ive looked into patch panelling but I may add this in a couple of years...
  13. A

    [SOLVED] Port remains "filtered" after port forwarding

    Hello, I don't typically make my own posts, generally gleaning what I need from other topics, etc. So if there's something I've improperly formatted or posted in the wrong place, please let me know & I'll try to fix it. So, I've been trying to start up a Minecraft server for my friends & me...
  14. Clueless in Seattle

    [SOLVED] Laptop can't see itself on Windows 10 Network

    Up until a few days ago I had a laptop and a PC hooked up together via cables to my Comcast modem/router on a Windows 10 home network. I'm an old guy with countless debilitating chronic health issues so I have to spend a lot of time resting in bed, so I was using Windows Remote Desktop...
  15. H

    [SOLVED] A second pc for back up

    Hello everyone! Recently I bought a new pc and made a second pc from my old parts (motherboard ram etc) to use it as a back up. I connected it to my router and through network I transfer my files to and from my main pc. The only thing I had to do was to make my main pc “Network discoverable”...
  16. A

    [SOLVED] How many Powerline adaptors can I get away with?

    I know Powerline adaptors aren't everyone's cup of tea but I have a pair at home, to allow me to get wired internet on a desktop PC which is at the opposite end of the house to the main router, and it works perfectly for that purpose. I've also tried using the powerline adaptor elsewhere in the...
  17. N

    [SOLVED] I want Ethernet for internet, and WiFi for LAN, but how?

    I have a PC with an ethernet port and with wifi built in. I'd like to use the wired connection for accessing the internet, and basically everything, but I want to access my via WiFi(with Unifed Remote). The problem is if I'm connectod to WiFi and ethernet at same time, the PC uses WiFi to...
  18. N

    [SOLVED] Set up

    So many options to choose from. I admit I am a beginner, can you please tell me if this is a good set up. We are renovating our house. TP-Link EAP225-Wall Omada AC1200 Wireless MU-MIMO Wall-Plate Access Point TP-Link TL-SG1008P 8-Port Gigabit PoE Ethernet Switch (4 PoE Ports, 55 Watt Budget...
  19. Z

    [SOLVED] Question About Building Netgear Mesh System

    I was considering trying to build a mesh WiFi system using a Netgear RAX200 with an EAX80. Would this greatly hinder the performance of the router compared to it running independently? If so, what are some other options for a high-performance WiFi 6 mesh system?
  20. Z

    [SOLVED] Question About Router Specs

    About how much RAM and CPU speed is needed for a router on a home network so that it can support a large family that would include multiple devices internet browsing or video streaming, smart home devices, an Xbox, and a gaming PC?
  21. H

    [SOLVED] Connecting upto 10 routers in a home network

    Hello, This is going to be long. I'm trying to share a single internet connection with about 10 apartments in an apartment building. I watched and read a few tutorials I could find online and they all mentioned do NOT connect a LAN cable from the main router to the WAN port of the other...
  22. A

    Question Advice needed: My home WiFi network no longer appears as available

    The last few days my home WiFi network has been disconnecting every few hours on my pc only. When it disconnects the network no longer appears as available, but I can still see my neighbours networks and access my network via mobile devices. I would restart the router and it would reappear and...
  23. M

    [SOLVED] New home, planning home network and could use some advice.

    Hi all, I'm about to move into my new home and I've left planning the internet situation a little late. On Tuesday my electrician and Frontier service tech will be here to install what's required... the issue is I don't yet have a router or 100% locked in plan. We will be getting Frontier FIOS...
  24. W

    [SOLVED] Basic home networking queries.

    I understand that the forums rule say to search a topic before asking a question, and believe me if I knew how to word my questions better to find a working solution I would've, but I believe describing the issue is the best approach for me here. I have an optical Huawei router provided by my...
  25. golan13

    [SOLVED] Can't connect to NAS behind unmanaged switch

    Hey guys, I'm new to networking and set up my home network like this- I have a tp-link modem/router. I connected an unmanaged tp-link switch to the LAN port on the router and connected a NAS and my PC to that switch. I set up static IP's for my NAS and my computer and can access the internet on...
  26. dotas1

    [SOLVED] File sharing in home network

    Hi guys! I have a home network that has 2 PC(let's call them PC 1 and PC 2) and 2 laptops (Laptop 1 and Laptop 2) connected with cables through my router. The 2 PCs have latest Windows 10 PRO 1909 version and the 2 laptops latest Windows 7 Home with all the latest updates installed. My problem...
  27. A

    Question Losing internet connection due to invalid IP configuration periodically

    Hi, so I'll give you just a quick overview of my home network: I have 1 DSL model that is connected to 2 1gb switches. Switch1 goes to the living room with tv, home-theater etc. connected to it. Switch2 is connected to switch1 (this specific "infrastructure" is for future proofing due to an...
  28. HCSykes

    Question Want to build a Home Server for experience - step by step from very beginning appreciated

    Want to build a Home Server for the experience. I prefer using Windows instead of Linux , but want whatever is easiest at this point. I would like to practice with a file server, web server, etc. I am going to use a home PC running Win 10 instead of investing in a new device at this time. I...
  29. C

    Question Is there any good software to show the actual network speed of the devices on my lan?

    I just upgraded my router to a Netgear Nighthawk AC1750 and upgraded my cables to either CAT5e or CAT6 and upgraded my 2 switches, a Netgear Prosafe 8 port GS108 in my office and at my entertainment center 60' away, (cat5e), a 5 port Netgear Prosafe GS 105. I have the switches plugged directly...
  30. H

    Question recommendation on wif + extender + mesh

    hi, I need recommendation. I have a smallish house - but with wifi blocking walls aparently. I would like recomendartion on a wifi router that comes with a extender. I have coax connected between the rooms I need to connect. meaning - in back room - main router will be connected to modem...
  31. W

    [SOLVED] RTX 2080 Micro Stutter in All Games

    I have been getting pretty bad micro stuttering in all games, and sometimes in bios and on the desktop when moving my mouse or windows around (Stutter on desktop happens rarely, stutter in game happens frequently). Everything seems to freeze up for .5-1 seconds and then catches up. The only...
  32. T

    Increase Cache size?

    Hi everyone! I have a fresh new installation of the latest version of Windows 10 Pro, and generally have a responsive and solid build. Quick stats: Asus X370-F Gaming motherboard with 20Gb of RAM, and 7 hard drives for a little extra space lol... I have a problem where my browser, or a fair...
  33. K

    Every Video Editing Program Crashes

    Hey guys i'm trying to get my YouTube channel up and going again and no matter what program I use, either during import and shortly after import do my Software's crash and so does the file explorer. I have tried Adobe Premier Pro, Vegas Pro, 13,14,15, and nothing is working. No matter what I do...
  34. A

    Graphics Card Suddenly Stopped Sending Output

    Yesterday my pc behaved normally; I turned off my pc, and went to bed. When I woke up, I turned it on, and got no signal on my monitor. I experimented a bit with different cables, monitors, and outputs, and found that my integrated graphics card still works fine, but the one I added in some...
  35. Avacadoee

    Should I buy a 1060 or a 1050 ti?

    Should I get a 1050 ti Super SuperClocked 4Gb that I can overclock even more or should I get a Asus Oc 1060 3Gb, that I can maybe overclock, (haven't looked into it) for about $30-40 more? The CPU is going to be an i5 2400 for about $42. (Really worth the money Imo) Asus Oc Dual Fan 3Gb 1806...
  36. S

    bittorrent / utorrent is slow

    Hello When i want to torrent a file i use bittorrent. This program is really slow, not my download speed but the program itself. So i tried Utorrent and it has the same problem. I can't figure out what the problem is. It is not that my pc is restricted by its hardware. Kind regards Smurf
  37. D

    Netflix not loading

    I have 3. Samsung smart TV. Two will load Netflix and the 3rd won't . Please help. Thanks
  38. SintelUK

    Shipping Pc Overseas

    Hey guys, soon ill be shipping my pc, and the pc only, not monitor or keyboard etc, to my girlfriend overseas. I have a corsair air 540 case and the original box for it i was hoping to ship the system in. Would it be okay if I remove the gpu and put it in an anti static sleeve, wrap it in bubble...
  39. J

    Built new pc, no display on monitor

    Okay so I have read many posts about this but I am still having the same problem and going through many checklists and guides. Everything is brand new and there is no display what so ever on the screen after being built. Someone please help me My specs are: AMD fx 6300 CPU Asus 970 pro...

    upgrading help opinions ?

    Hi, I have a pc I built, and I'm looking for something to upgrade in it. What in your opinion should I upgrade? PC BUILD Case - Corsair Carbide Series SPEC 01 Fans - Corsair AF (3)x120mm Motherboard - MSI b150 gaming m3 Cpu - i5 6600k@ 3.5 Cpu Cooler - Corsair H60 120mm...